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Crashing The Teen Party


Passion hd crashing the teen party

Teen hotties Kaylee Haze and Callie Calypso were having their own little lesbian love fest in the bed, rolling around and sucking each others perky titties and making out at the beginning of this Passion HD update but then this guy comes along and joins in, Crashing the Teen Party! I don’t know how somebody gets onto the invite list for a little party like this but man, sign me the hell up because these two girls are amazing! Beautiful and tight as a drum and horny as hell, Callie and Kaylee are quite the pair…they obviously love a little lesbian loving from the way they’re passionately kissing and eating each others pussy out, but they both really turn the heat up a few notches when this guy’s big thick dick comes into play! The girls take turns sucking him while the other one licks twat, then get into a red hot hardcore threesome fuck session as they both go for a nice bouncy ride! Watch these tight perfect pussies sliding up and down on that cock…it’s hard to even pick which of these two is hotter, they’re both gorgeous with great bodies so it’s all up to personal preference at this point I guess! I bet this guy was thanking his lucky stars that he came into the bedroom at the right time looking for his slippers…

Kaylees Pussy Pop


Tiny4k kaylee haze

It’s the first time on Tiny4k for sexy little Kaylee Haze but seeing as how her body is pretty much perfect for the site and the way she gets pounded in this update called Kaylee’s Pussy Pop I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back again and again! Kaylee starts out licking and sucking on a couple of lollipops, but you can tell she has something else in mind to suck and sure enough when her boyfriend shows up she trades in the sucker for his huge hard cock, licking him up and down and rubbing those perky little boobies of hers as she stares up at him! Tiny4k gets those petite girls in the adult industry and pairs em up with massive dicks and the results are nothing short of amazing…you’d think these chicks would split in half if they tried to take these cocks in their holes but somehow they manage it, like when Kaylee here pulls her knees up and takes the guy’s big thick meat as deep as he can thrust, rubbing her clit with her lollipop to keep things sweet! She ends up taking a nice big facial cumshot, licking the cream up off her lollipop for her favorite dessert.

Kaylee and Naomi The Way I Feel


X art the way i feel

When two lesbians as gorgeous as Kaylee and Naomi from X-art get together in the bedroom you know there’s gonna be some hotness laid down…we’ve seen Kaylee before so we already know how sexy she is but Naomi is a newcomer to the site and she’s making her presence felt in a big way! The title of the episode is The Way I Feel and I am pretty sure both of these horny girls know just exactly how they’re making each other feel as they kiss and caress each other, slipping their fingers down to play with each other’s pussy before heating things up with their tongues in a hot sapphic scene! It might be the depths of winter but man it sure feels like it’s getting steamy up in this joint with two of the most beautiful girls on the web getting naked and making sweet passionate love while the cameras clicked away!

Kaylee & Clover Sapphic Waltz


Sapphic Waltz Kaylee and Clover

You guys get to start off the day with a awesome lesbian sex scene from X Art. This scene is called Sapphic Waltz and it stars Kaylee who you see here licking a pussy. The pussy that belongs to though is what makes this gallery great. It belongs to Clover! This girl has been teasing me with that perfect body of hers for a very long time and now I finally get to see her in somewhat of some hardcore action. Sure some of you might not consider lesbian porn hardcore but it’s way better then just seeing her naked. The girls take turns giving each other orgasms and that’s when you know it’s a real deal lesbian scenes. Lesbians just don’t eat each other out for no purpose, they’re trying to cum! The also have the help of a hitachi vibrator, one of the strongest vibrators known to man, that must help too.

I Love X Art


Kaylee I Love X Art

The name of this video is “I Love X Art” and it’s called that because after the fucking Kaylee took in this scene those are the words that came from her mouth. She is quite the hottie isn’t she? I love those perfect natural tits of hers, so perky so nice! Being that you guys are on one of the biggest X Art fan website ever I have a lot of X Art Kaylee scenes if you would like to see those. She has done a couple hardcore now and one or two lesbian. The video is erotic with music and everything and I tried to give you a taste of everything that goes down in the video, so just sit back and enjoy!

Susie and Kaylee


Susie and Kaylee

Susie and Kaylee sitting in a tree licking each other pussy, wait that shit doesn’t work. Well what does work is seeing two hot girls having lesbian sex and that’s what X Art is giving us today in their scene Finding Elysium. They are so artistic they use words that you have no idea what it even means. Well after I Googled Elysium I found that its like a afterlife in the Greek world. These guys are so damn artsy fartsy!



Kaylee Massage Girls 18

I have definitely posted Massage Girls 18 and FuckedHard18 on the same day like I am today but this is the first time both girls have had such awesome tan lines so it’s special! This girls name is Kaylee and she has a beautiful round ass and titties so small she is part of the itty bitty titty committee. In this scene you get to see the guy getting his cock rode given a massage by Kaylee before she finishes him off with her world famous happy endings.

Introducing Kaylee


X Art Kaylee

This is the first scene that has came out from this girl Kaylee on X Art. I like it don’t get me wrong but I love when they do this because then I get to be excited about all the other updates that will come out with her! I mean I am going to be a member of X-Art forever so what does it matter if it takes some time you know!

Mad Passion


Mad Passion Kaylee X Art

The funny thing is when I first saw this gallery I couldn’t help but look at that wall that Kaylee is getting fucked up against. I mean that is some psychedelic shit if you ask me… Who’s house has that wall I mean really? Anyways here is Kaylee a beautiful teen girl getting fucked in a scene called Mad Passion. The only place you will see this video is X Art and they as you know are one of the best porn sites in the world. They have Imagepost’s seal of approval for sure!

Still With Me


Still With me Kaylee X Art

You guys are getting spoiled by X Art I think! Check out this new creampie scene they put out with one of my favorite models of theirs Kaylee. It’s called Still With Me and these two are actually a couple in real life. If you look at all of Kaylee’s X Art scenes you will see that it’s the same guy she fucks every time. In this one Kaylee watches her man sleep and starts to try and rub one out but then she decides that she would rather get fucked so she goes and wakes him up. Luckily for her every guy wakes up with morning wood at least like 50% of the time so she doesn’t even have to get him hard just hop on his cock and start to ride!

Tropical Affair


Leila Kaylee X Art

That’s cute Kaylee and Leila think they had a tropical affair because they have boyfriends back at home or something and didn’t tell them. Well ladies let me tell you a thing or two. You sleeping with another hot chick isn’t a problem, the problem is that you didn’t invite your man to join in. There is a solution to this and all will be forgiven you have to figure it out though I can just spell it out for you. This scene is for X Art and it’s extremely erotic and these two girl definitely enjoyed eating each other out you can just tell.

Teenage Dream


Kaylee X Art

This is the second time that Kaylee has been on X Art and this time she is spreading her pussy and doing a little fingering for you guys. I am still waiting for something a little more hardcore to come from her but as of now I am okay with just watching her amazing naked body. She is the Teenage Dream and that’s probably why X Art named her scene that don’t you think?
Introducing Kaylee By X Art

Make Up Sex


Make Up Sex

Click to see Kaylee and Miu on X Art!

There’s nothing hotter than make-up sex, especially when it comes to gorgeous lesbians like Kaylee and Miu on X Art! These are two of the most stunning girls on a site well known for having incredibly beautiful women so you know you’re in for a treat…I guess they got in a fight or something and were both fuming it out, but eventually they got over whatever it was they were disagreeing about and thus the Make Up Sex came to be! Who knows, maybe they got in a fight just for the opportunity to HAVE make-up sex, knowing that it would be hot as all git-out! These two knockouts met in the sunny kitchen in their underwear, Kaylee had brought home flowers and left them on the counter with an apology note for Miu to find and I guess it worked because next thing you know, she’s licking and fingering Kaylee’s perfect tight pussy, eating her out and getting that sexy tight ass of hers in the air! Kaylee got to cum all over Miu’s face and the girls got to rekindle the fires of their relationship and of course we got to watch it all go down (go down, get it?) here in this X Art update!

Best Friends With Benefits


X art best friends with benefits

This guy Jake wasn’t dating beautiful brunette Kaylee per se but they were best friends and from the looks of things the ‘no-dating’ was more a formality because they spent a ton of time together and as you can see they’re not exactly shy about getting into some naughty situations at any time! In this X Art update for instance, they were just hanging out in the kitchen together making a little food when they started kissing and giggling and fooling around and before you know it Kaylee is naked on the counter and Jake is on his knees licking that sweet tight pussy of hers! This girl is drop dead fucking gorgeous by the way, this dude is a lucky son of a gun being in a situation like this…the name of the shoot is Best Friends With Benefits and they’re both benefitting from this little arrangement they have as they fuck right there in the kitchen, with Kaylee’s top slipping down to show those perfect perky titties and her leg cocked up on the counter to take his hard cock as deep in her tight wet hole as possible! This girl is an absolute dream come true and she gets fucked nice and hard here, she’s a joy to watch whether she’s clothed or naked and I don’t know about you guys but I hope these two stay friends for a long, long time…as long as we’re invited along for the fun!

Sweet Wet Pussy Lips


Kaylee haze on passion hd

We have seen sexy little teen cutie Kaylee Haze once before on Passion HD already but it was in a threesome with her girlfriend Callie Calypso, but now she’s back again in her very own hardcore update! She slips off her little white panties, sliding her hands down over those perky petite boobies and down between her thighs to spread open her sweet wet pussy lips to penetrate herself with a toy…her older guy pal found her in a chair masturbating like that and couldn’t resist joining in, giving her his big hard cock to suck on and then sliding into her tight wet pussy! Kaylee spread those skinny legs wide open to get fucked as deep as the guy could get, looking up at him with those cute big brown eyes of hers. If you appreciate a nice tight little package on a horny teen babe Kaylee is going to be right up your alley…hopefully she uses the proceeds from this Passion HD shoot to pick up some medication because she’s got a little acne happening on that tight little butt of hers. Asscne aside this girl is cute as hell and looks great getting fucked and taking a facial here!



X art watching with kaylee

Gorgeous lean petite brunette Kaylee here is one of the sexiest models on X-Art and if you’ve ever seen that site before you know that’s saying something! In this hot solo update she doesn’t need a big thick dick to have a good time, she’s spending a little quality time alone in the bedroom playing with that tight perfect pussy, lifting her legs up and masturbating knowing that we’re all out here watching her every move! As it turns out Kaylee is a bit of an exhibitionist, she doesn’t mind having an audience while she rubs that perfect pussy of hers…in fact it seems like it turns her on even more! She was watching some hardcore fucking on the tv and just enjoying every moment of it, sliding her hands all over that sweet tight lean body…this girl is an incredible beauty and the fact that she’s willing to share her sexiness with the world is pretty good fortune on our part! From her supermodel face to those perky breasts to her tight shaved pussy and of course her perfect ass, Kaylee will be in your dreams and she’d like it no other way.

Hot Summer Rain


Hot summer rain on x art

When this hot summer rain started to fall most people ran inside to get out of it, but not beautiful supermodel Kaylee here…she loves the feeling of rain on her skin so she ran outdoors onto the deck and enjoyed a steamy rainy afternoon next to a huge Buddha head statue! She’s one of the most beautiful women on X Art and if you haven’t had your head under a rock you know that that’s quite a statement right there. Kaylee seriously does look like a supermodel, she’s got a stunning face and an absolutely perfect body…there’s nothing sexier than a woman in just a white button-down shirt and nothing else if you ask me, but even more so when that shirt is soaking wet and basically completely see-through! The ass on this girl is legendary, you could bounce a pocketful of change off of it and the ricochet would probably put your eye out, that’s how tight her sweet naked body is in this hot photoshoot.

Sunset Memories


X art sunset memories with kyalee

The golden glow of the sunset on Kaylee‘s skin instantly brings a feeling of relaxation and calm if you ask me…there’s just something about that time of day that gives a feeling of stillness and you can almost smell the fresh breeze coming through the window carrying the late summer with it. Kaylee was taking some time out of her weekend to explore her body, sliding her hands over her skin and pulling off her bra and panties to thoroughly enjoy her incredible breasts and pussy with her fingers in this X Art update called Sunset Memories! I don’t know how often someone would reminisce about a masturbation session though so you know there’s gonna be something more…sure enough, her man shows up and takes over where her fingers had left off, licking and teasing her clit while she closed her eyes and gasped in pleasure, arching her back and letting out little moans as he pushed all the right buttons! Soon he was sliding his hard cock inside, slipping effortlessly into that sweet wet pussy and bringing Kaylee to the peaks of pleasure for this sensual hardcore scene.

Cut Once More Please


X art cut once more pleaesw

Sometimes when you see a video like this X Art update you wish you were the director and could basically rewind the girls as often as you want…and these girls are incredible! This is basically the Three Musketeers of sexiness as Caprice and Kaylee hop into bed together to make out and get naked and then are joined by mysterious Ukrainian goddess The Red Fox to complete the little triumvirate! These girls love to play together almost as much as they love getting fucked by a big cock…they’re not 100% lesbian but you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell that after checking out this scene as they kiss passionately and fuck each other with a big thick pink vibrator, all three of them getting pleasured one after the other and coming to huge orgasms until all three of them are weak in the knees, and yet the fucking and licking and kissing still continues. And then of course once it cums to an end, you can put on your director’s hat and yell Cut! Once More, Please!

Dancing Romance


Dancing romance on x art

The last time or two that we’ve seen beautiful Kaylee on X Art it has been for a lesbian scene, like this one for example, so it’s nice to see her getting her perfect pussy taken care of by a cock as well like this update called Dancing Romance! Her guy pal isn’t going to win any male beauty pageants (if that is a thing that exists, I’ve never heard of it but hey I’m just saying the guy is no Brad Pitt) but he sure as shit gives hope to the rest of us, if this guy can land a chick as fucking stunning as Kaylee then it means we all have a chance! She kicks things off on a high note already at the beginning of this update, seeing as she’s wearing some skimpy black lingerie with thigh high stockings and no panties, and it only gets better from there…this guy is thanking his lucky stars as he watches her hike up the hem of her top, showing that perfect tight little ass and pussy that he dives into tongue-first before fucking her nice and hard and shooting his load into her hole for a creampie! She doesn’t even bother taking off her nylons or her high heels as he pins her down, fucking her from above before busting nut.

In My Living Room


X art in my living room

Many of the models on X Art are from Eastern Europe but there are a few girls like Jenna from the USA and it makes things extra hot to see them mixing it up like in this update called In My Living Room! Jenna is joined by Lisa, a beautiful Czech babe, and Kaylee who hails from Romania…there was a bit of a language barrier at first but hey when you’ve got three horny beautiful women sitting together without a stitch of clothing between them I guess words aren’t even really needed! These girls speak the language of love and lust just fine and soon they’re kissing passionately in this sexy scene…they had all taken a trip together to Brazil and I guess they had all gotten pretty close because the sexual tension could be cut with a knife here! It’s a good thing they were all down for a little fun…watch these hotties lick pussy and make out, getting into a steamy lesbian threeway that bridges international divides…all three of these girls are beautiful in different ways so get ready for some perfect tits, perfect asses and horny pussies courtesy of X Art!

Brazilian Love Affair


Brazilian Love Affair With Sammy

This gallery from X Art is kind of two galleries in one. First you get a lesbian sex scene with Kaylee and Jenna J. Ross and then you get a hardcore scene with Sammy here. The story with these gallery is that Sammy was about to go home but she decided to stay with X-Art for one more day in Brazil and they made the most of it. She was waiting with the guy she was going to fuck in a hotel room when they got a knock at the door and it was Jenna and Kaylee. The two of there were dressed in sexy lingerie and they were there purely for these two enjoyment. Kaylee sat on the edge of a little table and Jenna got under her and started eating her pussy out while Sammy and Jake just watched and got hornier and hornier. Once they got to the point where they just couldn’t take it anymore they sent Jenna and Kaylee packing and got to work fucking each other. The sex was very intense or Sammy is a really good actor because she looked to be having the time of her life while she was being fucked by Jake. He gave it to her soft and hard and as you can see from this picture here Sammy enjoys getting choked while she is fucked, that is always hot. I love the pale skin the Sammy has and the fact that she is wearing those red high heels she looks like a old school pinup model doesn’t she?

Not Alone


X art not alone with kaylee

From the looks of things at the beginning of this X-art update Kaylee is in bed alone enjoying a little private ‘me-time’ but as it turns out she’s most certainly not alone! Her boyfriend comes sliding up under the covers to lick and tongue her sweet hole, eating that pussy out like a pro and driving this gorgeous girl wild! So wild in fact that soon she pulls him up above the covers to replace his tongue with his rock-hard cock, sliding him deep inside her hole for this hot hardcore scene. When he’s about ready to burst she pulls him out and spins around, grinding her pussy on his face and sucking his cock, pumping him with her hands at the same time until he gives her a nice facial!

Christmas Story


Xart christmas story lesbian orgy

It’s a Christmas story like you’ve never seen before and it’s coming your way from the folks at X-art! They really know how to celebrate a holiday as Kaylee, Lisa, Izzy, and of course Caprice get together under the tree for an all-out lesbian orgy that will have you rewriting your wishlist for next year already! These are some of the hottest girls on a site known for having incredibly hot girls, the cream of the crop so to speak…speaking of cream, get some tissue ready because these girls will stop at nothing to make their Christmas dreams cum true. Watch the girls unwrap their presents and immediately put them to good use with each other, buzzing clits with vibrators and poking puckers with buttplugs and of course making out and eating pussy and biting nipples and all the fun hot stuff you can think of, and of course they’re all completely nude the whole time so we get plenty of opportunity to check out those gorgeous bodies as they writhe around together!



X art unveiling featuring kiki kaylee

Join two of the hottest models on X-art as they get together for a scorching hot lesbian sex scene in bed! Kiki and Kaylee are both stunning but when they get together it’s like a dream come true…they wake up in bed together and immediately start making out, kissing each other and running their hands and lips over each others’ bodies in this update entitled Unveiling. Unlike a lot of lesbian scenes these girls seem completely comfortable not only with each other but with the cameras rolling; it’s as if nobody exists but each other as they make love and bring each other to orgasm again and again with their tongues, fingers and a big vibrating toy. It’s like watching your dreams come true on the screen and it’s straight from the folks at X-art!

So Close Together


So close together on x art

When girls spend a lot of time together, especially when they live together, it’s altogether natural for them to become more intimate…for some women they become more sisterly, but in the case of Kaylee and Angelica from X-Art they get so close together that sometimes they just have to fuck! These are two of the most beautiful lesbians you’ll ever slap eyes on, so kick back and take a seat as they get together for a little playtime. They start out playfully kissing a little and rolling around but after touching lips it seems like a bubble bursts and the sexual tension drains away, leaving two stunning women free to explore each other however they want! Soon they’re passionately making out and the clothes are hitting the floor, with Angelica gently licking Kaylee’s tight pussy and fingering her hole at the same time. I’m a particular fan of Angelica and I bet you are too, so if you wanted to take a look at some of her other scenes on X-art we have a bunch, like here and here!

Sapphic Waltz


Sapphic Waltz X Art

Lesbian sex isn’t just some wham bam thank you ma’am, it can be a veritable Sapphic Waltz as shown in this X-art photoshoot featuring Kaylee and Clover! These two girls are both stunningly hot and look great in their lingerie as they passinoately make out on the bed, kissing and undressing each other, letting their fingers and lips wander all over each other until they’re both gasping and moaning and reaching the peaks of ecstasy. With talented lips and tongues and fingers like these who needs a dick to have fun? Not these girls, at least not ALL the time.

Made For Each Other


Xart made for each other kaylee

There’s no doubt that Kaylee and Kyle were basically made for each other…they almost share names even! In this X-Art update he gives her pussy the attention it deserves, dropping to his knees to worship at her shaved temple with his lips, fingers and tongue. I guess he does a good job teasing and licking that clit because she trades him places, giving him a very nice blowjob before spreading her long smooth legs to take his cock to the hilt! I don’t think this outdoor kitchen has ever seen hardcore action on the tables like this…it’s gotta be nice to fuck in the open air like that though!

Together At Last


Together At Last

These two girls have been popular on X Art for sometime now and they’re finally Together At Last (the name of this scene). The girl you see pictured here getting her pussy eaten out is Kaylee and the girl giving her the oral pleasure is Baby. They’re both very popular girls with X Art and for one reason or another have never done a scene together but they finally have and what chemistry they have! Kaylee and Baby were both able to give each other orgasms just from their tongue licking each others clit. My favorite part of the video is when Kaylee gets on all fours and Baby eats her out in like a doggystyle position. The last thing that I liked about this video is when Kaylee puts her hand on top of Baby’s head and she is eating her out and kind of pushing her into her pussy almost telling her “don’t stop” I love that too!

Underwater Lover


Underwater Lover X Art

Silvie has a underwater lover and that girl is Kaylee here. She swims over to Silvie who is tanning outside and starts to eat out her pussy right there poolside. You also get to see a very cool angle and that is from underneath the water. I think X-Art got a new toy because this is the second scene where they are using this underwater camera. I do like it I am not going to lie it’s like they are having sex and are weightless it’s pretty cool. I know by no means are they the first to do this but I will argue that there scene is the highest quality one ever shot.

First Love


X Art First Love

I am going to start calling these videos from X Art films instead of videos. The quality is just like a god damn movie I swear! This scene is called First Love and in stars a gorgeous model named Kaylee. She has perfect big natural tits and she just goes wild wild riding this guys cock outside. The scene is suppose to be about these two being each others first love and this sex scene is the first time they actually had sex. I mean we know it’s made up because this guy wouldn’t have lasted half as long if it was real life! Especially since Kaylee here is really good at riding cock.

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