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Amber Rose


Amber rose bikini

DAYUM. That’s what I said when I saw these huge full titties bouncing around in front of this chick Amber Rose and I would guess it’s the same damn thing you’ll say too…this fuzzy headed hottie is stacked to the nines with those huge boobs and curvy thick thighs and hips, not to mention a big round juicy ass. I didn’t really know much about Amber but I took the opportunity to look up her story and she’s had an interesting life, no doubt about it. From being a teen stripper to being married to Wiz Khalifa to having paparazzi take her picture while she’s hanging out on the beach in her bikini, this chick has got it goin on and isn’t afraid to let people know about it! Watch Amber shake those big jugs and then drop her towel, walking around in a skimpy little string bikini that looks like it could give up the ghost at any moment. That bikini top of hers is sort of semi transparent, too; at least you can see her nipples pretty clearly through it when she gets out of the surf all dripping wet!

Hayley Atwell


Hayley atwell pokies

I had to look up who Hayley Atwell was and of course it turns out she’s a British actress (pretty much if I find a red carpet shot and have no idea who the chick is, she’s probably a UK actress)…whether you recognize her or not, once you get a look at those pokies of hers you’ll be an instant fan of her work! She’s a knockout from head to toe, no doubt about it…beautiful face with those almond shaped eyes, a great smile, cascading chestnut hair, but of course our gaze goes instantly to those huge tits of hers and her nipples straining against the fabric of her dress. I don’t know if it was just chilly out there on the red carpet or if she was daydreaming about me, but if I had to guess it would probably be the latter. You guys are all welcome. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve gotta go take a look and see if she’s done any nude scenes. If you guys know of any feel free to shoot me a note because man oh man I would love to see those big boobs of hers in the buff, wouldn’t you?

Behati Prinsloo



This gorgeous blonde honey is Behati Prinsloo, and apparently she’s married to rockstar Adam Levine. He’s the Maroon 5 guy right, am I thinking of the right dude? I guess I could just look him up and check but I’m too busy staring at his wife’s hot face and sexy nipples in these photos from a Victorias Secret shoot. I think they used to photoshop out the nips in pictures like this where the lingerie is all see-through but either they forgot this time or they just don’t bother anymore because hey what’s one more nipple in this crazy world? Either way I approve, and I bet you guys do too because this chick is insanely smokin hot and has great tits, and from the look on her face she doesn’t exactly mind us all staring at them! She’s got a nice tight athletic body from head to toe and looks great in lingerie, from the looks of things she’d be even hotter with it on floor instead but hey we gotta deal with what we’re given am I right? I’m not sure where she’s from exactly, with a name like Behati Prinsloo I would guess India if I had to take a stab at it but I’m really not sure, she’s got a little bit of an exotic look to her I suppose and oh man I just realized she probably has an amazing accent too. Looks like I’ll be spending the rest of the afternoon looking up videos of her talking and modeling or something!

Chrissy Teigen


Chrissy Teigen

I didn’t recognize Chrissy Teigen at first but hey I guess that’s because she wasn’t wearing a bikini…this chick has been in the SI swimsuit issue several years and was on the cover last week, if that jogs your memory at all! In this paparazzi type shot on the street Chrissy is walking around in a sexy little business outfit that has a slit in the skirt so high you get a peek at her little panties as she walks around! Some women are just incredibly hot in anything they wear, Chrissy could be walking around in a garbage bag and somehow it would look like high fashion…and man oh man those legs of hers, she’s got some gams going on that’s for sure! I wish there were more shots to this but as far as I know it’s just this one-off, so if you’ve got a thing for a little sneaky peeky at some pretty panties this one’s for you my friend.

Kelly Brook


Kelly Brook

If you know your UK actresses and are into hot chicks with huge tits you probably know all about Kelly Brook but did you know she is a fucking maniac? Well she’s actually not I’m sure but man she sure does look like one in this paparazzi picture as she comes out of her car…she’s flashing a little glimpse of those sexy pink panties of hers but more importantly she looks like she’s about to devour a dozen children or something! I’ll be honest I had to look her up to find out who she was but once I saw some pictures of her in that Piranha 3d movie I knew…she’s the hottie in the bikini with the big perfect breasts, in case you didn’t recognize her face! She looks like she’s got a billion dollars in the bank from these photos, too…fur coat, jeweled handbag, dripping with gold, this chick is rich and super hot and famous, hell of a combination.

Charli XCX


Charli XCX

I guess I’m not all that up on my British pop stars because I had no idea who Charli XCX was…it’s pretty obvious she’s a performer given the microphone in the picture but I didn’t realize she was a pretty big deal in the UK. All I knew was that she was singing on stage and wearing a cheerleader outfit with her skirt flipping up to give a little flash of her white panties and there’s not a damn thing wrong with that! I don’t know what it is about cheerleaders, they just always have had a sort of magical sexual allure…it’s a surefire way to crank up the sex appeal. This Charli XCX chick looks like she could actually be a cheerleader too, she’s got those strong legs (I’d guess she’s a dancer as well as a singer) and long glossy way dark hair, not to mention a hot face and some spunky attitude as she pops her booty out like that!

Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton

Man, remember when Paris Hilton was a thing? It was a major league headline when she flashed her snatch getting out of one of her limos…now it’s no big deal but hey, it’s still a celebrity flashing her little pink panties and Paris is undeniably still hot if you ask me. Sure she’s pretty much the definition of an attention-whore but she’s got nice legs and wears sexy panties and apparently doesn’t mind too much when people get a glimpse up underneath her little skirt, so enjoy the view! This photo isn’t exactly the greatest quality though, it looks like a paparazzi photographer shot it through the hazy windshield of her car as she got in or out. Paris has little fishnets and lacy pink panties that are just barely covering that famous pussy of hers!

Olivia Munn


Olivia Munn

I had heard the name Olivia Munn before and I knew she was a celebrity in general and an actress in particular but I wasn’t 100% sure if I had ever seen anything she made. One quick trip to her Wiki page later and I realized that the only movie of hers I had ever seen was Iron Man 2, but she has been on the Daily Show a bunch of times as a correspondent so that’s probably what she seemed so familiar from. This picture is of her getting her makeup done and her nipple is poking out if you look real close…I don’t know how titillating the picture is (tit, get it?) but hey, if you’re a fan of Olivia’s work or just think she’s hot or just plain like seeing celebrity nipple slips why not take a peek.

Lea Michele


Lea Michele

If you’re a fan of the show Glee somehow, this picture will probably be right up your alley. I take pride in the fact that I had no idea who Lea Michele was, I had to look her up…anyway, this shot is of her in a boat soaking wet in her bikini looking might surprised, and there’s just a teensy hint of a nipple slipping out as she sits there. I don’t know how she managed to get so wet and still be well within the boat, it’s like she was swimming around and a shark threw her out of the water…I guess that’s why she looks so shocked! She’s pretty hot I suppose, and a celebrity nipslip is always popular even if Glee isn’t exactly as red-hot as it was a while back, so enjoy!

Leelee Sobieski


Leelee Sobieski

I wasn’t sure where I’d seen this chick Leelee Sobieski before but then I realized, she was the daughter in Eyes Wide Shut, the weird quiet chick…perfectly cast for that if you ask me, Leelee seems pretty quiet and reserved from the looks of things. She’s hot as hell though, with that elegant confidence that comes from being a celebrity but not so well-known that she can’t just walk down a sidewalk in a city somewhere. If you saw this hottie your first thought probably wouldn’t be ‘hey I’ve seen her in a movie before’ it would probably just be ‘holy shit she is hot as hell’…I’m not fashion guru but she looks to have a pretty good sense of style too, either that or she has good sense in hiring someone with a sense of style. Either way she’s looking mighty fine!

Lily Allen


Lily Allen

I thought the name Lily Allen sounded familiar so I looked her up and nope, never heard of her before. Maybe you have though, she’s a musician from the UK and apparently her deal was that back in 2005 she put some of her music on Myspace and it just blew up and now she’s a pop sensation or something. She’s also cute as hell which is why it’s mighty nice of her to let her nipple peek out of her top like this! I guess it’s not really intentional, more of a celebrity nip slip I guess, it looks like she was performing on stage and didn’t realize the zipper on her top was slowly sliding down to reveal one sweet titty peeking out…and man, how about that nipple? It looks pert enough to carve through steel, just the right size to fit in a mouth!

Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara

I’m pretty sure the allure of a celebrity having her nipple pop out accidentally will never ever go away…celebs seem like some sort of superpeople sometimes and it’s nice to see that they’re actually human, plus who doesn’t like seeing a nipple slip? Sofia Vergara here was getting a deep dip as she danced with this slick fella in a tux and her big boobs just couldn’t handle the sudden shift in gravity so out one came, giving the onlookers a nice glimpse at her perky nipple before she quickly tucked things back into place! Sofia is beautiful, elegant and sexy as hell so a peek at her body is a treat and a half. In this day and age a nipple slip is pretty much guaranteed to get caught on about fifty phones and cameras if it’s out in public, which is just fine by me!

Rita Ora


Rita Ora

I might not exactly be the best person to write a blog post about this chick Rita Ora…I mean I’m not living in the UK (she’s a UK singer and actress I guess) and I’m not exactly up on the music awards scene, but what I do know about is fine-ass titties and this blonde celebrity has definitely got some fine-ass titties. She certainly doesn’t have a bra on in these red-carpet photos, that’s for sure, those nipples are poking right through the shiny smooth fabric of her sexy red low-cut dress! She looks like she’s about five feet tall and has legs like a stallion, so that butt of hers must be a hell of a thing but I guess that’s for another photo for another day. The stars of the show today are her big beautiful breasts.

Rita Ora


Rita Ora

I guess Rita Ora is kind of a big deal in the UK, she’s a singer and actress and whatnot…she looked familiar but I guess I was mistaken because after reading up about her I guess I’ve never seen or heard of her before. She’s pretty hot though with nice big titties and a lovely face, and in this shoot (it’s gotta either be a commercial or a promo of some kind) she’s posing in her Calvin Klein underwear with her nipples getting all kinds of perky under the thin stretchy fabric of her bra! She’s got a microphone in her hand though so maybe this is just how her shows go, she goes up on stage and just starts stripping down to her panties with pokies in full effect up top and the crowd goes nuts. Sounds like I need to start paying a little more attention to the music scene across the pond, eh?

Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is one of those celebrities that I always knew the name of but like given a bunch of pictures of similar looking people there’s no way I’d pick her out with any certainty. She’s pretty I guess but I don’t think I’ve seen more than maybe one of her movies…I was just looking at a little list of what she’s been in and I was gonna say I hadn’t seen a single one but I guess I did see You Me and Dupree, that was pretty funny. I don’t remember her at all though, I guess that says something. Anyway this is a couple of pictures of Kate walking down the street in a little gray top that shows off her perky pokies popping through…I mean those nipples of hers must be like pebbles if they’re shoving their way through a bra/bikini and then showing through her top too!

Hilary Duff


Hilary Duff

Man…Hilary Duff, more like Hilary Buff am I right? I didn’t realize Hilary was so ripped, she looks like she could take off a dude’s head if he gave her a hard time…she had just finished up her workout when this paparazzi risked life and limb by snapping some candid photos as she walked to her car, her nipples poking against her shirt as she walked. Man, those nips must be hard as rock or something, they’re pushing against both her sports bra and her shirt, perky as hell! Hilary’s looking pretty damn hot in her aviators but I always have a hard time getting into these types of pictures, they’re just people walking around doing whatever…I mean like a nipple slip or whatever is different but just normal celebrity pictures sort of confuse me. Maybe it’s just me.

Sharon Stone


Sharon Stone

Well let’s be honest here, this photo of Sharon Stone wearing a thin top with no bra would have been a little more well-recieved about 20 years ago but if you’re a fan of MILFs, man oh man this lady has aged well like a fine wine! She’s taken good care of her body from the looks of things, some actresses as they get a bit older there is no way you’d want to be reminded that they even have nipples down there somewhere but not our girl Sharon, she’s got some cute little pokies and isn’t afraid to let them pop once in awhile just to keep people on their toes! It’s crazy to see this picture and then watch that interrogation scene from Basic Instinct…time is a weird thing I guess.

Nikki Minaj


Nikki Minaj

I don’t know if Nikki Minaj is still as big of a thing as she was like a year or two ago but I’m sure she still draws in the crowds in droves when she performs…actually my guess is her audience is starting to dwindle which is why she’s resorting to tactics like showing off her huge tits onstage like these photos! She doesn’t show the whole breast action but she does have some great underboob, and you can tell she stuck some star pasties on her nipples to avoid any unintentional ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ while she scampers arounda and lipsynchs her terrible, terrible songs.

Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson

Actress Kate Hudson here might be a little older than most celebrities who get pictures taken in a, you know, sexual sort of a light, but she’s still looking might hot if you ask me. She was just strolling down the street when the paparazzi snapped these shots showing those nipples of hers poking right through her bikini and her shirt to still stand out loud and proud! Either that or someone just turned on a very powerful AC unit that was aimed right at her perky little titties.

Lizzie Cundy


Lizzie Cundy

Here’s yet another English celebrity I didn’t recognize and had to look up on the ol’ wikipedia…her name is Lizzie Cundy and she’s apparently a TV presenter and fashion advisor, but it looks like someone should have advised her not to wear a dress that would let her nipple peek through like this! She’s a MILF for sure and has nice big tits and one of them (almost both really) shows right through the lacy red fabric as she gets her photo snapped on the red carpet at some awards show or red carpet event or who knows what.

Abbey Clancy


Abbey Clancy

Apparently Abbey Clancy is a UK lingerie and fashion model, which doesn’t exactly surprise me….this blonde is gorgeous with great tits and great legs, I’m making a mental note to look up pictures of her in lingerie after this. Looks like she was at a fashion show or something but in the crowd instead of modeling, and her dress slipped down over her breast a bit for a nipple slip that some eagle-eyed paparazzi photographer caught on film! Nice little nipple, but cmon man she’s a fashion model, they get their tits out all the time! I guess it is a bit different when it’s unintentional, somehow that makes it way sexier and more thrilling…jeez, this could be the start of a sociology paper or something. I volunteer to do the field research if anyone wants to write a paper on nipple exposure reactions!

Olga Sorokina


Everytime I am over at Taxi Driver’s site I always see celebrities I have no idea who they are. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that this chick with big floppy tits just isn’t that famous. her name is Olga Sorokina and if you want to check out her Wiki to find out more go ahead. She is some kind of Belarusian model I don’t even know what that means. She had a big mishap on the red carpet as you can see those big tits of hers sneaked out of her jacket. I mean those things are quite saggy but I think if she took off the whole jacket I would like them.

Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson

When you think about celebrity cleavage I would think that Scarlett Johansson would be pretty much at the top of the list! Those big perfect tits of hers are legendary and for good reason, and now that she’s pregnant those titties are even hotter than they used to be. These photos are from a red carpet party for Captain America: Winter Soldier I guess, and she is looking absolutely smokin hot…especially when she bends over to sign a promo poster or whatever that is. I know she’s starting to get a little bit older and her glory days might be a bit behind her but if you ask me, ScarJo is still pretty much the hottest pair of boobs in tinseltown.

More Miley Cyrus


More miley cyrus

Hopefully you’re not too sick of Miley Cyrus yet, because what we’ve got here are some of the discarded photos from her Rolling Stone interview! She’s showing off those perfect tits and those pretty eyes, although she still busts out the occasional goofy face when she feels a little awkward in front of the camera. I still think she’s one of the hottest celebrities out and about right now, and probably the one we’re most likely to see more nude photos from! She’s got a smokin hot body and knows it, and she seems to be using her sexuality to get past some of her social anxiety or at least that’s my theory.

Kea Ho


Kea Ho

Meet Kea Ho, if you haven’t already her as a supermodel you’re sure as hell gonna see her on the big silver screen this year! She’s an absolutely stunning Hawaiian babe and from what I gather she’s in like 4 movies this year including the sequel to Sin City…should be fun. These are some shots from on-set and you get an areola peek as she lounges in the water and gets hydrated…completely fucking hot, can’t wait to see more of this girl.

Jennette McCurdy


Jennette mccurdy

It’s all the rage now for celebrities to have their personal photos ‘leaked’, which is usually industry code for ‘I want notoriety and attention so here, spread these pictures around’. So it goes with Jennette McCurdy, star of iCarly and a country pop songstress…the real winner here is us, we get to see those sweet titties and that nice ass that we’ve imagined! It’s too bad that she’s not completely naked or anything but hey, skimpy underwear in bed is pretty good too if you ask me. Thanks, Jennette.

Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus tits

Alright well I don’t even know what else can be said about Miley Cyrus but I will say this: if I had to choose a celebrity who was gonna get naked and show off her boobs I would pick Miley Cyrus in my top list every damn time…at least you’re not looking at a picture of Betty White’s wrinkled melons right now, right? Miley has a fucking incredible rack, I don’t care if you hate her personality or her music or what you’ve gotta admit that body is fucking smokin hot…perfect tits, beautiful face, and the attitude to not care if you stare at her naked. Two thumbs and one dick up.

Ana Braga


Ana Braga shower

It’s just not even fair how many gorgeous busty women they have in Brazil, it’s like every Brazilian chick ever is totally smokin hot and cool as hell to boot…for instance take this woman, Ana Braga, who apparently is an MMA ring girl but all I know for sure is that she’s got huge tits and is taking an outdoor shower looking gorgeous. I really hope that’s just how things are done in Brazil, where all the stunning ladies just take a shower in public and don’t even care. I did just a litle bit of research on Ana Braga and apparently after a photoshoot she likes to wind down with a pizza and a good movie, so she’s A-fucking-Plus in my book, so enjoy these shots of her areola peeking out from behind her hands in the shower!

Jennifer Lawrence Photobomb


Jennifer Lawrence Photobombing

I like to post funny stuff every once in a while but I am not really good at it. My buddy however he knows how to make me laugh so I go over there and check out what he has almost every day. Today I found a little picture that I think you’re all going to like. If you don’t like it you’re a dick plain and simple. This is Jennifer Lawrence photobombing Taylor Swift. I didn’t really care much for Jennifer Lawrence much before this but afterwards I found a whole new level of respect for her.

Kate Bosworth


Kate Bosworth

I didn’t know who Kate Bosworth was so I had to look her up, she’s an actress who has apparently starred in a whole bunch of shitty movies I’ve never seen. She was in Blue Crush and I think I remember seeing her in a bikini looking fucking smokin hot but time has not been kind apparently, she’s got a kind of meth-head look going on if you ask me…anyway she’s topless in this movie Big Sur and she’s got pretty decent little boobies although it’s not the best view of all time. I’m just disappointed that she’s not Brian Bosworth’s daughter or something, that would be awesome. In cooler news, she does have two differently-colored eyes which is pretty wicked!

Alyssa Arce


Alyssa Arce

I guess Alyssa Arce is a model for some agency or other, which is a little surprising to me…not because she’s ugly because hell no she’s not, she’s fucking gorgeous, but she has huge tits in relation to her small frame! Normally that would be like ten thumbs up in the plus column but for fashion models big boobs are frowned upon…pretty stupid eh? Well, Alyssa is making the most of it by going to renowned photographer and noted douchebag Terry Richardson. The guy is a walking pile of assholes if you read up on some of the stuff he’s done but I can’t deny the dude can take a hot photo of a hot girl…for instance check out these shots of Alyssa getting those huge breasts out and lounging on a big wooden chair!

Courtney Stodden Topless


Courtney Stodden

I didn’t even recognize Courtney Stodden at first, she used to have that platinum blonde hair when she was married to the creepy guy from Green Mile and X Files. Now she’s got huge fake tits, long wavy brown hair and is posing topless here for some UK magazine! You can’t quite see her nipples because of her strategically arranged hair but hey she’s still looking pretty hot if you’re into slutty pornstar-looking chicks…I particularly like the tiny thong panties and sexy sheer black thigh-high stockings! I have the feeling this girl’s 15 minutes of fame are well and truly over, but it’ll be interesting to see what she does as she gets more desperate for attention.

Sarah Honeywell


Sarah Honeywell

Who the hell is Sarah Honeywell? Well according to Wiki she’s a TV personality in the UK and has also been a dancer and acrobat and aerialist which I guess explains why she’s got such a bangin body even if she’s obviously a little older. She’s having a ball in these paparazzi photos jumping topless off a yacht to go snorkeling or whatever…must be weird to have boats following you on vacation with guys just snapping all these photos. I admire Sarah’s don’t-give-a-flying-fuck attitude, that’s for sure.

Margot Robbie


Margot Robbie nude

I still haven’t seen the Wolf Of Wall Street movie, mostly because I hear it’s like four hours long or something and I can barely sit still for two, but after checking out this clip of Margot Robbie getting naked in it and getting fucked by Leonardo DiCaprio I might just have to give it a whirl! She’s gorgeous, blonde and has a fantastic pair of perky breasts, not to mention thigh-high stockings…Leo apparently has some trouble convincing Little DiCaprio to wake up and play which is almost unbelievable given how smoking hot this chick is. I had never heard of Margot Robbie before but consider me a superfan now!

Lady Gaga Nude


Lady Gaga naked

I don’t think she’s having her day in the sun quite so much anymore now that a new girl has come along and taken the megastar sex symbol trophy away (cough Miley cough) but Lady Gaga still has some gas in her tank and she’s experimenting more and more with her sexuality like in these photos shen she’s bound and suspended in the nude! Hopefully she’ll release a book of sexy photos just like Madonna did.

Miley Cyrus Tits


Miley cyrus tits

Alright, no foolin around, no beating around the bush, no hand-bras or implied nudes, no wrecking balls. This is gazillionaire girl-of-the-moment Miley Cyrus and she’s showing her perfect fucking tits. I don’t care if she’s an attention whore, I don’t care if her music sucks, she’s absolutely smoking hot and she has a great pair of boobs and I for one am overjoyed that this celebrity goddess is so willing to show em off for us! Maybe next it’ll be an ass shot or, oh man please, a sex tape! Can you imagine the mayhem that would ensue?

Kristina Tsvetkova


Kristina tsvetkova nude

I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Russian fashion model Kristina Tsvetkova but I certainly love what I’m seeing in this hot photoshoot! She decided to take it back to old school, getting all oiled up and shiny and doing a series of black and white nudes. She’s absolutely gorgeous and her body looks just like you’d expect a naked fashion model to look like, long and lean and muscled with ribs poking out all over the damn place and nice perky titties. I can’t say these photos are making me want to buy clothes any more than before but I definitely like whatever she’s pushing!

Chloe Mafia


Chloe mafia

Who exactly is Chloe Mafia? I have no idea but I’m going to hazard a guess, given the size of those tits and her overall glamorous appearance as she tries to adjust her bikini after a nipple slip caught by paparazzi. I’m guessing she was a star on a reality TV program in the UK, maybe a former model or something, who is causing waves as she uses her tits to try to keep the spotlight on herself after her days of stardom have started slipping away. Lemme take a look at her wiki article and see if I’m right. Please hold. Haha loooks like I’m not far off the money, this chick was on X Factor in the UK and it turns out she was a prostitute and flashes her tits everywhere. One point for me!

Candice Swanepoel


Candice swaepole

South African hottie Candice Swanepoel loves getting naked and man oh man I can understand why…if you had a body as absolutely perfect as this one wouldn’t you want to share it with the world? She’s totally nude in this Vogue photoshoot, lounging on a canopied bed with some sort of wack-ass headdress or something on, but look at those hips and those tits…this woman is completely and utterly smokin hot. It’s probably a good thing South Africa has all that violence and all those killer maneating sharks around or everyone would want to go there and see if they could score a gorgeous girl like Candice!

Lindsay Lohan


Ll instagram

I guess Lindsay Lohan posted this topless photo on her Instagram or something, smoking a cig and looking over her shoulder all artistic-like. I gotta say, she’s not exactly looking bad in this picture which surprises me, I’m used to her looking like a used condom whenever she happens to be on camera (usually mugshots or something similar). Here she’s actually pretty hot and is giving a little sideboob action…makes me wish more celebrities would post nude Instagram shots. Well maybe some celebrities…I mean I’ll pass on the nude selfie by Steve Buscemi, know what I mean?

Jaimie Alexander


Jaimie alexander

I am all for celebrities wearing revealing clothing on the red carpet, especially if they’re as gorgeous as Jaimie Alexander here! She’s going to be the new Wonder Woman apparently but there’s no more wondering about her pussy because she straight up showed it off at this red carpet affair, thanks to a very cooperative black dress! It’s got a sheer strip of fabric that goes all the way down her body and it just so happened to match up perfectly so we could see that bare snatch of hers…not often that you get to see a hot celebrity’s pussy but here you go! Maybe next time Jaimie will wear panties, but hopefully not.

Charlie Webster


Charlie webster red carpet

Say hi to Charlie Webster, and if you live in the US you probably don’t know who she is…she’s on TV as a presenter in the UK pretty frequently and most recently she was at the COD: Ghosts release red carpet party and made the admirable decision to wear a thin black top with no bra underneath. I don’t know when celebrities will ever learn that a sheer black dress or top will show right through when the flashes start up! In this red carpet photo Charlie’s nipples are showing through as clear as day, and since she’s hot as hell this is most definitely a good thing. The game sounds fun too, might have to give that one a whirl.

Kelly Brook


Kelly brook upskirt

OK so after taking a look at this shot of UK personality Kelly Brook showing her incredible ass with a sexy little skirt as part of her Halloween costume I have three questions. First, where is this party? Second, why the hell wasn’t I invited? Third, who is the blonde on the right with the nice butt? Hopefully it’s someone actually hot and not like a 40 year old guy with a blonde wig on, but even still I guess I gotta admit thats still a nice ass. Speaking of nice asses though there are few that compare to Kelly’s butt, and she looks understandably proud of it as she looks over her shoulder! That combination of upskirt photo and sexy white thigh high stockings is a hell of a double threat, and hopefully if I send Kelly an invite she’ll come to my halloween party in the bedroom.

Joanna Krupa


Joanna Krupa ass

I don’t know if she needed any more attention after being on Dancing with the Stars, but never underestimate a celebrity’s need for the spotlight of fame…guessing that’s what’s behind this sexy selfie by Joanna Krupa as she snaps a photo of her gorgeous tight little ass and some sexy sideboob action as well! Her face isn’t in the picture but apparently this was up on her twitter or something, I guess it’s legit. That looks like the kind of ass you could just bury your face in until next week, doesn’t it?

Paris Hilton


Paris hilton music video

Remember when Paris Hilton was big news? Yeah I barely do either…well, she’s trying to make a musical comeback (can you come back from never really being musically popular?) with this new music video…feel free to watch it if you want, I’m avoiding it like the damn plague. I have the feeling it’s going to make your ears vomit, but since it has a music video featuring blonde richgirl Paris mostly naked in her swimsuit, it might be worth watching on mute…you make your own decision here, I will not be held responsible for the consequences. Paris is still pretty hot though I’ve gotta say, although I’m sure her personality hasn’t improved much over the last few years.

Miley Cyrus Nude


Miley cyrus nipples

OK so what is it with the tongue thing for Miley Cyrus? She’s still coasting on her fifteen minutes of fame and is getting more and more nude with every photo, which I heartily approve of. She’s an attention-whore but holy shit does she have a nice tight body…check out these photos, you can see that she doesn’t even have weird-looking nipples or anything, she’s hot from head to toe! From photos ranging from a sheer see-through top that shows those perky tits to a completely topless shoot with fishnet type stockings to a picture of her giving herself a cameltoe with her red leotard outfit Miley is showing she’s not afraid to bare it all, which puts her in the upper echelon of sexy celebrities if you ask me. I still don’t get the tongue thing though…and man she has a hella long tongue, just imagine what she could do with it!

Kate Upton


Kate Upton black and white

If you’ve been living under a damn rock for awhile you might not be familiar with Kate Upton, but we’re about to change that with this collection of photos…she’s one of the hottest celebrities out there with that beautiful ass and her big perfect titties, not to mention her supermodel face! In these photos she’s getting classy, going black and white in her frilly bikini lingerie in a very stately house or mansion or something. It’s like if Masterpiece Theater was actually interesting and had sexy half-naked celebs parading around showing off incredible long legs, long wavy blonde hair and everything else that Kate is showing off in these photos.

Miley Cyrus and pal


Miley licking guy

The media just can’t get enough of Miley Cyrus lately…and people wonder how she made all her damn money. First she does some terrible twerking with her little white girl butt, then she gets completely nude in her music video for some shitty song and the blogs just ate it up like applesauce! Here she’s posing with her producer, a big black dude by the name of Mike Will Made It, using that amazing tongue of hers to nearly lick him like a popsicle. She’s in a tiny top and white panties and I’ve gotta admit, looks sexy as hell for a celebrity cashing in on her fifteen minutes of fame. I’m not entirely sure but I think these photos are by Terry Richardson, and if you’ve got an afternoon to kill man you gotta look that guy up. He’s done some crazy shit and has shot a billion photos of sexy celebrities and models too.

Hangover Cure


Hangover hotties

Feeling a little delicate after a wild weekend, need a little help with getting your hangover off your mind? Well take a look at this collection of links to some hot ladies, some famous, some not, showing off their titties and asses. This isn’t all just naked celebrities though, there are a few weird random links scattered in just to keep you on your toes…it’s all entertaining though and hopefully will make you forget that last night you dumped a whole damn bottle of tequila into the fishtank because you wanted Mr Bubbles to have a good time too. What were you even thinking with that shit?

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