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Summer Getting Hers


Summer Brielle Getting Hers

I meant to post this scene yesterday but kind of got carried away with other stuff. In fact Summer Brielle here not only had this gallery come out but she also had an anal sex scene with Bonnie Rotten if you guys wanted to check that out. This one is better though just because I think Reality Kings did a better job showing off those amazing curves that Summer Brielle has. I know Summer here has fake titties but man is that ass fake too? It almost seems to perfect and she looks like the type of pornstar that might actually get her bun done. You can’t tell though there is no scars or anything. Anyways who really cares if it looks good it is good. Summer here shows off her curves to these guys at Reality Kings because she is being shot for their site Monster Curves a place for all you guys who like thick woman to check out. Summer is kind of in charge during this sex scene as you can see from her sitting on this guys face. She doesn’t just stay there a little bit either she kind of rides his face for a while. I mean he had to be the one to call it quits because Summer was just having too much fun grinding on his face. The two of them fuck and Mick here is able to give Summer one hell of an orgasm you you will see if you watch the VERY VERY end of the video.

Couple Plays Together


Dillion Harper Couple That Plays Together

On your left here I have Dillion Harper sitting on the guys face getting her pussy eaten out. Then I have on the right Tiffany Fox who is playing the part of this guys girlfriend. The name of this episode from Passion HD is called “The Couple That Plays Together” stays together… If you couldn’t finish that on your own. The scene starts with Tiffany and her boyfriend sleeping naked together. Dillion comes in and starts to kiss her girlfriends feet and works her way up to her pussy waking her up with some oral sex. The guy just watches them for a bit and he eventually pops some wood and they invite him on in the session. Dillion is tired of eating pussy so she sits on his face while Tiffany rides her boyfriends cock. Once Dillion is wet enough to fit this big dick into her tight pussy she pops off and starts to get fucked by him. Tiffany wants her man to have the best threesome ever so she licks and sucks on his balls as he fucks her friend. The video ends with the two of them working his cock and balls until he cums all over their pretty little faces.

Wet Panties


Cherie DeVille in Wet Panties

Cherie DeVille is in yet another Pure Mature scene this one is called Wet Panties. If you want to see some of her other Pure mature videos she has done you can check out Breakfast in Bed and Sexy Morning both excellent scenes. I mean there are always risks when you’re fucking a MILF because they’re just way freakier then other types of models but this one right there we should all fear. Getting you face sat on and she wants you to lick her ass I mean you’re in a bad spot there. Cherie DeVille is a very horny MILF and one of the best things about her is just how much she loves to be fucked I mean she really enjoys it. She gets a little cock crazy during some of her sex scenes but I have seen other MILFs kind of go into this frenzy. The video isn’t just straight up sex there is a lot of kinkier stuff especially if you have some kind of foot fetish. Cherie and this guy both lick on each others feet and Cherie also demonstrates I am sure one of her many skills and that was giving a footjob. Hope you like what you see and don’t forget to click on the link at the bottom of the video if you want a discount.

Shae and Tessa


Shae Summers and Tessa Arias

This is a rather large gallery at least picture wise from my buddy over at Can’t blame him though because We Live Together just came out with a hot new video of Shae Summers. She is the girl getting her face sat on in this picture right here. As you can see Shae has a perfect set of big natural tits and look how perfect that pussy is? If that isn’t enough then go to the gallery and see her face I mean the girl is a perfect 10. She has been on We Live Together once before in a episode called Girlie Grind with Abigail Mac. This one is with a girl I have never heard of before but with the tattoo’s she has she will be easy to find from now on! Her name is Tessa Arias and her and Shae are all dressed up in school girl uniforms going to Shae’s house because her parents are out of town. They get inside the house and waste no time starting to have lesbian sex, both girls having black stockings on because of the uniform and they keep them on throughout the video. The video that you’re actually going to see in this gallery is of what is pictured above Tessa grinding her pussy of Shae’s face.

Mia Ass Masterpiece


Mia Malkova Ass Masterpiece

You guys are forewarned that this site has a automatic video on it so turn you volume down if you’re somewhere were you shouldn’t be watching porn. And good for you for watching porn where you shouldn’t LOL! This scene is from Naughty America’s Ass Masterpiece site. This site is like Bang Bros’ Ass Parade along those lines. They go out and find pornstars with great butts and put them on this site. There is no better white girl with a perfect ass then Mia Malkova here. It’s been a long stretch since the last “new” video has come out for Mia Malkova so it’s nice to know she is still around. This is brand spanking new I mean I just checked out the tour and it was put up today. She is outside poolside letting that camera get a up close view of her butt and then she takes this dick for a ride. Lots of reverse cowgirl and such because that’s how you get a good view of a girls butt if you didn’t know fucking noobs right guys? I hope you like it I know I did and click here for more Mia Malkova videos!

Porn Busters


Ava Koxxx and Leigh Darby

I am almost a little embarrassed to even explain this new video from Brazzers. I will just say that it’s kind of a play on ghost busters. The thing is they don’t really use guns to catches these “pornstar ghosts” instead they just fuck the ghost. I have to say if I was a ghost I would give up being the one for a chance at a threesome with Ava Koxxx and Leigh Darby. Ava is the girl riding this guys cock and Leigh is obviously the girl getting her pussy eaten out. The video comes from Brazzers and is actually called “Who Ya Gonna Call? Porn Busters!”. I saw this gallery and was liking the way that Ava looked so I went out and got you guys another gallery of her. This once again is a threesome but this time with DDF Busty. All the same you’re getting another one of this hot MILF you guys should be pretty stoked, that’s what keeps you coming back I know.

Lost In The Clouds


Lost In The Clouds EroticaX

I have for you an amazing new site called EroticaX and you guys are going to like it. Especially when you get to see Mia Malkova getting fucked. She doesn’t just have one scene with Erotica X she has two scene you can see the other one here. The site I am sending you to has a ton of their galleries, it’s kind of a fan site. I will stay on top of this shit though so you guys can just keep checking back here and I of course will have the new stuff. In this gallery Mia’s ass is looking really great I do believe that it’s those high heels that really make her ass pop. Putting a girl on her tippy toes will make any girls ass looking incredible. Now the video on this gallery isn’t the best quality I will admit but having bought a membership to EroticaX I can assure you that their videos are much much better.

Remy and Dani


Dani Daniels and Remy laCroix

I do believe that this is the first time that Dani Daniels and Remy LaCroix have done a scene together and they’re fucking each other! No dick invovled which I am pretty surprised about but I don’t mind enjoying to beautiful females eating each other out. if you want to see these girls in hardcore sex scenes you can just check out their sections on our site here is Remy’s and here is Dani’s. In this scene it’s all about them eating each others pussy having orgasm after orgasm. It’s a big plus too that both of these girls have amazing round asses and Dani has a great set of tits too I think. Remy has the raw end of the deal in this Brazzers scene I think just because she has her pussy nice and shaved yet she has to eat that hair bush of a pussy that Dani has! She gets her face at on too so you know there are pubs all up in her teeth!

Thick Ass Face Sit


Thick Black Girl Face Sitting

Here is a nice thick ass black girl getting that pussy eat out by sitting on her mans face. It’s a long video but what video isn’t long over at Blackz right? The girl isn’t bad look at all she has a big ghetto booty and then has a nice set of natural tits. The little corset she is wearing is either giving her a crazy hour glass figure or she is just built with curves like that. I will ruin how the video ends for you guys because who watches 25 minutes of porn I mean that’s just way to much time he fucks her in missionary until he is about to cum then he pulls out and put it right on her nipples. One weird finish I mean who is like hold on let me pull out and run over to you left nipple and just cum on that baby, whatever’s he should have put it on that ebony face of hers! She is in charge though I mean any guy that lets a girl sit on his face isn’t wearing the pants.

Wilderness Sex


Chloe Amour Fantasy HD Wilderness Sex

Yea I am giving you two Chloe Amour videos today. I kind of feel like Santa Claus… This will scratch your itch for seeing Chloe fucked if that’s what you felt was missing in her FTV Girls gallery. It’s from Fantasy HD and they call it Wilderness Sex. This guy has taken Chloe a little ways into the woods to have a picnic with him. He of course knows the secret that picnic = sex is almost every country. Chloe Amour follows the formula and fucks him after they have eaten their lunch. She at first sits on his face to get that pussy eat so she is in the mood before she starts to ride him. When she was getting her pussy eaten and sucking his dick she look a little nervous to be doing in this in public. Once the actual sex started to go down though she could care less if anyone saw her. Chloe is one exotic beauty and I hope we see her in porn for a long long time but just in case we don’t enjoy every scene I share with you guys cause it could be her last!

Anikka and Riley


Riley Reid and Anikka Albrite

Riley Reid and Anikka Albrite have been on In The Crack scene together before but I don’t think anything as hot as this! Riley is eating out Anikka in this gallery but while she is doing that she is using this super strong vibrator on herself. Not only does Riley Reid cum, but she has a squirting orgasm! You know Riley is in a good place when she starts squirting, I have only seen it a couple of times before this!

College House Fuck Fest


College House Fuck Fest

Alright I want you guys to not get scared by this total freak you see in the first part of the video. She is just way to horny for her own good and is doing some like animalistic shit to this guys cock. Once you get pass her it’s smooth sailing don’t worry. I watch pretty much this whole update and the sex is very good especially with that hot Asian girl in this update damn I would fuck her. The other really good part is one of the girls after she is done making her guy cum goes over and has lesbian sex with this super cute girl. She has pale white skin and is just too nice to be a part of this college house fuck fest. Any time I see like a large group like this who took part in a College Rules video I always wonder how the split the money. I know that College Rules pays the person who submits the tape $10,000 bucks so I wonder if that person just keeps the money or spreads the love. I need someone who has has sold their college sex tape to these guys to contact me and let me know, it’s been one of those things I always wonder about.

Perfect Pussies


Haze Her Perfect Pussies

This sorority is all about their girls having a perfect pussies. They want them shaved with no shaving burns, no spots they want it perfect. The things is I don’t think a bald pussy is what makes it “perfect” you guys know that I am pretty good and picking this hit out. The sorority makes the girls clean up their pussies and then they put them on the floor and having them eat each other out while they look on. The Nerdy girl seems to like sitting on these girls faces the most so they let her spend the most time getting after it. After the nerdy chick has her orgasm the other girls must use a double sided dildo and man is that another hot segment of this video. It’s all filmed and is now sold to Haze Her. The reason they film these videos is because then when they’re members of the sorority they have a form of blackmail. I wonder if sororities still make these kind of hazing videos now that Haze Her has been so successful and buying them up. I mean $20,000 dollars is hard to turn down for anyone!

Getting Down


Angelica X Art

I have a beautiful babe that you probably know very well by now because I post her so much. Her name is Angelica here on X Art by you may also know her as Anjelica on sites like Wow Girls, or Wow Porn. In this gallery she gets a creampie from her boyfriend after they get down and dirty on the couch. She kind of starts off this sex session by sitting on his face having him eat out her pussy, once she gets her orgasm she turns her attention on getting him to cum. She ends up getting him to cum by letting him do the fucking doggystyle while she kind gets in this tiny little ball, it’s very cute. You don’t see Angelica taking too many creampies but sometimes she is just in the mood to have a guy cum inside of her.



Female Agent Premature Ejaculation

This is what happens when you go to the Female Agent and after her riding your cock for about 30 second you tell her your about to cum. She says oh that’s fine and she jumps on your face and takes it for a ride. She should actually start another business of selling guys like this the Fleshlight Stamina Trainer. They will fix them right up and she can then get them jobs in porn! It’s another super long video from these guys so make sure to visit the site so they keep it coming. This is the reverse casting couch where there is a female agent and she is taking advantage of the people coming in to get porn jobs.

Mia and Lexi


Mia Malkova and Lexi Belle

Mia Malkova and Lexi Belle are having a lesbian affair in this X Art episode entitled “Pretty Babies”. In every lesbian relationship there is a giver and a taker and from this picture right here you would think that Mia is the taker. That is not the case at all! If you watch the video Mia spends most of her time between Lexi’s legs eating her pussy and pleasing her anyway she can. It’s not till like the end of the video that Mia get to get on top and take that pretty face of Lexi’s for a nice long ride down orgasm lane.

Wet In The Woods


Haze Her In The Woods

I think this sorority just wanted to get off college campus to do their hazing, pretty smart if you think about it. They had a fraternity help set up this little water pit that they made all their pledges get in. One girl ended up fucking a guy while her sisters filmed it the rest had to eat pussy like this poor little pledge here. The sorority films the videos so that they will never go against the sorority in the future. The only problem with this little plan however is that the person caring for the tapes has a opportunity to sell them to Haze Her for $20,000 dollars. That’s quite the temptation I would say! It’s so tempting that nearly 50 girls have now sold their sorority sex tape!

Playtime Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy Leigh Passion HD

Playing with the gorgeous Kennedy Leigh looks like it could be kind of fun. The name of this Passion HD scene is called Playtime so you can see why I said that. I have seen her on a couple of my favorite sites now and I think she is going to make a run at being a kind of famous pornstar. The last scene I saw was her Amateur Allure video and that one was hot. This is right up there though probably just a little more erotic and there is no POV shots. I am not a huge fan of POV but I know there is a lot of you out there who only like that type of porn because it makes you feel like you are the one doing the fucking. I must have a better imagination then you or something, must suck.

Valentines Dick


Valentines Dick Dare Dorm

I am a little behind on the old Dare Dorm updates so we are just now catching up to Valentines Day. A hot Asian girl wanted to give her boyfriend something more then just a little fuck so she gave him something he will never forget. That was a sex tape of course! He ended up breaking up with his college sweetheart and now Dare Dorm has released the sex tape. This isn’t just any normal video because the girl has her friends film them fucking. The guy got a little help keeping his dick hard from two girls who didn’t have Valentines. The girls had their first lesbian experience and let the camera capture it so they guy could have a really good tape for the spank bank.

Brooklyn Lee Good Girl


Brooklyn Lee Good Girl Porn Fidelity

I don’t know if I would ever consider the pornstar Brooklyn Lee a “good girl” but in this update from Porn Fidelity she is at least pretending to be one. She is home alone and a little horny so she starts to flick the ole bean and then she decides that that isn’t going to cut it. It’s from reading all those romance novels while she was stuck at home probably. She then dreams up a lovely scene in which Ryan comes in and gives her a fucking that every good girl wants. He eats that pussy nice and good letting her sit on his face whenever she wants to. When he is about to cum he whips out of her nice pussy and goes in her mouth were she sucks all the cum out and then swallows. Swallowing now that’s where the good girl probably comes from!

Sticky and Sweet


Natalia Starr and Maddy O'Reilly

You know I am posting a gallery with both Natalia Starr and Maddy O’Reilly in it! The gallery comes from Nubile Films and is called Sticky and Sweet not the most sensual name for a episode Nubile Films… The girls take turns getting fucked and sucking on this lucky guys balls. It’s a great threesome and the quality of Nubile Films porn is really just incredible. When you look at these pictures just know that these are screen captures from the highest quality video they offer in their members area, pretty impressive right?

Pussy Pledge Rings


Haze Her Pussy Pledge Rings

In order for these pledges to get their “Pussy Pledge Rings” they have to do a couple of things. First of all they can’t be caught having cookies in their dorm rooms because this sorority wants their girls super skinny I guess. The second thing they must do is the most fucked up part and the reason this video is on Haze Her. The pledges have to please a sister that is already part of the sorority. The sisters have their way with the pledges, one girl with a nice big ass sits on this redheads face that is pictured here. The redhead eats that pussy nice and good giving her a orgasm. The sisters are all mean though because after they had a orgasm from getting their pussies eaten out by the pledges they kind of return the favor. They’re sisters afterall so they’re not about to eat the pledges pussy but they go get their vibrators from their bedrooms and use it on them until the cum too.

Double Team


Double Team Dare Dorm

Show you guys this busty blonde girl is probably just wrong because Dare Dorm doesn’t show her fucking to be honest. She does sit on her friends face here and get her pussy eaten out so that’s something. I think she just thinks she is to hot to be fucking on camera or something. I did enjoy seeing those huge natural tits of hers I could just look at that all day. The girl in the funny hat is the one who gets double teamed in this episode aptly named “Double Team”. She only half asses it though probably like all of her classes that she takes too. She just has one guy fuck her while she sucks the other guy off. That’s not my definition of double team girls. I thought one guy would be in her ass and one in her pussy but I actually could understand why the guys wouldn’t even want to do that. That’s just too close for comfort in my opinion but hey if the girl is hot enough anything is possible I guess.

Dirty Cop


Dirty Cop Life Selector

This is a new site I am introducing you guys too, it’s called Life Selector. Probably one of the worst names I have ever heard of by they definitely have some unique porn. The whole thing with these guys is they have interactive porn. I have no way to show you the how it works because it only works if you’re a member of their site. In this video it does however show you what kind of options popup as you are watching a video. You just are not able to choose because well my website doesn’t have that technology or whatever magic they use to make it work. This gallery is from a series they have called Dirty Cop. The cop in this video is the hot blonde who is getting her pussy eaten she is quite hot and she wouldn’t need to hold a gun to my head to get me to eat that pussy!

Flexible Arrangement


Mia Malkova Flexible Arrangement

This will be the third scene that Mia Malkova has done for Passion HD the other two being “Bedside Surprise” with Casana Lei and “Passion Dance” with Aubrey James. This is the first time as you can see that she has done a scene by herself and it’s quite amazing. She has sex in many flexible positions that some girls just couldn’t get in. That’s why Passion HD called this scene Flexible Arrangement. The dick sucking position that she got in in this video is down right impressive but probably the hottest thing is at the beginning of this video when see her in that little red dress that shows off her body perfectly and that bright red lipstick. She is dressed up for sex that’s pretty much what it looks like there is a lot of dick sucking and pussy eating as you see in this picture and it’s hotter then normal just because the way Mia can get in crazy positions to fuck.

Chloe & Kiera


Kiera Winters and Chloe Foster

The redhead here is Kiera Winters and the blonde sitting on the guys face is Chloe Foster. This is both their second scene for Passion HD and they are sharing it together as you can see. It’s a really good threesome with tons of pussy eating and fucking. It’s all very erotic and I love that both of these girls are super petite with those nice perky tits. The name of this episode is “Picky Eaters” and with everything that was eaten in this video I would say this episode title is total bullshit! This scene just came out today so it’s hot off the press hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Julie Cash


Julie Cash Bang Bros

As you can see this guy is putting his life in danger by getting his face sat on by this PAWG! I would do it too though just for a chance to fuck Julie Cash. This girl has such a nice big ass no wonder she is on Perfect Ass White Girls a site by Bang Bros. She gets her pussy eaten and ass licked before she is fucked because like most women Julie lets a little foreplay before having sex. There is a little anal play throughout the video but you could tell that Julie just wasn’t into the idea of getting fucked in the ass. I mean when you have such a big butt I bet she is pretty used to guys trying to enter from the rear. All in all a great scene and it’s exactly what to expect when you are a member of Bang Bros.

Fuck Fest


College Rules Fuck Fest

You guys have to watch the beginning of this video I posted because it has one of the most awkward college moments of these guys life. They are like suppose to be giving each other a high five but I don’t know which one make it more of a hand hold, it was fucking creepy. I just had to stop watching the video after that I mean you guys can give it a shot, from the pictures it looks to be a great College Rules video but after that it kind of just killed it. The scene is from some college and for the past 4 years some girls have been throwing a fuck fest were you basically go in this bed in the middle of the room and fuck while everyone watches. Some girls were a little too shy to let a guy bone them so they just had lesbian sex, it was a threesome but all girls. Anyways hope you like it I sure didn’t but hey I hate awkward moments.

Poke Her Nite


Dare Dorm Poke Her Nite

I would say this girl is kind of the star of this Dare Dorm update. I don’t know why I picked a picture of her from behind because her big tits are what really make her special. They are all natural and super floppy just love seeing a girl like this ride a cock. This party is probably the dumbest party I have ever seen just because there are like 15 guys to 2 girls and those right there are never good odds. The guys don’t even get to gang bang one of these girls they all just couple up and then the camera man catches the fucking while everyone else just kind of cheers them on. I don’t know if I would just stay there and watch, I would probably try to get my own pussy… Or go back to the dorm room and watch my own personal porn instead of being surrounded by dudes. It will always be one of those crazy memories you have though. Remember that time we were at a dorm party and 3 girls just started fucking their guys right there in public. That’s a pretty good story I must say.

Afternoon Picnic


Mary and Anneli Afternoon Picnic

This is Mary and Anneli and this is is their idea of a afternoon picnic. I love me some Mary because of those big natural tits she has and lets face it she is just gorgeous. Her tits are nice yes but her pussy is even better! Anneli may be getting her face sat on but she is on the one having the most fun in this picture, that I almost guarantee! The scene is from the guys at X Art if you happen to want to watch the full video, that’s where you need to go.

Natalia & Brett


Natalia Starr and Brett Rossi

Natalia Starr and Brett Rossi are taking a roll in the hay in this awesome video from When Girls Play. This is the site you need to go to if you love seeing lesbian sex. There is so much pussy being eaten on that site it would keep you full for a week. Natalia Starr and Brett Rossi are a lot alike but there is one difference and that is that Natalia is all natural and Brett is not. How amazing are those titties of Natalia’s I could just suck on those and be happy. Brett though is nothing like me she wants to suck on this and her pussy but she actually does it as you will see in these pictures and video.

Clean Start


Karlie Montana Dillion Harper Passion HD

Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone! If for some reason you are not watching the big game then you can watch this awesome threesome from Passion HD. It’s called Clean Start and it features Karlie Montana and Dillion Harper. Both girls get a turn fucking this lucky ass guy and while the other one is not getting the cock she is licking pussy or balls as you see in this picture with Dillion between Karlie’s legs licking her clit. Passion HD has the best porn in the entire world starring all your favorite pornstars so make sure to check them out please!

Best Friends Forever


Dare Dorm Best Friends Forever

I want to know the percentage of girls who have their first lesbian experience in college… It has to be staggeringly high I would think. Here is a video of a best of girl friends who are not just friends but best friends. They are crossing the line in this Dare Dorm video though because they are eating each other out. It could work out though because they could be fuck buddies and just friends too. So those times that they are horny and are probably going to fuck a guy they usually wouldn’t but just cause they want some dick they do. They could just call up each other and be like “Yo bitch, I want you to come over and eat me out” and bam you’re not the school slut! Back to this scene though! The girls in it are super hot none hotter then the girl pictured here… These lesbians were not very prepared because they didn’t even have a toy. One of the girls sacrificed her electric tooth brush though and they used that. It had me thinking, this girl did she ever use it on herself and then still brush her teeth with it? That would be fucking gross if she did.

Lets Skip Dinner


Ella Milano Passion HD Lets Skip Dinner

You would skip dinner too if you could have Ella Milano ride your cock! Fuck, I would skip dinner for a week… A straight up fast to get a piece of this ass! See what I did there, I’m so clever. The scene is from Passion HD and you get to see a seriously passionate sex scene between these two. He fucks that pussy like it’s his girl and Ella just loves it. She has a couple of scenes with Passion HD you might want to check out they are in the related section of this most. Ella has a gorgeous natural body with perky tits and a big booty but we expect that from our Latina’s. She actually might not even be latin… It might be like Italian or something like that, she isn’t white I know that for a fact!

Other Passion HD Ella Milano Scenes:
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Kiara Mia


Kiara Mia Porn Fidelity

Ryan has a pretty good thing going for with him this Porn Fidelity thing. Porn Fidelity is a site that him and his wife started where they get different girls in the bedroom and fuck them together. I guess they don’t always do it together, Ryan has a ton of scenes he just does by himself. Back to Ryan having it good, he gets to fuck other girls and his wife is okay with it… I mean what more could you ask for? In this episode Kelly Madison wanted in on Kiara Mia! They both have awesome big natural tits and Kiara has that exotic look to her that is just so hot on a busty babe. They have one big threesome and you would think that Ryan with give his wife a creampie but instead he just drops load after load into Kiara pussy, sometimes she lets it drip out of her pussy and on to Kelly’s tits so that she can get a taste.

Hose Them Down


Haze Haze Hose Them Down

I the new Haze Her video for you guys. It’s called Hose Them Down nothing not standard about this hazing if you ask me! They get the girls freezing wet and then tell them that they are going to do a little wrestling. This just isn’t any wrestling though they have to oil themselves up and wrestle naked. It’s so weird that sororities do this with no guys looking on. They could at least invite over their favorite fraternity and let them enjoy. Some of the sisters do get their pussy eaten out though so they probably don’t want to see them do that. In this gallery one of this sisters has the girls lay down face up and straps a strap-on to their face. She then takes turn riding that dildo as you can see in this very picture, pretty hot if you ask me.

Karlie Montana


Karlie Montana Passion HD

Karlie Montana is pretty new to hardcore but she isn’t new to the adult industry at all. She used to just pose naked for those erotic sites or even do a couple of lesbian scenes. She is full on hardcore now and is really turning out some amazing scenes. Karlie has a on some hot jeans in the beginning of this gallery nice and tight and they show off her bubble butt really well. The video filmed this couple fucking in some very unique angels, like they are fliming from a ladder or something. Nice wide angels so you can see everything that is going on. The just put a bed in the middle of a big room so you can really focus on the sex and nothing else that is going on around them. This is how most Passion HD scenes are, they focus on the sex and nothing else.

Sweet Seductress


We Live Together sweet seductress

I always get a little jealous when I see these gallery updates from We Live Together…all these hot gorgeous lesbians prancing around in their panties or in the nude, kissing passionately and licking each others pussies all the live long day and we can’t be there! Well at least we get to watch all the sexy action in these photos as each sweet seductress does her thing, I guess that’s a comfort.

Sun & Fun


Passion HD Sun and Fun

This nice round ass belongs to a girl who’s ass is her least good quality! I mean don’t get me wrong it’s hot but Karina What here has it all and then some. Nice big natural tits, a super pretty face and a cool ass attitude, you guys will just fall in love. This scene is from Passion HD and is called Sun and Fun. Karina White is outside getting her tan on in a sexy little red bikini. I mean the top can barely hold in those amazing naturals of hers. So when this guy comes out and sees his girl looking all sexy he does what any of us would do and that’s fuck here right there on the side of the pool. They fuck in a whole bunch of different positions just working there way around the house.

Nicole & Audrey


Audrey and Nicole Tonight's Girlfriend

I don’t even want to know how much money this John spent to sleep with both Nicole Aniston and Audrey Bitoni. It might actually make me sick. I mean these girls can certainly fuck but I think I would rather just take the money and watch a scene with them. This is once again a Tonight’s Girlfriend scene and it’s not the first time for either of these lovely ladies, but I do think it’s the first time they have ever been in a sex scene together. Maybe not know because Nicole sure knew how to lick Audrey’s pussy just the way she likes it I think that only comes with experience, so I will have to find the other scenes they have done. It might just have been in their private lifes, or turning tricks.

Audrey Bitoni’s first time on Tonight’s Girlfriend
Nicole Aniston first time on Tonight’s Girlfriend
Nicole Aniston second time on Tonight’s Girlfriend
Nicole Aniston third time on Tonight’s Girlfriend
Nicole Aniston fourth time on Tonight’s Girlfriend

Want You


Want You Baby

If you want Baby you are going to have to go through a face sitting it looks like. This guy just wants inside that pussy but Baby wants to have a orgasm first so she goes to work having him eat her out. She rubs his cock with her hand while gently urging him to get after that pussy a little more. This is from X Art and it’s called “Want You”. X Art has a lot of porn of this model Baby so head on over to the tour and see what they got and check out all the other amazing models they have.

Sunset Sex


Ivy Sunset Sex Joymii

This is probably every girls fantasy having a little sunset sex overlooking the water of some exotic country. I this works for guys too because Ivy here is fucking incredible wouldn’t you say? This Joymii gallery is just pictures right now but hopefully down the road I will be able to update it with a video. I can’t wait to watch the video I haven’t done it yet just haven’t had the time. But I am going to go in their members area and check it out right after this, I can already tell you it’s going to be straight up awesome. Ivy is just one of my favorite models with that compact body and those perky little tits. I also like the fact that she seems like such a sweet girl but she is all about sex, anal sex, giving head and all those other dirty things.

Jessie, Remy & Krissy


Jessie Rogers Wicked Pictures

This is one of those Carol Jr’s commericals that just went a little to far. The girls who are starring in it are porn stars after all and this is a Wicked Pictures video. It’s a threeway lesbian sex scene and I would say that Jessie Rogers is the star of this show. The other two are Remy LaCroix and Krissy Lynn but the video ends with Jessie in a pile driver position getting those sweet pussy of hers fucked nice and hard. That isn’t enough to make Jessie cum though so instead they put it in her ass and fuck that while Krissy rubs her pussy and she has one super hard orgasm you just have to see to believe.

Riley and Lola


Riley Reid and Lola Foxx

I have two amazing round ass babes and one of them has a perfect pussy that model would be Riley Reid. This is a Christmas scene I fucking know! I am super late getting it out to you guys but better then never. The other girl is Lola Foxx and these girls give the guy who runs Amateur Allure a Christmas present he will never forget. I think any guy in the world woudl want to have a threesome with these two girls and this guy made it happen. This isn’t their first time on the site for all those other scenes make sure to check out the related section at the bottom of this post.

Lola Foxx first time on Amateur Allure
Lola Fox 2nd time on Amateur Allure
Riley Reid’s first time on Amateur Allure
Riley Reid’s second time on Amateur Allure

Capri Anderson


Capri Anderson Porn Fidelity

I was under the impression that Capri Anderson was out of porn! Well I don’t know if Ryan and Kelly and friends with her or what but they got her on their site Porn Fidelity. This is a extra special scene because not only do they have her but they also have her very first creampie. I can’t actually verify that this is the first time she let a guy cum in her pussy but that’s what Ryan is trying to tell me and you. I might go through and do a little investigation about that I mean I don’t mind watching Capri videos until the end of time you know what I am saying? This scene there is tons of fucking and Ryan in true Ryan fashion is able to produce multiple cumshots for Capri. Some he just lays deep inside that pussy and other ones he pulls out and gives her a mouthful of cum.

Cum All Over Me


Scarlet B Joymii

Here is Scarlet B for you guys to enjoy, it’s a model that you probably will only see on Joymii but hey all the reason to join their site. Joymii named this scene Cum All Over Me and I bet you can guess why they call it that. Scarlet fucks her boyfriend really good and she doesn’t want him getting her pregnant or even swallowing his little soldiers. The next best thing is to let him just cum all over her amazing body. I really like this site and I know I don’t post them enough I will make a concerted effort to give you guys more galleries from them.



Charmer Sex Arrt

I think this Sex Art site is a lot different then the other erotic sites out there that’s both a good and bad thing. The only bad part is I just happen to like the way the others are done better, but I know some people are going to love this shit. This is just a picture gallery called Charmer and it stars a exotic model named Kleo A. She is quite possibly the most lucky girl in porn because she doesn’t even have to touch this guys cock. She basically got paid by Sex Art to get naked and get her pussy eaten in different positions. Doesn’t sound like a bad gig Kleo!

A Close Shave


Cassie and Kiera Passion HD

I have a all girl gallery from Passion HD for you guys today with two roommates in real life! It’s Cassie Laine and Kiera Winters and they do this whole eating each other out thing on the regular because they’re both horny girls. I mean they are in porn so you know they are comfortable in their sexuality so why not just go down on each other on a boring Wednesday afternoon. Passion HD took this chemistry that these two have and filmed it in a new episode called A Close Shave. As you can probably guess there is some shaving in this gallery because Kiera likes to eat Cassie when she is nice and bald. The shave her clean and then lick each other to orgasms, it’s a beautiful scene so please enjoy!

Spin The Bottle Orgy


College Rules Spin The Bottle Orgy

I am a pretty big fan of this new submission to College Rules! It’s called Spin The Bottle Orgy and I don’t like it because of the game they are playing I like it because these girls who are fucking in this video are hot! This girl is probably my favorite because she has nice big tits, and big tits are just the best! The other girl can ride a dick like you wouldn’t believe I mean just check out picture number 22 for proof of that. Those are probably my two favorite girls in this whole orgy scene but that’s fine because they don’t really focus on the other girls. I almost forgot to mention this exotic petite girl that shows up at the end of the video. She too can ride a mean did she is fast as fuck when she rides, it must have took a lot of practice to get that good!

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