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FTV Girls Sophia


Ftv Girls Sophia

Sophia is just too damn hot is she not? She is from FTV Girls of course so you can see her fucking large dildos and having real orgasms. I think Sophia is one of the cutest girls I have seen for a long time I love her shaved pussy and those small tits and her are just so damn cute. Watch the video right now and I bet you will fall in love with this chick.

FTV Girls Estrella


FTV Girls Estrella

This is Estrella from FTV Girls she has a nice small ass and perky teen tits. She is posing for the best masturbation / babe / teen site I know of and thats FTV Girls. They always have their girls having real orgasms so thats what makes their video the best. Then you can just check out these pictures to see why I think their photography is also out of this world.

FTV Girls Haley


Ftv Girls Haley

This is Haley from FTV Girls and she has some beautiful all natural tits as you can see here. She does a couple of boob massage videos because thats just something the FTV Girls members really like. They also have her running topless in the park so you get to see those big natural juggs giving her black eyes as she is running. Haley also has some amazing masturbation videos like all FTV Girls. Haley has a couple of real orgasms and is even able to orgasm while riding a ten inch dildo.

FTV Girls Sabrina


Ftv Girls Sabrina

This is FTV Girls Sabrina and she is one of the hottest FTV Girls I have seen in a while. She has big lovely tits and such a pretty face. Your going to love Sabrina masturbation videos and the flashing in public too, she is a pretty fun girl you will see just watch some of her videos!

FTV Girls Tiffany


Tiffany FTV Girls

This is Tiffany from FTV Girls and she is a outside in public doing some nudes. FTV Girls has always been known for their public nudity stuff and their members seem to love it so they keep doing it. Its pretty funny actually when they get caught by someone in public, because usually they don’t care and just want to watch.

FTV Girls Loryn


Ftv Girls Loryn

This is a hardcore update from FTV Girls, they are thinking about starting a hardcore site were they have their models fucking their boyfriends for them. They are putting it up to a vote however to the FTV Girls members so there is going to be one update a month for 12 months for a little test run. If the votes come up that people want a hardcore FTV Girls site then they are going to open it. So join FTV Girls so the world can get some real high quality hardcore porn I implore you.

FTV Katrina


Ftv Girls Katrina

This cute teen girl is Katrina and she is from Texas and is a total first timer to everything you see her do on FTV Girls. She had never masturbated before so when she did she really enjoyed it but it took a while to cum because well she has never done it before.

FTV Girls April


April O'Neil

April is definitely one of my many favorites and she’s a favorite at our partner’s site, Bustys too. With nice and big all natural tits and a gorgeous face and ass, this brunette really has it all, except for the fact that she has a tattoo that would be so much better covered up. Me sure to watch her video!

Amy Reid FTV


Amy Reid

Amy Reid is definitely a well known model and she’s doing so well these days, but not a whole lot of people know that she got her start on FTV. This gallery is one of hers from that very same site and she doesn’t disappoint in it at all, showing off those big natural tis of hers.

FTV Girls Gracie


Ftv Girls Gracie

FTV Girls Gracie has some nice thick thighs that I would like to just get between! She masturbates and has orgasms in this gallery and its all just top quality stuff because FTV Girls just does it like that. These pictures are from varies shoots she did for them, and then the video is just a taste of all the videos she did as well.

FTV Girls Jesse


Ftv Girls Jesse

This is Jesse from FTV Girls and if you think she is just teasing you by not riding that thing you are wrong, just check out the gallery Jesse fucks it alright. She takes it nice and deep and then lays on her back and fucks herself until she has a g-spot orgasm.

FTV Girls Hayley


Ftv Girls Hayley

FTV Girls is one of the best female masturbation sites that you could be a part of that I promise you, that is why I always show their new update to you guys. In this gallery you will see Hayley in different pictures in public places and masturbating back at the FTV house. The hottest video she has in my opinion is actually what I have posted here, were she gets the FTV Girls biggest toy and sticks it to the ground and rides it like a cock.

FTV Girls Pamela


FTV Girls Pamela

I thought Pamela here is just gorgeous so thats why I made her my top update for the day! In this gallery you will see Pamela giving herself a orgasm with her favorite toy then dressing up in a cute little cheer leader uniform to remind her of her glory days. This girl has a nice tight pussy and its pretty sexy watching her fist in in a couple of the videos she did.

FTV Annie Lee


FTV Girls Annie

This is Annie Lee from FTV Girls she has a great set of enhanced tits does she not? I like when Asian girls have big tits because you just don’t see them much. Annie Lee is masturbating in this nice long video and she does reach a real orgasm but I can not show you guys that because you need to support great sites like FTV Girls!

FTV Girls Marianna


FTV Girls Marianna

FTV rarely fails to bring us remarkably hot girls and Marianna is no disappointment to their track record. Just look at this erotic babe strips off her dress, flashing us with her boobs and pussy before she whips out a big dildo. Watch her videos to find out just what she does with it!



FTV Girls Kori

This is a pretty big day if you ask me FTV Girls has finally started doing some hardcore! In this gallery you will see one of their old models Kori who did a softcore shoot with them, come back and do their very first hardcore scene! This is really high quality stuff and I think it is amazing and I hope you guys do too.

FTV Layla


FTV Girls Layla

This is Layla from FTV Girls and she has a nice little tan going there and I love that white bottom of hers. In this gallery you can see this exotic beauty stripping down naked in public and then I have one shot of her riding a dildo like a dick, its one of her many masturbation scenes with FTV Girls. In the video you get a nice taste of some of the videos as well so please enjoy.

FTV Girls Shae


FTV Girls Shae

FTV Girls bring us a beautiful busty babe bye the name of Shae. She has awesome tan lines and man does she orgasm very easy! The videos of Shae are pretty awesome they have a lesbian sex scene with Danielle FTV which is pretty sweet having two big titty girls nailing each other with a dildo.

FTVGirls Rilee


FTVGirls Rilee

FTV is bringing us the good ones again. Rilee is a beautiful blonde slut that loves a huge dildo! Damn, look at her ride that big dong! Rilee also really loves a slick vibrator in her ass and looks like she really enjoys double penetration, too! Wouldn’t you love to be the guy pounding her all day?

FTV Sara


Ftv Girls Sara

I don’t know why I picked this picture of Sara from FTV Girls I think it doesn’t look as good as half the other ones I go on this gallery but oh well I guess. Sara is a super cute girl with a small ass that you guys are going to love, check out the second to last image in this gallery to see Sara taking on a huge foot long dildo.

FTV Threesome


Ftv Girls Threesome

I was pretty excited to see that FTV Girls brought back some of their members all time favorite girls. I know you will recongize all of them because they are now pretty famous pornstars. The girls are Amia Moretti, Kacey Jordan and Jessica Valentine. I don’t think the girls did anything together they are all seperate scenes with each of the girls.

FTV Girls Marilyn


Ftv Girls Marilyn

I love when FTV Girls gets a nice amateur busty girl on their site. They have had so many over the years and this girl Marilyn is a great addition. In this gallery for their site you can see a variety of Marilyns nude pictures I tried to pick my favorites out of all the scenes she did. Then I have a video that showcases all of the different masturbation videos that she did.

FTV Girls Melina


FTV Girl Melina

This is just one cute ass girl right here her name is Melina and she is from FTV Girls. I am actually dropping the ball on this one I feel because her update has been up for a while but I have just kept forgetting to post her. You ask me how I could forget to post such a lovely young woman and I do not have a answer for that. Check out these awesome pictures and then the video of Melina masturbating its better late then never right?

FTV Girls Meilani


FTV Girls Meilani

This is our top post for today because I just know when you guys are really going to like a girl and I think Meilani is a girl you are really going to like. Meilani is from FTV Girls so she is just doing masturbation type stuff, but in one of the videos she does get fucked by a boyfriend but its with a dildo. This girl is very exotic looking I am not even going to guess what she is but I know she is in fact very hot and she has natural big tits.

FTV Girls Jasmine


Ftv Girls Jasmine

This beautiful babe is Jasmine she comes to us today from FTV Girls. In this gallery she is in some sexy black lingerie striping down for us. Jasmine was at a resort for this scene for FTV Girls and security kept coming by to catch a peak of Jasmine naked. The photographer filmed some of their investigations its pretty funny stuff.

FTV Girls Courtney


FTV Girls Courtney

Here is the new girl from FTV Girls her name is Courtney and as you can see she has a nice little plump ass for us. In this gallery I have it all, at least one picture from ever photoshoot she did and then a video that shows you most but not all of the masturbation videos she did.

FTV Girls Tessa


FTV Girls Tessa

Here is a beautiful girl I found over at FTV Girls because well I check them every week like clock to see the new girl they come out with. This weeks update is a very beautiful babe as you can see here she has a sexy face and a perect body with big natural tits as well. Her name is Tessa and I have a new teaser video from FTV for you guys as well as pictures of just one scene though.

Sara and Rilee


Rilee and Sara

I just had to post another gallery of this update from FTV Girls of Sara and Rilee. Rilee has been on FTV Girls before with just by herself but she was so kind to come back and bring her super cute friend Sara. They have never done any lesbian stuff together until now. They eat each other out and even toy each other it super hot and both girls have real orgasms.

FTV Sara and Rilee


Ftv Girls Rilee and Sara

I feel like it was only yesterday we had Rilee on here, but she comes back to us so soon for another awesome update for FTV Girls. This time Rilee brought her friend Sara to a shoot with her where they made lesbian love multiple. They give each other orgasms in like four videos that is in the members area. I have a video attached to this gallery that gives you a look at everything you can see inside FTV Girls members area.

FTV Girls Julia


Ftv Girls Julia

This is FTV Girls new babe her name is Julia. She has some nice big enhance tits and a killer body on her. I gathered some images from a couple of the varies picture sets that Julia did on FTV Girls. I also included a video that gives you a idea of the 6 different videos that she has on the site. FTV Girls has the best masturbation video on the Internet they always make the girls masturbate until they have a real orgasm no substitutions.

FTV Girls Rilee


Ftv Girls Rilee

This girl is just too damn cute is she not! She comes to us today from the best solo / masturbation site I have ever been a member of FTV Girls. In this gallery you get to see a couple of different pictures from her different photo shoots she did. The hottest one though was a video where she rides FTV Girls 10 inch dildo you will see some of it in the video I posted on this gallery.

FTV Girls Alanna


Ftv Girls Alanna

Here is a nice Halloween sexy costume update from FTV Girls. They actually have their model doing some nude flashing and stuff in public in her halloween costume so its a little extra sexy. In this gallery I also have a video that shows clips of her various masturbation movies that she did with FTV Girls.

FTV Girls Amelia


Ftv Girls Amelia

This is Amelia from FTV Girls she is damn cute is she not? This is the brand new update for those of us who follow FTV Girls like its a religion. FTV is definitely best in its league nobody comes close to their awesome videos that always have their girls having real orgasms. If you want to see Amelia having a screaming orgasm then just check out the FTV Girls members area and you will find it there.

FTV Girls Holly


Ftv Girls Holly

Wow, this girl on the cuteness scale is off the charts is she not! FTV Girls always find just great models. Her name is Holly and she is a tiny girls with nice full tights and the best little tight pussy you can find. I have some pictures that are in sequence and then a nice video that shows you all the different masturbation scenes she did with FTV Girls.

FTV Girls Audrey


Ftv Girls Audrey

This beautiful teen is Audrey she is from FTV Girls she is sitting outside with no panties on flashing her tits and that sweet pussy of hers. If you want to see Audrey videos then your going to have to go check out FTV Girls main site sorry I will try to get one of her tomorrow.

FTV Girls Victoria


Ftv Girls Victoria

This beautiful girl is Victoria and of course she comes from FTV Girls there is nobody else that gets girls like this to ride 12 inch dildos. I got a little picture set with this gallery and then you can check out a larger gallery of my favorite pictures from Victoria’s update.

FTV Girls Brianne


Ftv Girls Brianne

This is FTV Girls new girl her name is Brianne and she has quite a nice pussy as you can see from this picture I posted. I have included a video that showcases all of her videos that she did for FTV Girls during her two day porno shoot trip. FTV Girls quality is not beaten anywhere on the Internet so stop looking around and just get inside their members area.

FTV Girls Morgan


FTV Girls Morgan

Morgan get setup to do a masturbation scene on the FTV Girls chair and starts fucking herself. The little vibrator she is using just isn’t enough so she has her boyfriend who is on stage bring out a big soft dildo to fuck her with. She bends over and he gives that tight teen pussy hell for a good 5 minutes until she cums.

FTV Girls Taylor


FTV Girls Taylor

Holy hell, this girl is hot. She’s yet another one of the amazing discoveries of FTV Girls, and her name is Taylor. Like every other girl on FTVGirls, she’s completely natural, and they don’t even Photoshop the pictures like they have to on some other sites. She’s a lot like some of the other girls, in that she loves getting naked out in public, but admittedly not every FTV girl has tits this huge. She looks great topless in jeans!

FTV Girls Denise


FTV Girls Denise

This is FTV Denise she is sticking a water hose up her pussy I shit you not. Its like a fake squirt but kind of sexy in a weird way. FTV Girls always has some great video so thats why I attached this video the goes over all the videos that Denise did for FTV Girls.

FTV Girls Claire


Ftv Girls Claire

This is Claire she is a the new update for this week on FTV Girls. She has a nice looking pussy as you can see from this awesome public upskirt pussy shot. This is a pretty softcore gallery I just have her flashing her tits and pussy in public. The video is a way better of course it has her masturbating, and gives you a taste of all the videos FTV Girls has of her.

FTV Girls Brigitte


Ftv Girls Brigitte

This is Brigitte from FTV Girls she has a nice round ass on her isn’t it great. In this picture set from FTV Girls I just got a bunch of different pictures from a couple of the different galleries FTV Girls had of her. I have a couple of masturbation stuff and some great ass shots so check her out.

FTV Girls Julie


Ftv Girls Julie

This beautiful vixen with the big tits is named Julie she comes to us today from FTV Girls the best masturbation girl site you will ever find. I am a teaser video of you guys that shows all the different videos that Julie was in for her update. This is a kind of a bigger girl so if you don’t like thick checks then I suggest you check out one of our other galleries that we updated today!

FTV Girls Suzanna


Ftv Girls Suzanna

I got the new FTV Girl here her name is Suzanna. They did a little beach picture set that I thought was pretty good so I am here posting it. I attached a video on here for you guys to check out as well. FTV Girls has great female masturbation videos so if you like that I would suggest you check them out. They always make the girl masturbate to a real orgasm no longer how long it takes. I think if the girl doesn’t achieve a orgasm they don’t even update with the girl they consider it worthless.

FTV Girls Liz


Ftv Girls Liz

Here is a nice piece of ass for you guys it comes to us today from FTV Girls of course our favorite babe porn site here! In this gallery I didn’t get a lot of nudity because well I like her in this sexy little dress pulling it up showing pussy every once in a while and of course showing that tight teen ass of hers!

FTV Girls Taylor


Ftv Girls Taylor

This is Taylor from FTV Girls website. She has some amazing big natural tits that you can see in this picture right here. I do not have any video of her yet, but if you wanted to see one just follow the links on the gallery and you will find it there. This gallery of FTV Taylor is like a sample of all the picture sets that she took from FTV Girls.

FTVGirls Nicole


FTVGirls Nicole

This gallery isn’t put together out of one photoset, it’s a collection of pictures of one of FTV’s newest girls, Nicole. She immediately stood out to me because she has a nicely pierced pussy to go with her big tits and sexy smile. The thing that’s hottest about her isn’t the fact that she’s cute, it’s the fact that she’s one of the wildest FTV Girls yet! Check out what she does with that banana.

FTV Girls Alliyah


Ftv Girls Alliyah

This is Alliyah Love for those of you that recognize her. She has her own site but like a lot of girls had to show up on FTV Girls just because of their amazing photo’s and videos they take. The girl just like to be on FTV Girls because of how pretty they look in their update and Alliyah love is no different she looks amazing in her videos and pictures check it out for yourself.

FTVGirls Mai


FTVGirls Mai

Another day, another sexy teen getting naked for the first time online posing for FTVGirls. Seriously, the crew that runs that site is probably the best there is when it comes to finding girls who want to get naked in extremely daring situations. They’re unparalleled when it comes to getting women to show off their tits, ass, and pussy anywhere, even on crowded streets. And don’t even get me started on just what they can get those girls to do to their pussies!

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