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Dominika Femjoy


Dominika in bed

This girl is a wild one in bed. She doesn’t seem to understand that sometimes beds are for sleeping. No, for her it’s all about fucking all of the time. Not that we mind, especially when we’re there with our cameras to capture every slutty little detail this hot piece of ass shows us.

Nina Natural Tits


Serving the meeting

Nina made her rounds during the board meeting, making sure everyone had coffee and pastry. But her boss wanted a little more from her and called her over when the others had cleared out. Soon she was down to just her pretty little panties and begging to do whatever he wanted.

Femjoy Angela


Angela in panties

Angela gave us a call and said she had acquired some nice new black panties and that she really wanted to show them to someone. We thought it was safer if she showed us instead of some strange guy off the street. We like to be an asset to the community by doing stuff like that.

Ashley Femjoy


Ashley’s all natural

This girl has some really nice all natural breasts and they are the focus of this gallery. She’s also got a cute, naughty smile that makes you think she’d just do unspeakably erotic things to you if you could catch her backstage during a break in the shooting. Check her out.



A goddess in the nude

Anabelle is a joy to have in front of the camera. She works hard to make herself look good and if you check out her gallery I’m sure you’ll agree she’s a treat. She’s got great breasts and an ass that begs for attention, plus a tight, tempting little snatch that you can’t ignore.

Hayden Femjoy


Hayden’s body

Hayden is cute and innocent looking but don’t be fooled, she’s looking for a master cocksman to teach her how to ride and be ridden. She’s got a perfect little ass that she’ll raise up into the air when she’s ready for you to stick it in, and if you want to give it a slap or two that’s okay!

Femjoy Corinna


Woodland beauty

Just look at Corinna’s sweet petite body begging to be fucked. She’s got an impish grin on her face because she knows exactly what she’s doing to us when she takes off her clothes and dances around. This little wood nymph has been naughty and she needs a good hard spanking.

Garden Nudes


Olena the wood nymph

This petite little forest nymph was caught playing on her favorite tree. We got her to promise to pose in every position for us completely naked and she didn’t disappoint. Her smooth curvy ass makes for a lovely sight, as do her perky little tits. She’s a dream come true.

Ariel Fly With Me


Gorgeous Ariel

Ariel’s what every man thinks of when he fantasizes about the perfect redhead. Silky molten-colored hair, smoking hot curves and a fine set of tits make her a joy to behold, and in this gallery she poses with a long silky sheet that you just want to lay her down on when you fuck her.



Nicolette nude

Nicolette’s hot young body is on display in this gallery and it’s a sight to see. She’s got perfect breasts and a tight little ass that you just want to smack when you see it. She looks so cute in the middle of the woods, like a petite little dryad. Luring her into bed is every man’s dream.

Femjoy Tatiana


Cute Tatiana

Tatiana’s a petite little thing with sexy blonde hair and soft curves. She likes to show off for the camera while touching her pert breasts and exploring her wet pussy. Masturbation brings a smile to her face and she flexible enough to do it from all angles and directions.



Wood nymph hottie.

This girl has lovely tanned and small perky breasts that make her look like a sexy forest faerie frolicking through the trees. She needs a man to be her big wolf and teach her that the forest is fraught with hard cock that will eagerly penetrate her beautiful tight holes.

Femjoy Madeline


FEMJOY Madeline

If it’s one thing FEMJOY is great at, it’s finding the beauty in every babe. Even the boney girls get to look fucking hot when FEMJOY gets ahold of them and shows them the way. Take MAdeline for example, she might look like a little petite nothing with clothes on, but nude she’s hot as hell and has a great ass.

Sea of Love



This hot babe is clearly ready for some beachfront property to come here way, and by beachfront property, I mean a nice big cock to come pummel straight into her twat. Just look at her showing it off and arching her back, you know she wants it.

Konstanca Nude


Konstanca's Body

FEMJOY is pretty particular about what kind of girls they’ll use, if that wasn’t apparent to you guys yet. So you if you like them petite like Konstanca here, and you like them real fucking hot with hard nipples and willing to show off anything for you, check out FEMJOY.

Femjoys Beatrix


Firey Red Head

This gorgeous red head will make you wonder why they say blondes have more fun as she bares all to show you that red heads are wild, sexy, and free. Not to mention tigers in the beg. Oh yes, my friends, a babe like FEMJOY’s Beatrix isn’t just a beauty to behold, she’ll leave you breathless in other ways too.



Natural looking babe

There is nothing nicer than the sight of a natural looking beauty like this brunette babe, smiling and posing in the nude outside in the lovely fresh open air. It makes you want to become a naturalist doesn’t it? Or whatever they call those people who never wear clothes!

Satin Bartends


Bartender Satin

Just why is Satin the perfect bartender? This one is easy, guys. Not only will she serve up your drinks with a flirty look, but after the bar winds down into the wee hours of the morning, the real fun starts after all those drinks you bought for her kick in and she strips on down and shows off her hot body.

Ramona Femjoy



Amidst all of the horny sluts and hardcore gallries, sometimes I like a little of the soft stuff, and for the best softcore pictures I go to FEMJOY. They always have beautiful girls that are completely nude and always showing off their flexibility and leaving it all up to you and your imagination.

Katalin Femjoy


FEMJOY Katalin

I’m really not sure what’s going on with this weird curly mullet on Katalin but damn she’s got some nice poise, I mean, nice set of big tits. She’s also got a very nicely trimmed pussy that’s hairless where it counts the most. Ahh, Femjoy, you never fail to satisfy when it comes to babes with perfect bodies.

Lizzie Femjoy



Lizzie really is quite spritely in this gallery of her posing nude in a forest. Seeing her lithe body and nice big tits curve about as she stretches in the forestry just makes me think of a little faye or a nymph. I bet the guys at Femjoy had a lot of fun shooting this busty girl.

Femjoy Lia Nudes



It’s almost funny that they refer to these shots of Lisa as classic, but you know, it’s more fitting than anything. The way she’s posing around that column just does wonders to point out her amazing posture and the straightness of that phallic symbol accentuates all of her wonderful curves, like those big tits.

Femjoy Simona



Simona sure doesn’t look too happy to have her vacation on the love boat interrupted but she poses and shows off her petite body for us anyway, right down to her trimmed pussy. This is the kind of girl that loves her time off and loves attention even more. What a sexy little slut she must be.

Irena Femjoy


Femjoy Irena

It’s a lovely day out for Irena and she intends on fully enjoying it, completely nude. So to shield her delicate skin from the sometimes abraisive sun, she brings out a cute little parasol and rides her beach bike down a quiet and heavily forested path. Oh to spend a day like that with her.

Femjoy Corinna


Femjoy Corinna

Ah, Femjoy, always bringing the all natural beautiful girls to us in gorgeous scenes. Corinna here is hopefully going to be sticking around becaus she’s got some great tits with interesting tan lines and a really great body that just leaves you wanting to let your hands explore all over.

Femjoy Susann



Tired of the same old photos of the same girls? Maybe you should take a stop over at Femjoy’s site and check out their all natural, all nude, and completely beautiful girls in some heart stopping, tent raising galleries of moving pictorials that leave you browsing for more.

Femjoy Gina


Femjoy Gina

Looks like Femjoy is branching out from hot babes in beautiful scenes and into hot babes in normal scenes. I’m pretty okay with this because they’re still focusing on the important part. Sexy ass girls that are completely nude and showing off their big tits and round asses, much liek this girl Gina here.

Femjoy Anna


Anna Leah

When I see the name FEMJOY, I know I’m going to get to see an incredibly exotic gallery where a hot babe is showcased and revealing every inch of her sensual side. Anna Leah poses in a set called moonlight lady, and damn if she doesn’t do an amazing job of it.



Mitzie is looking a little minimalistic here in my opinion. She’s a beautiful girl but I think she would have benefited from a pair of stockings perhaps. I only say this because her legs are so long and so beautiful that even when stockings are on her you’ll still get a load of her thighs too.

Pink Panther


Whoa! Get a load of that shot where she’s bending over the couch! Thanks to this babe’s tiny little ass, you can see that sweet little pussy of hers just hanging down there slightly, waiting for a nice big hard cock to shoot up behind her and impale her on the end of it! Please let it be me.

Ariel Redhead



FEMJOY’s Ariel is definitely a favorite. On the thin side, this redheaded babe has an amazing quality about her that is hard to ignore. She’s got some nice big boobs, even for her size and her ass is absolutely phenomenal without even having to mention that tight pussy of hers that is perfectly shaped!

Lena Naked



FEMJOY’s Lena joins us in a nice walkway kind of area outside and poses very beautifully and flirts with us a little before she lifts that dress up and shows us her bushy pussy. After a little coaxing, she even takes the dress off and shows us that perfect ass and some nice perky tits. She really does have a great ass, too.

Kinga Femjoy



When I see the word FEMJOY, I know I’m going to find some expertly taken photos of hot babes in amazing or beautiful scenes that just bring out the perfection and sex appeal of the girl that is quite obviously the focus of the gallery. FEMJOY really has a certain way about them, and it definitely works.

Femjoy Eurfrat



Eufrat is really a beautiful girl and in this outdoor scene, she almost looks like she is underwater in a a very blue lake or something. It’s really something, to see a gorgeous body like hers brought out in all its wonder and perfection by a scene like that. FEMJOY is really raising the bar with this one.

Corinna Femjoy



Corinna started off just wanting another job to help pay for all her student loans while she’s focusing on classes, and ended up finding a great fit with FEMJOY. Corinna loves to show off her great body and her nice big tits. Especially her big tits. She always finds new ways to show them off.

Nude Sunbathing


Summer Ibiza

Glossy with body oil, Summer Ibiza is an exotic babe with great tits that while posing for FEMJOY, she makes it intensely interesting, showing off her flexibility, curves, and giving us that “I dare you to” sexy stare while she hangs out nude on a cabana in the tropics.

Simella Femjoy


FEMJOY Simella

When I read FEMJOY, I think of stunningly erotic babes with amazing bodies posing in great scenes that accentuate their wonderful curves. This gallery of Simella posing outside of her home is just sexy as hell. She has a great set of tits and a nice ass and does a great job showing herself off.

Femjoy Ariel


Femjoy's Ariel

Femjoy really does a great job of showcasing beautiful girls with great backdrops. This set is a much more simplistic comparatively against other sets of theirs, but they’re really good for not forgetting that the focus of their shots if hot babes. Hot babes like Ariel, who shows off her lovely body.

Perky Tits


Ramona in the Billiards Room

What a spunky and fresh looking girl! I don’t even care if Ramona doesn’t know how to play, she can become a permanent fixture on my pool table for all I care. The way she works those billiard balls really makes me curious how she works other things.

Sexy Babe


Bridge to a Hot Babe

You know that saying, don’t burn your bridges? Well those of you that may have previously stepped away from checking out the Delicious Babes girls should really look at coming back for this amazingly hot girl. She’s got a great set of tits and has great curves in all the right spots.




FEMJOY is synonymous with nude art in my own personal glossary, because they consistently feature pretty girls in breathtaking settings. I mean, nobody actually gives a shit about the setting because htey’re busy looking at the hot naked girl, but it’s still a nice touch. Amelie is waiting for the sunset in an extremely naked manner.




FEMJOY is the only nude art site that consistently features girls that I like looking at. I mean, yeah, Met-Art definitely has some hot girls, but they come and go, whereas FEMJOY’s models have been known to keep showing up for years after they debut on the site. You don’t have to worry about not getting to see enough of Kinga because she’s always going to be there.




Ksusha may or may not be a ballerina, but she certainly has the flexibility and the grace to be one. This FEMJOY gallery is entitled “Dancing Queen” for a reason, anyway. I cant’ say I’ve ever seen a ballerina that bends over quite as much as she does, nor have I ever seen one that has tits that nice, but hey, you take what you can get. I think she’s got a pretty nice pussy too, and not just for a dancer.




FEMJOY manages to walk the line between having images that are artistic and images that are pretentious quite well, and sometimes they manage to throw in interesting contrasts that you wouldn’t expect. For instance, in this gallery, Julia is out in a pasture with a bunch of sheep, while she has a completely shaved pussy! How ironic is it that the scenery is the fuzziest thing there? Don’t even get me started on the mountains as a metaphor for tits.




Sometimes I wish FEMJOY put the names of their models on the free pictures they let me post, but that would take some of the discovery out of visiting the members area. That’s one of the things I like, it’s so easy to browse and find girls that look like exactly what I want to see, be it blonge, brunette, redhead, big boobs, big ass, whatever I want and it’s all done in artistic photos and videos. This girl is practically inviting me to come “dock” with her, if you get my meaning.




If I had to pick one look that was my very favorite, I would have to say that it’s when a girl goes topless in jeans. I don’t know why I like that so much, but it’s really hot, especially when that girl has boobs as big as Ashley from FEMJOY. This isn’t the first time we’ve been lucky enough to see this look on her, and even though FEMJOY is a “pure nude” site, I don’t mind them stretching the term a little bit here.




This dirty little slut is practically begging to get fucked. Just look at her all natural body curving in the most appealing ways. Showing off her ass and pussy for us in several positions. The girl you think is just the girl next door is a naughty little whore. She offers her ass up to us very willingly, I know I would not let her down, and any girl that has those tiny little eraser nipples is a winner in my book.




FEMJOY has never been one to be overly presumptuous with their gallery titles, so when they call one “Body Perfect”, you can pretty well assume that you’re going to be seeing some top shelf nudity. Kinga is one of their feature models, and much like their other girls, she has a really amazing body. Nice big tits that look quite firm, an ass that’s small and tight, and it’s all on display from the very first picture.




One of the things that always strikes me as interesting about FEMJOY’s sets is that they all have unique names. Sure, they may not be names that are terribly meaningful or very contextual to the gallery, but they are memorable and that’s what matters. This set is called “Double Life”, and I can’t see anything that implies a double life, but I do see something that implies a fine pair of double Ds on this brunette babe.

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