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Naughty Nova


Nova GF Revenge

What a nice hour glass figure we have here wouldn’t you say! This girls name is Nova she is just a amateur chick in a sex tape she let her boyfriend film that we now all get to see because it’s on the Internet on a little site called GF Revenge. I really think this Nova girl is hot just by that hip to waist ratio I mean it looks pretty crazy from this angle, or it could just be that bubble butt.

Titties Out


Gf Revenge Titties Out

So this guy ended up submitted this sex tape to GF Revenge once his girlfriend was out partying with a guy coworker of hers. Riddle me this though… If my girlfriend is bringing friends into the bedroom for me to fuck like this video shows I am not breaking up with her over that. I am riding that shit out until she breaks up with me I think. This guys girlfriend has a nice juicy ass but so does her friend, it ends with him cumming in his girlfriends pussy I wonder if the friend eats it out or just leaves it, I will let you guys find out.

Camping Sex


Gf Revenge Camping Sex

You take your girlfriend camping and you’re doing the exact same thing that this guy is in this GF Revenge gallery. You’re setting up your tent and banging her as many times as you can, am I right or am I right? The scene starts with the girlfriend trying to put together the tent they just bought for there camping trip. Well the guy whips out the camera to film the hilarity of her trying to figure it out and works that into getting fucked in the empty tape and getting to film the whole thing.

Peek A Boob


Gf Revenge Peek A Boob

This is just a innocent GF Revenge scene that started off as a peek a boob. The guy talked his girlfriend into giving him a little titty for his eyes and his eyes only. That turned into her bent over the bed and him filing them fucking doggystyle. This is one of those couples that practices the pull and prey method but with a little twist. When he is about to cum he lets her know and she flims around so he cam cum on her chest / face and then she sucks him off a little more and gives his dick a couple of tugs.

Double Up


Double Take GF Revenge

This is the new GF Revenge update and it’s one of those threesome where the girl invites her friend in to a threesome. I watched the full video all the way through and the guy ends up giving the redhead a creampie but I am thinking that his actual girlfriend is the girl getting her pussy eaten in the video. I am not sure though so you guys will have to verify that for yourselves. That would be pretty fucked up though if he did because when you are having a threesome with a girlfriend her her friend its standard practice to cum in your girlfriends pussy I think, proper edicate I do believe.

GF Revenge episode Suck On This


GF Revenge suck on this

Guys aren’t the only ones who get super horny ya know…take this cute pierced amateur chick, for instance! She had the great idea of getting naked and fucking her boyfriend on camera and sending it in to GF Revenge so the whole internet can watch and enjoy! She’s got an incredible ass, by the way…I can’t blame the guy for flipping her over and railing her from behind.

Bikini Model Fucked


GF Revenge Bikini Model

This is a scene from GF Revenge where a girl is trying out a skimpy ass bikini for her boyfriend telling him she is going to wear it to the beach. The boyfriend isn’t really having her wearing it outside but man did it turn him on. She he whipped out the video camera and fucked that perfect tight pussy that he owns. The guy doesn’t have the biggest dick, actually its down right small but when a girl has a small pussy like this chick it really just doesn’t matter

Check This Out


GF Revenge Check This Out

In this episode from GF Revenge called Check This Out this chick is getting pissed out her boyfriend because he is fucking with her while she is getting ready. Some how some way he weasels his way into getting his dick sucked which turns into him pounding that pussy. GF Revenge is the place to find some really hot amateur porn like this video so make sure to take the tour of their side after you watch this full video. You have to watch it all the way through because its worth every second of your time!

Naughty Girls


GF Revenge Naughty Girls

I am not saying this is how this guy played it but listen to me for a second. So this guys girlfriend is the strawberry blonde chick right. So I am thinking that she is definitely not as hot as her best friend so what if this is what went down. This guy wanted to fuck his currents girlfriends friend right. He knew that they have lesbian sex all the time so he starts hooking up with the uglier of too thinking that once they become serious boyfriend girlfriend she will let him in on the action. That could have happened or not but this guy did end up fucking both and now you get to see the video on GF Revenge your ultimate source for homemade porn!

Smile For Me


Gf Revenge Smile For Me

I have a lot of amateur galleries for you guys to enjoy today but none better then this one from GF Revenge a scene they call Smile For Me. The girl in this one is very cute she has a petite body and all but I really just like how compact she is when she is being fucked missionary like this. I don’t really know how else to explain it but basically I think this picture right here is like exceptionally hot and this is just how she has sex on the regular.

Blow Cock


Blow Cock GF Revenge

I know it’s like a new trend and everything to wear those emo glasses but this girl should really just ditch that fashion statement because she looks so much better without them. This cute little petite 18 year old let her boyfriend film them having sex and her giving him head which you can now see on GF Revenge under the tittle Blow Cock. The guy didn’t really say what happened to the relationship but I think it’s safe to say that things didn’t go well.

Flash Photo


GF Revenge Flash Photo

If I slid a girls panties aside and saw that pussy I would definitely want to fuck it as well. The funny thing is this pussy doesn’t even belong to this guy it’s a friend of his girlfriend. So you are probably thinking this is like a cheating sex tape or something but that is not the case. This guys girlfriend is standing in the room and egging him on! The couple ends up getting the friend to join in on a threesome and it’s too hot for words so just watch the video already and then check out GF Revenge for more hot ex girlfriend porn.

Golden Goodies


Gf Revenge Golden Goodies

This is a GF Revenge episode and it’s not one of those updates where you just get to see a hot girl getting naked for her boyfriend. In this one you get to see this beautiful girl fucking her boyfriend in the car after he starts playing with her pussy on the beach. You just have to touch a girl right and her pussy will tell her that she needs a dick in it, and that’s exactly what this guy did pushing all the right buttons.

Pinch A Pussy


Pinch A Pussy

I really wanted to have the preview picture for this GF Revenge gallery be picture 16 in this gallery because you get to see cum dripping out of her pussy. I know a lot of people would like that creampie picture but I think this one is hotter. It shows how cute she is and her tan lines as well. Plus she looks really good riding this cock and I love that she was so horny she didn’t even take off her panties she just slid them to the side.

Worlds Best Ass


Worlds Best Ass GF Revenge

I think I have finally found the worlds best ass and it belongs to a girl we will never know the name of! It’s just part of a series of pictures that GF Revenge bought. I mean look at that beautiful booty I love that she has the g-string tan lines as well. I am not sure if this is the same chick in everyone of the pictures or not because she hides her face in all of them.

Spread For Me


GF Revenge Spread For Me

In order for this guys to get balls deep is his girlfriends pussy he has to tell her to spread those legs nice and wide for him because she just is such a tiny girl. The video was submitted to GF Revenge who approved the purchase of the tape because well it’s freaking awesome! Seeing two amateurs like this fucking is so hot there is just no other way to explain it. If you like this type of porn then go on over to GF Revenge and check out everything they have to offer, it’s like one stop shopping for this type of porn.

Double Take


Gf Revenge Double Take

I am not opposed to girls not showing their face in scene from these submitted sites as long as they’re like these two check from this GF Revenge scene called Double Take. I mean you have to have a banging body to show no face as well as not fucking and sucking you know what I am saying! These girls pulled it off though submitting their pictures to GF Revenge and getting paid some serious cash.

Free Ride


Free Ride GF Revenge

So this gallery is really really good, it’s from GF Revenge and the name of the episode is Free Ride. This girl and her boyfriend are riding the train with random guy just standing around and she is bouncing her perfect round ass off the hand hold it’s so hot I couldn’t even believe it. If you just think you are going to see this girls ass bouncing you are wrong the camera records them fucking in a stairwell in one of the hottest amateur sex scenes I have ever seen in my life.

Kissy Lips


GF Revenge Kissy Lips

How would you like to have this hot blonde riding you! Well if you think that would be amazing you have to check out those lips of hers because they are nice and plump perfect for a awesome blowjob. This scene is from GF Revenge and they call it Kissy Lips because well I already mentioned it. This girl and her boyfriend filmed themselves fucking a lot and liked to watch it as they well fuck surprise surprise.

Beauty Booty


Gf Revenge Beauty Booty

This girl is really hot to me because she is that girl next door that you see everyday on the street that you just wouldn’t expect to be such a freak. This girl did a little video for her boyfriend so he could store it in his spank bank for when he wasn’t around. I guess he wasn’t around a lot because according to the guy who submitted this scene to GF Revenge she cheated on him.

Kiss This


gf revenge kiss this

This is a nice little gallery of two freaky friends who like to share a dick together and eat each other out. These girls are passed out on the same bed after a night of drinking and a guy who is the boyfriend of the white girl comes in with a camera to fuck her next to her friend. Well that in itself is a GF Revenge scene but this is even better then that! Because the petite white girl gets her black friend to join in on the fun and her boyfriend actually gives her a creampie and then his girlfriend eats it out!

Fuck Friends


Fuck Friends GF Revenge

This is a scene from GF Revenge called Fuck Friends because these girls like to fuck together. We don’t get to see any of that in this gallery we just get to see them trying on different really skimpy bikini’s. I mean let’s be honest here this girl I have pictured here is a perfect 10, her friend is well not. Her friends also has a nice ass though and having a threesome with these girls would be like the best day ever that’s a fact.

Sexy Sohley


Sexy Sohley GF Revenge

I am not sure which one of these girls name is Sohley but it’s either the girl eating the pussy right now or the girl about to suck the dick. Either way the one who’s name is Sohley let her boyfriend film his first threesome and now he sold that tape to GF Revenge. You have to have a pretty cool friend to be like okay I will fuck your boyfriend with you that sounds like fun. I guess every girl kind of has a fantasy of having a threesome with another girl though right?

Sugar Lips


GF Revenge Sugar Lips

Since I posted a gallery from GF Revenge where the girl doesn’t show her face I thought I would share with you a gallery from them where the girl does. Actually, most of the chick on GF Revenge show their face but that’s because the guys usually submit the sex tapes and make money off them once they break up. This girls nickname is Sugar Lips and you can tell why that’s her nickname once you see her sucking on a cock.

Mystery Babe


GF Revenge Mystery Babe

I hate it and love it at the sometime when GF Revenge puts out these “mystery babe” galleries. The girls just hide their face so you never get to see it but it also guarantee that you will get super hot chicks submitting pictures of their nude body to their site. The girls will make money for their nude pictures and nobody will ever know it was them. Well, if I knew this girl in real life I don’t think I would ever forget that ass so she might have a problem but other girl wouldn’t I think!

Peaches GF Revenge


Peaches Sex Tape

I have a real amateur sex tape for you guys today from GF Revenge. I actually know the girls name too it’s Peaches, I only know that because the images where named that when I downloaded them. This girl isn’t the hottest chick in the book but I love the fuck art on her back, and she does ride a good cock. There is just something about amateur porn that lets me get over when a girl isn’t like super hot, I don’t know how else to explain it.

Boyfriends Nude Pics


Gorgeous Blonde GF Revenge

This is what happens when you let your boyfriend take nude pictures of you girls. You end up on GF Revenge like this hot blonde right here. He took a lot of pictures of her naked and some downblouse shots as well. She is just super hot and I bet she is pretty pissed that everyone in the free world is now enjoying those big titties of hers.

Oh My


GF Revenge Oh My

How this girl isn’t my number one gallery for the day I have no idea because she seriously has one of the best asses I have ever seen. You get some great ass shots as well and camel toe pictures from this nameless babe. She got paid by GF Revenge for these pictures even though she never shows her face because with a body like that you can make money by not showing your face. You never know her face might actually ruin it you know? Anyways check this babe out you guys are going to love dat ass!

Yellow Panties


Yellow Panties GF Revenge

GF Revenge came out with a couple updates of really hot girls who submitted pictures to their sites in hopes of getting paid for them but they didn’t include their face. Well as it happens you can make some money just showing off your body if it’s as hot as this girl right here in the Yellow Panties. She has a awesome ass and nice big fake tits, I know the guys who have fucked this girl before know its her just from her awesome body, because something like this you never forget!

Sexy Spread


Sexy Spread GF Revenge

This is a nice plump ass for you guys its on GF Revenge and she is a total amateur who got suckered into having sex on camera. I mean she probably thought her boyfriend was just going to masturbate to it, not sell it to GF Revenge. The name of the scene is Sexy Spread and that’s because when he is fucking her she practically does the splits so she can get his full dick in that tight pussy of hers.

Gamer Girls


Gf Revenge Gamer Girls

They aren’t they hottest two chicks you will ever find but one is a natural redhead and its a amateur home made sex tape so that’s cool too. This tape was submitted by this lucky fucker who gets to have his first threesome and film it too! The site you can see the full video on is GF Revenge and it’s worth it so head on over there and join up because they have all sorts of awesome porno for you amateur lovers to check out.

Team Of Titties


Team of Titties GF Revenge

This is a the new scene from GF Revenge its called Team Of Titties because a team of girl flashes their tis and pussy on a busy and then these two girls take it back to a van where they have lesbian sex. The girl getting her pussy eaten in this picture right here is by far my favorite I love that pretty face of hers and her sexy perky tits don’t you?

Busty Cook


Busty Redhead GF Revenge

This is a hot busty redhead that is cooking some pizza in the morning after a long night of drinking I suspect. The boyfriend has the video camera just trying to capture the hotness of his girl cooking topless for him. Well one thing leads to another and she ends up on the counter masturbating for him and letting him film the whole thing! I suspect they are now broken up because the guy submitted the tape to GF Revenge for a little extra cash and now you can see it in their members area its called Home Cooked.

Slutty Redhead Fucks


Bathroom Fuck

This boyfriend that this redhead is fucking could be her only boyfriend she has ever had, the only man she has ever fucked! But what makes this cutie a slut is that she did it in a gas station bathroom! That’s some dirty shit right there isn’t it? I would be super stoked if my girl wanted to do that but still she is a dirty dirty girl. This scene is now up on GF Revenge and its probably up there because this chick cheated on the boyfriend you see in this film so he is getting back at her by posting this everywhere! You have to love some good old fashion revenge, it’s a dish best served cold I hear.

Get Her Groomed


Gf Revenge Get her Groomed

Two best friends take a bath together and drinks some brew dogs while they do it. The boyfriend is filming them and tells his girlfriends film to shave her pussy because he wants to fuck her. Well the friend does just that and the boyfriend whips out his cock and brings the ruckus to his girlfriend in a really hot scene that is now on GF Revenge because guess what this couple broke up and he got to keep the tape!

Ramming Renae


Gf Revenge Ramming Renae

I mean wow, this is really why I love amateur porno sites like GF Revenge! You get really hot chicks like this girl who wouldn’t normally become a pornstar fucking on tape that we get to see! This girl must have cheated and the guy fucking her in this film or something that’s the only way I see him releasing this tape. It could be those that Renae was in some need of rent money and sold the tape to GF Revenge either way I am happy I got to see it.

Meat and Greet Shyla


Big Tit Goth Girl on GFRevenge

Probably my 2 favorite things about GF Revenge are displayed in this awesome tube video and gallery. No, not Shyla’s left and right tit… my god you guys are perverted. I was talking about the variety of girls you see in their members area. One week the winner is a cloned out fake and baked blonde with fresh tits and installed. The next is this lovely curvy goth goddess named Shyla just sucking and fucking her man. Good Game GFRevenge.

Pom Pom Pussy


GF Revenge Pom Pom Pussy

Guy videos his girl getting ready for Cheerleader practice and his persistence begging for pussy pays off as she sucks and fucks him before she heads out. The whole time wearing her chearleader outfit. I don’t know if this is his exgf or if they just submitted it for the chance at the money on GFRevenge, but it’s a winner for sure.


Four Girls in a Tub


GF Revenge With Four Lesbians

Ok, raise your hand if you ever had a girlfriend who would think of letting you video her with 3 other chicks in the bath tub!… ya, me either. I dunno how the fuck these guys get their girls to agree to this shit, but they need to write a book and I need to buy it. Congrats to you fella on both getting a female foursome going, but also for winning this week on GFRevenge. Check out the members area to see her get fucked, as a bonus…. what an asshole.

Revenge On GF Casi



What to do during the half time breaks during football games? Casi‘s boyfriend had a good idea, how about he fingers his girl, talks her into giving him head, then fucks her all on his new camera. Blows his load and is back in time for the 3rd quarter. Hops on the ol’ PC and uploads it to GFRevenge so we have something to do during the breaks too. Good on ya man.

Locker Threesome


GF Revenge Locker Room Threesome

This is a gallery from GF Revenge and it features this how ass babe with a perfect round ass. She isn’t a pornstar so she doesn’t really have a name. Her friend gets involved in a little threesome the filmed at their college, the friend doesn’t take on any dick I just assume she wanted to see this huge cock that her friend has been bragging about.

Surprise Visit


Surprise Visit

This is a gallery from GF Revenge and its called Surprise Visit because one of these girls boyfriend comes over to their apartment and well things get a little freaky as you will see. I bet the one girl knows her roommate is a freak thats why she just whips out her boyfriends cock and starts sucking it. At first she just watches but sooner or later he is fucking her and actually ends up cumming all over her nice little ass.

Naughty Naomi


Naughty Naomi

This is a nice little GF Revenge scene for you guys featuring some interracial sex we don’t get enough of that around here. The name of the scene is Naughty Naomi and as you can see you can’t get any naughtier then her. This gallery is really good and the girl has a great body I hope you enjoy.

Brunette Hardcore


The hottest gallery

Three words we all love to hear in this industry in this one: revenge, brunette, and hardcore. These three words come together to make the kind of thing that we all dream about but are reluctant to admit to dreaming about. I’m here to tell you it’s okay to spank to this gallery.

Hot and Steamy


Hot and Steamy

I have no idea how this sex scene came about but it was submitted to GF Revenge and I kind of like it. I think its just three slutty chicks who get a little horny while in the hot tub so the fuck the same guy. This is one lucky dude because we all dream of a threesome but this guy gets a foursome its almost to much to handle.

Morning Fuck


Gf Revenge Morning Sex

This guy goes into his bedroom and wakes up his sleeping girlfriend who is only wearing her bra and a tiny little g-string thong. I have a feeling these two went out last night and she is a little hung over. I mean what are you going to do though, you know us guys always wake up with morning wood so he wakes her up to take care of it. I don’t know why he would ever get rid of a girl who is willing to fuck as soon as she wakes up but obviously he did or he wouldn’t have submitted this tape to GF Revenge.

Fit as Fuck


Fit As Fuck

This girl Brittany from GF Revenge is fit as fuck, and man does she like a big cock inside of her. This is a amateur gallery of her having sex with her boyfriend (at the time) and there is also a little strip video of her as well. The guy who used to fuck her got a little angry when she cheated on him so he sold the tape to GF Revenge and now we get to enjoy this homemade sex tape!

Private View


Gf Revenge Private View

I love a nice round Asian ass I don’t know about you guys but we get just that from this GF Revenge scene called Private View. I like that she is wearing some white stockings too, its contrasts good against her golden brown skin. This girl surprises her boyfriend with a some lingerie, and gets to fuck her while filming it all what a lucky ass guy!

Peep Show


Gfrevenge Peep Show

This is a GF Revenge gallery of a episode they call Peep Show. I don’t know what the girl is doing out in the garage maybe cleaning it up but the guy in her life basically gets her to start sucking his dick. When that is not enough he takes her in the garage and fucks her silly. What I really like about this gallery is this girls tan lines they are awesome and just really do it for me.

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