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Lori on net video girls

Now this is what I’m talking about…say hello to Lori, a gorgeous amateur who has dreams in her head of scoring a sweet dancing job for a hiphop music video but since this is Net Video Girls you know the job is just a sham and it’s all about talking the chick out of her clothes and onto this guy’s big cock! It’s easy to get distracted by Lori’s eyes though as she starts flashing those round perky titties, but the best is yet to come! After giving a great blowjob she gets completely nude, showing off her perfect round ass as she shakes her booty around a little! Since she’s already naked she figures she might as well get her pussy pounded and this guy is more than happy to provide it! I mean who wouldn’t want to fuck this beautiful brunette until she cums all over your cock and you cum all over her face! She takes a big facial at the end of this episode and from what I understand she’ll be back for more very soon so keep your eyes peeled and your pants unbuckled.

Au Paradis


X art au paradis

What’s your idea of paradise? Well if it’s hanging out on a comfy bed with one of the most beautiful women in the world as she gets naked and rolls around smiling and laughing and showing off an incredible nude body, this X Art update featuring the gorgeous Mila K will be like a dream cum true for you! I guess no matter what your idea of paradise is, this is a hell of a beautiful girl and she’s incredibly sexy so really the question was pretty irrelevant. Mila looks amazing in her sheer white panties and knee high stockings, looking up at you with those beautiful eyes of hers and biting her finger as she thinks about whatever it is beautiful women think about when they pull off their panties and play with themselves. Basically what it comes down to is that Mila is smokin hot and this update is called Au Paradis, so I hope you enjoy it.

Sweet Before Awakening


X art sweet before awakening

If you don’t recognize this blonde cutie named Kim it’s because she’s only been in a couple of X Art updates so far including the one I’m linking right here which was her introductory shoot. This girl’s got those incredible eyes and a fantastic body that any boy (or girl) would dream about, so it’s only fitting she’s on this site which has some of the hottest women in the world! In this update called Sweet Before Awakening she and Jake are just hanging out in bed talking about the girl they both have a crush on, gorgeous Keira who we’ve seen before on the site. They both want to get into bed with that hottie and just talking about it turns them on so much they just have to start fucking each others’ brains out right then and there! Hopefully soon Keira herself will show up and make this dream threesome cum true, but for now enjoy this beautiful girl taking care of Jake’s big hard cock.

Sexy Silhouette


Fantasy hd sierra nevadah

Blonde spinner newcomer Sierra Nevadah definitely has a sexy silhouette as she starts out this Fantasy HD update with a slow, sensual dance in front of the window…there isn’t much in the room to distract you from the view, the walls and furniture are a stark white (it must be a nightmare to keep that room clean!) and when Sierra is revealed she nearly matches the decor with her light blonde hair and fair skin! She gives this guy the striptease of his dreams, dancing for him and slowly starting to touch him here and there – first on the arm just brushing her fingertips over his skin, then a light hand on the leg, working her way up to his crotch where she sees his cock stirring in his pants! This girl is trying to make her way into the adult industry in a big way so she needs to show she’s got what it takes, and in this Fantasy HD hardcore scene she gives it her all! Sucking cock, showing that tight little ass, getting pounded doggystyle and missionary and even getting a piledriver on the floor, this horny little minx makes this guy’s day mighty special before he shoots his load all over her cute face. Sierra might not have the supermodel good looks that some of the other girls have, but she’s definitely got a sexy presence and definitely has spunk (besides the spunk that’s dripping down her chin)!

Sexy In The City


Xart sexy in the city

The one and only Caprice would be a head-turner anywhere in the world, so it’s only natural that she would head to a city filled to the brim with beautiful women…namely, Sao Paulo, Brazil! She and her man are out there for some relaxing and vacation-time but the X Art cameras came along to capture some of the action as they got Sexy In The City! In this hot hardcore scene Caprice was lounging on the bed stark naked playing on her phone when her man walked into the bedroom, and seeing that perfect ass in the air who wouldn’t get instantly turned on? Soon they were both in bed nude and Caprice was giving him a helkl of a blowjob, this girl really knows how to work a dick…she sucked and licked him up and down before sliding his cock into her pussy, riding him and throwing her head back in ecstasy as she got fucked to orgasm! This girl has basically a perfect tight body and she definitely puts it to good use in this hot scene as she gets her pussy pounded until the guy pulls his cock out and cums all over her.

Mandy Kay


Mandy Kay

Judging from the high quality of images in this photoshoot as well as the overwhelming fucking hotness of the model Mandy Kay, my keen detective senses tell me that this must be a Playboy set! Well, my senses coupled with the fact that the pictures have the Playboy logo on them, but it’s mostly the detective part right? Anyway Mandy is looking fine as hell as she takes off her white tanktop and black thong panties (probably the sexiest combination of clothing items in the world, incidentally) and shows off that big round ass and her perky little titties as she dances and poses on the floor, still wearing her high heels! That butt is just amazing, you get lost staring at it and almost don’t even notice how gorgeous her face is.

Sierra Nevadah


Povd sierra nevadahg

After a long hard day at work this guy got a special Welcome Home Surprise from his girl, the lovely blonde spinner Sierra Nevadah! She gave him a sexy striptease before crawling up on her hands and knees totally naked to give him a nice wet blowjob in the hallway in this hot POVD update, which we get to see in a first person perspective in ultra high definition so it sounds and looks like you’re right there in the room with your cock buried in this girl’s throat! Sierra gives a great suck job but this guy has his eyes on that sweet little pussy of hers, so soon she’s riding in his lap and taking that big hard cock deep in her hole…I don’t think I’ve even seen this girl do a scene before on any site so it’s nice to see a hot horny newcomer making her way into the industry, especially in a POV scene like this! Can’t wait to have her back for more on POVD and hopefully on plenty of other sites too.

Lauren Clare


Lauren Clare

Twistys presents this photoshoot of beautiful Lauren Clare, a sexy tight blonde with perky boobies and if you ask me an uncanny resemblance at times to mid-90’s era Jennifer Aniston! If that’s not already enough to make you want to check these pics out, let me just mention the fact that she’s stripping down completely naked and is running her hands all over her body, grabbing that tight butt and masturbating her sweet pink little pussy! A beautiful girl doing incredibly sexual things, what’s not to like about that am I right?

Give Me More


X art give me more part 2

So there’s a bit of a mix in this X Art update…the video clip is basically Lisa on her own masturbating and running her hands all over her spectacular nude body, and the photos are what happens next when her real-life boyfriend Max strolls into the room! We’ve seen this couple one other time already in a scene called Epic Love which I just linked there for you in case you missed it, and I’m certainly glad they decided to do another one because Lisa is a stunner and a half! She’s got nice bouncy boobies and a fantastic ass, and a kind of indefinable sensuality about her that a lot of girls are lacking if you ask me. The name of the update is Give Me More and that’s basically what you’ll be saying after you watch Lisa masturbating and then getting fucked in that sweet wet pussy of hers! This gorgeous dark haired Czech beauty is a fan of big muscles and big dick and her man Max fits the bill as she rides his meat until he shoots his load all over her pussy and stomach for a very hot finish to this sexy hardcore scene!

Alina Li


Alina Li

Alina Li is one of the most gorgeous pornstars in the industry right now but honestly I think she might have taken a break or something, I haven’t really seen her doing much work lately! Hopefully that changes but in the meantime at least we can enjoy sexy photoshoots like this one where Alina is in her sexy outfit on the couch, lifting up the hem of her little skirt to show off her thong panties and garter belt with those sheer thigh high stockings. This girl has a tight little spinner body with nice perky boobies and a fantastic ass, but really it’s that stunning face of hers that draws your attention in and keeps it there!



Allana Lake

Ever hear of the Lady in the Lake, who gave King Arthur the sword Excalibur? Well this chick Allana isn’t exactly distributing swords as a basis for a system of government but she is in a lake so that’s what made me think of it. It’s a beautiful summer day and Allana was feeling the heat so she figured she’d head down to the water and take a little naked dip! Since she’s completely fucking gorgeous I say that is a very fine idea indeed, especially because she took her photographer buddy down along with her for the adventure.

Feels Alone


Zishy terri belk

I guess this girl, cute blonde Terri Belk, was a little reluctant to do a photoshoot without any makeup on but I’m sure glad she ended up doing it after all because these shots of her getting ready for the day are hot as hell! Zishy is the perfect site to do a photoshoot like this, they excell at not only showing the hotness of a girl but also bringing her personality out and what better way to experience what Terri is all about than by taking some fairly candid pictures when she’s not ‘trying’ so to speak! The name of this update is Feels Alone Part 1 which I guess is talking about the fact that she just got comfortable and felt like she was just relaxing by herself instead of doing a photoshoot…it also implies there will be a part 2 and I can’t wait for that! Terri has an incredible butt and some nice boobs, you’ll just have to see for yourself but I know you’re gonna dig this one.

Jade Jantzen


Ccx jade jantzen

This 20 year old Texas chick named Jade Jantzen is just plain ready to get into porn! She strips down and shows some incredible breasts and a very nice round ass, spreading her cheeks on the Casting Couch X sofa…she’s got a bit of an exotic look to her and also has some freckles which look cute as hell on her! This chick is a pornstar in the making so it’s nice to see her just starting out…the porn industry can be pretty rough on some chicks but I think Jade has what it takes, I guess we’ll see! She gets fucked nice and hard, bending over to get drilled doggystyle and spreading those long smooth legs to get penetrated nice and deep, and then takes a facial that looks like some kind of wacky costume moustache made out of cum! I love seeing girls like this having some nice tanlines, because summer is here and that means we’ll be getting some nice scenes of Jade in a bikini…yum!

Josie Ann


Josie Ann

The name of this photoshot featuring Josie Ann from her own photoshoot is Golden Autumn so I realize the seasonal timing on this one is a little off but holy shit have you seen this girl’s butt? She’s got a sweater and a pair of panties on in this photoshoot which is a combination that is so sexy it’s hard to even comprehend although I can’t say I would have guessed it beforehand….she’s got some panties on that say WILD across her ass and I guess that’s because her butt is so cute and tight it drives all the guys (and girls too probably) wild when they see it! Josie flahes her butt and those sexy perky breasts as she gets naked out in the woods, letting the golden sun shine down on her skin and the brisk chill get her nipples all perky.

Shawna Lenee


Shawna Lenee

Can you imagine being the neighbor of Shawna Lenee, looking up at the window while you’re outside mowing the lawn or vacuuming your house or whatever and seeing her standing there with the curtains open taking off her panties and lifting up her shirt to show off that perfect ass and those sweet perky boobs? Your head would explode! This girl is absolutely fucking cute as hell with an adorable grin and beautiful eyes, not to mention that tight sexy body of hers…she’s giving the grand tour of her breasts and pussy and ass in this photoshoot from Action Girls, it’s not one of their crazier photosets but I would say that Shawna is one of the hottest girls I’ve seen on their site pretty much ever.

Innocent Cowgirl


Girls do porn innocent cowgirl

I’ve said it before but it still holds true, I just plain don’t know how Girls Do Porn does it! They keep getting these incredibly gorgeous girls to show up, strip naked and get fucked on camera…it’s very impressive, other sites I’ve seen that have amateurs doing their very first adult videos are nowhere near as well done as GDP! Take this 20 year old hottie, for instance…she’s drop dead gorgeous and what’s more, she’s got an innocence of inexperience about her that is just sexy as hell! I call her the Innocent Cowgirl because not only did she lose her virginity in a barn, she also says that reverse cowgirl is probably her favorite sexual position! She’s only been with a couple of guys though so she might change that answer after the pounding she gets in this hot update. After the introductory interview where she tells us a little about herself (including the fact that if either her parents or her current boyfriend found out she was doing a porn shoot she’d be in big trouble) she drops down on her knees, giving a nice long blowjob, getting a taste for that big hard cock. Soon she’s going for a ride on the guy’s dick, showing off her tight little ass and gasping as he penetrates deep and hard…I’m not sure she’s ever gotten a pussy pounding like this! She tries out a few different positions, moaning and panting (it’s always super hot to see an amateur get fucked like this, you know she’s not faking her reactions or overdoing the moans for the camera, it’s all 100% real) until the guy drops a huge facial on her that frosts that beautiful face from chin to hairline! With this tight body and her newfound enthusiasm for making porn videos hopefully this chick will be back soon, I get the feeling she’d be more than welcome to have round 2 on the site!

Alexis Adams Perky


Alexis Adams Porn Fidelity

I felt like Alexis Adams has fucked Ryan Madison before but when I searched for her other Porn Fidelity scene I couldn’t find it. That’s because she has only shot for their Teen Fidelity site which you can see here. Looks like she has graduated and is now on the main site. Ryan named this scene “Perky” because of well those awesome breasts that are staring you in the face right now. Much like the last time she was with Ryan this time he doesn’t pull out instead giving her a huge load deep in her pussy. It’s so much cum it comes spurting out of her pussy as he continues to fuck her through his orgasm. Like always he doesn’t just cum once the other time he gives her a taste of his cum because he knows a slut like Alexis always wants to taste some cum during sex. Alexis has been in porn for some time maybe even since she has been 18 so it’s about time she moves up into that next category of being a pornstar, babe whatever you think it is.

Introducing Kim


Xart introducing kim

I think X Art should really hand out welder helmets or at least put up some kind of health & safety warning or something on updates like this, because if you happen to glance into Kim‘s eyes you’ll probably never look away ever again, you’ll need someone with a blindfold on to grab you and wrench you away from your screen! That’s my way of saying this blonde 20 year old Czech hottie has some amazing eyes, by the way, if that wasn’t clear. This update is called Introducing Kim and is her first solo update for the site, and it’s a nice leisurely walk through the park of beauty that is her nude nubile body! She strips out of her top and panties on the bed, showing off her incredible ass in the process by the way, arching her back and stretching out before sliding her fingers down between her thighs to masturbate and the whole time she keeps throwing these glances over that are like uppercuts with those sexy eyes of hers.

Hot Mess


Dare dorm episode hot mess

If you’ve gone through college already I’m sure you know at least one or two people who acted as sort of the party catalysts…you know the type, someone’s trying to sleep or study and that person shows up and somehow or other everyone is instantly in party mode! That’s what happens in this Dare Dorm submission, this quiet evening in bed turned into a hot hardcore party as these horny college girls started making out and pouring chocolate all over each other, then licking it off! There were some guys (or at least one lucky-ass guy) at the party and when he whipped his cock out the girls poured chocolate on it and started licking and sucking him, and luckily for him the whole thing was caught on film or nobody would ever believe him! He ends up fucking the hell out of one of these gorgeous college babes, I don’t envy the cleanup these chumps are going to have to do the next morning after this messy party but hell it looks like a good time.

Cute Katrinne



Check out this Domai photoshoot of cute Katrinne hanging out naked in the forest like some kind of wood nymph or something! She’s cute as hell too with a pretty face, nice perky boobies and a sweet sexy little butt that looks great as she scampers around in the foliage, posing and picking flowers to put in her hair and whatnot. For some reason she’s got an inflatable raft or something that she uses as a mattress when she gets tired of capering around, and plops down to relax and show off her ass and pussy a little…actually now that I look at it, that inflatable thing is a great idea, can you imagine a mid-afternoon fuck on it with a girl like Katrinne out in the woods?

Alexa Grace


Alexa grace for casting couch x

Apparently the boyfriend of this 19 year old blonde hottie named Alexa Grace thinks she’s doing some actual runway modeling on this little trip but man has he got a surprise in store for him if he ever heads over to Casting Couch X! This beautiful teen has an active lifestyle what with doing martial arts and being a cheerleader so you know that body is tight as a drum and she gives what the casting director describes as a ‘flawless’ casting as she sucks his cock and then gets her sweet tight little pussy hammered! Alexa seems to love every minute of it, too, she seems like one of those girls that just loves to fuck and doesn’t give a rat’s ass who knows it…and I’m sure the money isn’t exactly a turnoff either. As far as I know this is her first adult hardcore (or softcore for that matter) scene but after a casting like this I bet sites will be beating down her door to come work for them, so keep your eyes peeled for this sweet innocent-looking cutie in the months to cum. Speaking of cum, she takes a big facial at the end of her fuck session, by the way!

Jessica Ashley


Jessica Ashley

Her name is Jessica Ashley, I’m not sure how she managed to get two first names but I guess she’s hot as hell so she’s used to getting whatever the heck she wants. Jessica is showing off for Playboy here, tugging off her animal print bra and panties to show off a tight nubile sweet body! We don’t really get a good look at that pussy of hers in this photoshoot so it’s entirely possible she’s got a doozie of a coozie if you know what I’m saying, but if it’s anything like the rest of her body it’s fucking perfect. Jessica is a newcomer to showing off in the nude online but after a shoot like this I guess her confidence must be way up! Once her bra comes off and those perky perfect breasts come out you know she feels just invincible.

Dakota James


Mg18 dakota james

I think I’d be a little mesmerized by that tattoo on Dakota James‘s back if I was fucking her from behind like this Massage Girls 18 guy seems to enjoy…she’s got a star between her shoulder blades that is made out of a spiral and whoahhh man, trippy. Anyway she’s trying her hand as a massage therapist and I guess she’s doing a pretty good job because the dude starts popping wood like 5 seconds into his rubdown and she wastes no time in grabbing his cock and taking him in her mouth! She sucks him for awhile and then climbs up and gives him a nice ride, but what she really loves is getting fucked doggystyle so the guy is more than happy to bend Dakota over and pound that sweet hole from behind until he shoots his load all over her. I don’t think I’ve seen this girl on any other sites, at least not yet, but keep an eye out because I’ve got the feeling this won’t be the last we see of this blonde hottie!

Cooling Down For Hotter Sex


Chloe on passion hd

Sweet blonde spinner Chloe Foster stars in this Passion HD update called Cooling Down For Hotter Sex as she heads to the bathroom while her man was in the shower, teasing him through the glass as his cock stirred and then joining him in the cool water to have a little wet wild fun! She sucked his cock as the water cascaded down over both of them, then spread her legs to get that pussy licked and fucked as she rode him right there on the tile floor! He gave her a nice pounding as the water sprayed over them both, then did a little spraying of his own as he show his load into Chloe’s mouth for her to swallow down. It’s hard to tell if the water is heating up a little as they get more into the fucking or if it’s just turning into steam as it hits their burning passion as the guy pounds her sweet tight hole! It’s hard to think of a girl you’d rather have join you in the shower for a nice spontaneous fuck session on the bathroom floor, am I right or am I right? I mean there might be other pornstars you’d prefer but hell, it’s not like you’re gonna turn this girl down you know what I’m sayin?

Jessica Ashley


Jessica Ashley

This was the first nude shoot this girl Jessica Ashley ever did apparently, and you can tell in a few of the shots that she was a little nervous but hey this is for Playboy so it’s pretty obvious her excitement overwhelmed any shyness or butterflies she might have had going on! There’s no need for her to be nervous anyway, she’s fucking gorgeous and has an incredible pair of tits…we don’t really get to see too much more than that even though she does strip completely naked, but from what I can tell this girl is a stunner from head to toes and everything in between. Hopefully the thrill of being naked for the internet is strong enough that she’ll be back for lots more fun!



Aubrey on ftv girls

In my humble opinion this girl Aubrey is one of the hottest girls they’ve had on FTV Girls in quite and awhile and trust me, that’s saying something…this girl’s body is like a fucking dream with perfect tits, a perfect ass, long legs, sweet hips and of course that beautiful face! Add to that the fact that this is her adult industry debut and you can see why she’s quickly becoming a member favorite already…at 23 she’s not exactly a teen anymore but she’s still young and enthusiastic after she gets over her initial shyness, giving in to the allure of being nude in public as she starts masturbating in public, playing with that perfect shaved pussy right out in the open. Since this is FTV Girls you know you’ll be getting all the action in excellent quality photos and videos, along with the signature FTV style that includes nice closeup views of Aubrey’s strong vaginal contractions as she masturbates to what she described as one of the strongest orgasms of her life! By the time they’ve finished shooting this girl is totally open and comfortable, even running around naked next to some lucky-ass construction workers…I guess they didn’t get a whole lot of work done on their street repairs that day, maybe that’s why that stuff takes so long, there are just too many incredibly gorgeous young women running around naked in public.

Luna Sauvage


Luna Sauvage on Playboy

Brunette stunner Luna Sauvage turns up the heat in this Playboy photoshoot as she tugs off her white top and slides those skimpy white panties down over her long legs to show off a nude body that is just fucking incredible! Perfect perky titties, sweet fuckable pussy, beautiful face, this girl has got it all. She probably sounds like Gilbert Gottfried though right? There’s just gotta be something…maybe she always smells vaguely like catfood or something like that, or moans like Chewbacca when she sleeps. Ha ha ha actually that would be pretty dope, a sweet sexy beauty like this just growling and moaning away…I like it.

Ava Taylor


Ava Taylor RK

This photoshoot is from the Reality Kings network site called First Time Auditions and features the gorgeous Ava Taylor! This cutie starts things off in a short denim skirt and little reddish top and a pair of glasses, and when she starts losing those items one by one you know you’re in for something special. Ava’s got a sweet tight spinner body from head to toe and puts it to work here as she sucks this guy’s cock and then goes for a ride, hopping up onto his lap and impaling her tight hole on that man meat with her perky titties bouncing up and down…the ass on this girl is spectacular, make sure you keep an eye out for that. She puts her glasses back on to take a facial, I guess that’s a trick she already knew, so she doesn’t get cum in her eyes it just drips down her lenses and off her cheeks!

Digital Diaries


Digital diaries on playboy tv

When you’ve got a video from Playboy TV you’ve got pretty high expectations and this one (it’s part of the Digital Diaries series) definitely doesn’t disappoint! This gorgeous blonde is making out with her boyfriend on the couch, sliding her hand down his pants to grab his cock before stripping down to show him her incredibly sexy body. You don’t expect to find a girl with floppy nasty titties and a cheesy ass on Playboy of course but even among the hotties on the site this girl is something special. I guess her man thinks so too because he gives her pussy a nice tongue bath, licking her as she spreads her thighs and closes her eyes in ecstasy, still wearing her high heel shoes! She mounts on top, riding his cock and taking him deep inside her dripping wet hole…it’s a sensual, sexy hardcore scene and I wish I knew what this blonde beauty’s name is but oh well, I guess some things are just destined to remain a mystery.

Blushing Tanned Teen


Blushing tanned teen on gdp

I mean let’s be honest every time Girls Do Porn comes out with a model my mind is blown and once again they’ve done it. This girl is that cute and shy type that you just won’t see on any other site because well, no other site has real amateurs like Girls Do Porn. These guys are the real deal and that’s why if you’re to join a porn site this is #1 by far you should join. This girl’s a blonde 19 year old who looks like she has spent more than a little time on the beach, or else she’s nervous and blushes a bit which is kinda hot if you ask me. She mentions she likes sex to be a little bit on the painful side so you can be pretty sure she’s gonna get that ass spanked while she gets fucked! This blushing tanned teen says doggystyle is her favorite position of course (I guess that’s most peoples favorite position to be honest) but from the way she moans and gasps I think she really liked riding on the guy’s big cock too. We might have gotten a little spoiled by the incredibly gorgeous and sexy girls they’ve had on Girls Do Porn lately but this girl holds her own, so to speak… She seems like that innocent girl next door, instead of the I am a slut and want to get paid to fuck. I think that sweet ass of hers just sealed the deal for me, that helped me turn the corner on her.



Ariana on exploited college girls

You know how they say it’s always the quiet ones who turn out to be the freakiest? Well this girl Ariana pretty much personifies that theory…she’s shy and quiet and seems all innocent but she loves eating cum and loves getting fucked, even if she doesn’t exactly let the world know when she’s having an orgasm. She strips down after her introduction interview on Exploited College Girls to show that tight teen body of hers, laying back to get her pussy tickled and teased with a vibrator…being an amateur to the core she doesn’t try to fake anything or moan extra loud or anything, she just quietly enjoys herself and has a nice little orgasm before Jay slides his cock into her throat. She goes for it with gusto as soon as her lips touch that dick, with her pussy getting nice and wet as she gets into the action and gets her body rocked. The guy shoots a HUGE load all over her face and not only does she not get all grossed out, she starts gobbling it down like a true cumslut! Looks like this chick has a secret wild side, no doubt about that.

Room With A View


Passion hd room with a view

Blonde hottie Addison Avery and her girlfriend Natasha White wanted a room with a view so they rented this beautiful penthouse loft, but from the looks of things they only had eyes for each other so the view was sort of wasted…either that or they wanted people outside to be able to watch them getting naked and making out and eating pussy like lesbians! Their guy pal sure seemed to enjoy the view as he walked in on them fucking, and dropped his pants to join in on the fun! The girls took turns licking and sucking his cock in this Passion HD hardcore scene, turning it into a red-hot threesome as these two horny hotties pulled out all their tricks. Even while they got fucked by his big hard cock they couldn’t stop licking slit, making each other moan until the guy shot his creamy load all over both of their faces to finish off this steamy threesome!



Nvg alecia

Lovely redhead Alecia looks like she stepped right out of the 1960’s with her cute flowery dress and quiet, easygoing demeanor…she showed up at the Net Video Girls studio ready to audition for a role as a backup dancer in a hiphop video but we know better, or at least we do if we’ve seen the NVG site before! She strips down to prove she’s got the ‘stuff’ and reveals she’s got a sexy neon bikini underneath…a bikini is a little too much fabric though so the guy convinces her to strip down further, showing off her perky breasts and that sweet tight butt. By now she’s pretty much game for anything so when he whips his huge black dick out she takes it in her mouth without much demurral, giving him a fantastic blowjob and looking up with those lovely innocent eyes of hers. Soon she was getting her pussy filled up with cock and moaning her head off, looking incredible as she got pounded in this hot hardcore scene!

Wanting For More


Wanting for more on nubile films

I’m not so sure about the grammar of this Nubile Films episode entitled Wanting For More, because you won’t be left wanting for more after seeing Ebbi (better known as Angelica) do her thing on the couch with her boyfriend! You might want more, but that’s not the same thing…anyways, it’s just the title, who gives a rat’s ass. Speaking of asses, can we talk a little about Ebbi’s butt for a second? It’s fucking perfect. OK, that was easy! So in this Nubile Films scene she is licking and sucking her boyfriend’s big cock, moving her way up his body until she’s riding on his dick and bouncing up and down with his meat buried in her tight wet pussy! She fucks him in a few different positions, looking of course incredible in each one, then pumps his meat with her hands until he erupts in a big wet cumshot that gets all over her face. She looks a little surprised by the blast but loves it!

Natalie Monroe


Natalie monroe for amateur creampies

Adorable teen Natalie Monroe explains why she’s into the idea of a creampie, she loves feeling a guy cum inside her wet pussy…she tries to explain how it feels but can’t quite put it to words, she just thinks it’s exciting to feel a guy shooting his load in her hole! Well, she’s at the right place for that…Amateur Creampies presents this video of Natalie pulling off her jean shorts (jorts?) and bending over to get pounded doggystyle, moaning as the guy slammed her hole until he granted her wish and spurted a load of cum inside her snatch! Natalie has done a few different shoots for different sites since this one but man it’s hot as hell to see her get fucked and take a load in her hole.

Schoolgirl Val


Val midwest schoolgirl

Usually when you think of a sexy schoolgirl you think of the traditional porn-style itty bitty plaid skirt and whatnot but cmon, how often do you see schoolgirls that actually wear that in this day and age? More often they’re sexy college girls relaxing in sweatpants and whatnot, just like Val Midwest is doing in this photoshoot from her own website. She’s been doing some homework but I guess she got distracted by the camera because she wrote HI BOYS or something on her notebook and stripped off her top and pants, showing those absolutely perfect boobies and her sweet sexy tight pussy as she spreads her labia and fingers herself with that amazing little grin of hers! I don’t know that I’d want to have Val as my study partner if this is normal study behavior for her…the grades would be in the toilet but man oh man maybe it would be worth it for a shot at that incredible snatch!

Hot Nude Yoga


Fantasy hd dakota sky hot nude yoga

What private yoga instructor wouldn’t want incredible blonde spinner Dakota Skye as his student? She was stretching out when he helped correct her form, slipping his hands between her thighs to gently tickle her pussy for this Fantasy HD update called Hot Nude Yoga…soon she was putting her flexibility to work, grinding her pussy and perfect ass onto his face, moaning as he licked her hole before sliding his cock into her throat and taking her onto his lap to fuck her on the yoga mat! She gives her downward dog a try, bending over to take his big dick deep in her hole, closing her eyes in ecstasy as he pounded her sweet pussy until finally he just had to bust nut, doing so all over her lips for a facial finish. There’s just something about getting the blood pumping with yoga and having the heat turned way up that just gets a girl turned on like nothing else in the world! Couple that with the fact that sexy pornstar Dakota is pretty much always horny to begin with and you’ve got something very special.

Watching Her Fuck My Man


Phd watching her fuck my man

I mean I’ll be honest here, when I read the title of this Passion HD update called Watching Her Fuck My Man I thought for sure Gianna Nicole was going to walk in and find her man in bed with Sabrina Banks and it would be like a voyeuristic thing about a woman whose husband is cheating on her or something. Turns out though that Gianna just led her botox monstrosity of a fella upstairs and beautiful Sabrina was already up there naked in bed and waiting to have a little fun with the two of them! It’s probably better this way because now we get to watch both of these beautiful babes getting fucked and making out and eating pussy all at the same time…if you’re into a young gorgeous hottie with perky smaller boobies and a sweet ass you’ve got Sabrina Banks, if you’re more into a beautiful more mature honey with bigger boobs you’ve got Gianna Nicole, and if you’re into dudes who look like mannequins come to life and given botox injections and a facelift you’ve got whatever this guy’s name is. They’re not into him for his looks though I suppose, he’s got a big dick and apparently knows how to use it so they take what they can from him and pleasure each other at the same time! This is a little bonus for all those who actually read these blogs! I found another video of Gianna over at Brazzers called Cock Sticks that I think you will like if you like this exotic coed, I know I do.

Two by Two


Xart two by two

Spring is warming up nicely and that means it’s time to hang out by the pool…at least that’s what it means for two horny babes like Carrie and the always-incredible Caprice! They’re splashing around in their bikinis at the beginning of this X Art update called Two by Two (or 2 by 2 I guess) making out and teasing each other, biting nipples and caressing breasts and whatever else, when their two guy pals show up together. The guys come walking up completely nude with their cocks already well on their way to hard, which is a little curious, but hey who knows in this day and age am I right? Soon Carrie and Caprice are both naked as well, getting their pussies licked and fingered and fucked by these two lucky dudes! It’s not exactly a foursome since both couples are doing their fucking a little ways apart but there’s still definitely a connection between all four of them here. It’s a very hot scene and ends up with both girls getting showered with cum, I’d hate to be the pool cleaner after this!

Alaina Kristar


Povd alaina kristar fun sun

Even if it’s not in the full swing of Spring where you are, get ready for some fun in the sun with Alaina Kristar in this update from POVD! She’s hanging out in her bikini outside lounging by the pool when her boyfriend (played by you!) shows up, running his hands all over her sweet tight body before pulling off her bikini and gently pushing her down to her knees for a nice first person blowjob. This is Alaina’s first update on POVD but it’s a site that suits her, since it’s in such high quality video you get to see every detail of her beautiful nude body as she spreads her legs to get fucked, enjoying the hell out of a sunny afternoon! She rides that big hard cock, moaning so loud the neighbors will probably complain, until she takes a big facial to finish things off. Have you ever been to the site and seen the full footage of the updates? The quality is amazing, the trailers really don’t do it justice…the girls are crystal clear and the audio is 3d so it sounds like you’re right there in the room with the pornstar giving her a deep dicking she’ll never forget.



Jasmine on ecg

Have you ever seen a girl with all kinds of attitude taking a selfie and doing a duckface and wanted to just fuck her brains out and shoot a load of cum onto her face? Well you’re in luck because you can make that fantasy come true here on Exploited College Girls with Jasmine here. She’s got attitude that’s for sure, but at least she is still willing to get naked and get the cameraman’s cock into her mouth and once she does she gets a little more warmed up and willing to have fun! She’s got a great ass and perky little boobies, the guy tries to get her to do some anal and he almost talks her into it but it doesn’t work out, fail anal is the worst anal. She does get her shaved pussy pounded nice and hard though, spreading her legs to get drilled until the guy gives her a nice facial to remember the day by!

Preauditions 39


Amateur allure preauditions 39

I’ve got a special treat for you today…I don’t always post the Amateur Allure preauditions here but this one is extra hot so I figured it would be a winner! We’ve got three hotties in this one update, so don’t say I never did anything for you…starting out we’ve got gorgeous brunette punk Nikki with her beautiful eyes, sexy mouth and perfect ass! She shows off her nude body, sucks cock and gets fucked in that tight little pussy before swallowing a load…Amateur Allure usually has girls a little more on the glamour side of things so it’s super hot to see a more edgy tattooed hottie on there, maybe it’s just my opinion. The next girl you probably recognize, it’s Riley Reid and she’s been on the site a handful of times already, she just can’t get enough of the cameraman’s cum though so she just keeps coming back for another mouthful! Here are Riley’s previous scenes on the site if you missed ’em: scene1 scene2 scene3. Last but not least as they say, we have an Italian hottie named Valentina who is short and stacked and gorgeous, sucking cock and getting her pussy filled up with cock before swallowing down the guy’s creamy load! Can’t wait to see these new girls (and maybe Riley too!) on the site for their full updates.

Cassidy Cole


Cassidy Cole

Cassidy Cole here doesn’t need a man (or a woman) around to make her feel good and to feel sexy, she’s a lone wolf which explains her goofy ass wolf shirt in this photoshoot from her own website. It’s scrambling my brain a bit to see a hot chick wearing a wolf shirt, usually those tend to go to, let’s just say not the cream of humanity, if you catch my drift. If you happen to own a wolf shirt yourself, ha ha I was just kidding, you’re rugged and fierce and are in touch with your wild side! If you don’t own a wolf shirt, I totally meant it. Anyways, Cassidy looks pretty sexy in her jeans but even more so when she strips completely naked and hangs out on her bed…maybe the wolf shirt just means she likes to be fucked doggystyle, who knows!

Kacy Lane


Kacy lane for povd

This is the first time perky beauty Kacy Lane has been on POVD but I highly doubt it’ll be the last! After getting a taste of that sweet wet pussy and seeing that gorgeous face looking up as Kacy gets her legs spread and her pussy pounded I wouldn’t be surprised if she was back on a weekly basis or something. Wouldn’t want to wear her out, though! Anyway she and her guy pal (you, since you’re watching this go down in first-person perspective) were going to go out and about and explore the city but when you got a look at that sweet nude body of hers you convinced her that it would be a good idea to just stay in bed all day and fuck! Sounds like a hell of a weekend to me…especially when Kacy rolls over and gets on her hands and knees, shaking that perfect round ass to tantalize you and basically begging to get fucked doggystyle! Wouldn’t want to disappoint her, now would we? She gets her hole filled up with cock deep and hard until finally dropping to her knees on the floor to take a nice big facial…all this is happening in incredible high resolution so it’s the next best thing to actually being there and fucking a gorgeous pornstar!

Sexy Beauty


Ccgfs sexy beauty

Some people can handle separation for a bit from their significant other and some can’t…Nysha here gets so pent up from being away from her boyfriend for extended periods of time that she just can’t stand it and has to make a little video to send him and let him know she was horny as hell and thinking of him! I guess that’s preferable to going out and fucking some other guy I guess…especially since this way we get to see the footage that got sent in to Crazy College GFs! This girl is sexy as hell to begin with but add to that her accent and she’s just unstoppable…watch Nysha strip out of her big tshirt-slash-dress and hang out naked in the shallow end of the pool, splashing water all over her perfect breasts and that sweet fuckable ass! I guess she set up the camera on a tripod, otherwise she had some friend of hers hold it or something. This girl is hot as hell, her boyfriend is nuts if he spends a single minute more than necessary away from home if she’s waiting there naked and horny like this.

Selling Sex Toys


Remy lacroix naughty america

To make it as a salesperson in this day and age you’ve gotta have a gimmick or a special way of doing business, just something that sets you apart from the rest. Remy Lacroix has just such an ace up her sleeve in this Naughty America update as she goes door to door selling sex toys…she keeps heading from house to house looking for a married man who is at home with his wife out and about, and offers to give a little hands-on demonstration of how the different sex toys work! Unsurprisingly she is the employee of the month for a few years in a row now at her sex toy company…watch her work the ol’ saleswoman charm on this guy as she spreads her legs to get that pussy pounded in a hot hardcore scene! I hope her commission is through the roof because she’s earning every penny of it here.

Naughty Nala


Black gfs naughty nala

With an ass like that you know naughty Nala here has gotta be hitting the gym on the regular and in this update from Black GFs we get to see what she likes to do when she gets home with her body all tingling from exertion and her heartrate still pumping! She starts out in the bathroom taking some selfies in her little purple top and tight panties as her boyfriend set up the videocamera to catch all the fun…soon she got tired of playing by herself and grabbed his cock, giving him a nice deep blowjob as she played with her pussy, getting it ready for the hot hard fuck that was in the works. She looked incredible getting pounded and sounded incredible too with super hot moans and gasps as she rode her man’s crank with that tight wet hole of hers! She wanted his load right on her face and he was more than happy to oblige, frosting her tongue to finish up this hot hardcore fuck session.

Pussy Peeper


Gfr pussy peeper stacie

This blonde college cutie Stacie was just taking a nap and looking hot as hell when her boyfriend busted out his video camera and started recording her…she looked great in her white tank top and panties and I guess her guy thought so too because he started tickling and teasing her pussy, getting her all worked up until she agreed to suck his cock! The lights were a little bright though so she pulled the covers up over her head while she gave him head, bobbing that pretty face up and down on his big thick dick for this GF Revenge update. He wasn’t about to be satisfied with just a blowjob though, spreading her long white legs to fuck that sweet tight college girl pussy of hers in this update they called Pussy Peeper! Either they broke up or this chick wasn’t actually his girlfriend if you know what I mean, because the footage got sent to GF Revenge for us to enjoy!

Kelly Diamond


Kelly diamond on fh18

Who wouldn’t want to give a beautiful sexy brunette like Kelly Diamond a free rubdown? Hell, I know tons of guys who would PAY to be her masseuse, and this lucky dude from Fucked Hard 18 gets to get his hands all over that perfect body of hers…well, at least we get to watch it all go down. Kelly is gorgeous of course and takes her time stripping out of her clothes, showing those perky boobs and sweet round ass before hopping up on the table…I don’t know how long it took her to get those strappy high heel shoes off but it was probably way too long, maybe they have velcro in the back or something, that would be hilarious. Anyway Kelly gets oiled up and has her back and ass massaged, enjoying it so much she starts gyrating her pussy around and who can resist a sight like that? Not this masseuse that’s for damn sure…he slips his fingers in her slit and tickles her clit, fingering her and making her moan before slipping his cock into her mouth and then just all out fucking her right on the massage table. That’s just how this guy works…seems like a pretty sweet deal to me! Kelly seems to think so too, she was offered a free rubdown and now she’s getting a nice deep-dicking and ends up with the guy’s load all over her stomach!

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