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Alina Li Cum Suprirse


Alina Li Cum Suprirse

It’s always nice to have a new Alina Li scene isn’t it? Especially when it’s from an awesome site like Hard X. These guys have the hottest pornstars all the time so it’s no surprise that they got this hot Asian babe on here. The name of the scene is Teen Cum Surprise and I just really want to know what the surprise is! I tried to cheat and just find it but couldn’t! So either Alina Li is getting a creampie here, or the guy like cums when he isn’t suppose to, those are the only two things I can think of. I think I might have to finally join Hard X. I have been putting it off but they just have enough good scenes that I have wanted to watch I think it’s probably time.

Blast From The Past


Blast From The Past

Watch This Girls Do Porn Video

This girl I posted a long long time ago, September 2013 to be exact! It’s been that many years I have been posting Girls Do Porn galleries, crazy right? If you want to see the original hardcore video that she made you can see that here but this one is a behind the scenes video. It kind of just shows her first getting there late at night. Then you get to see her getting ready before her big shoot. You get to hear her answer some questions that she didn’t in her interview. Then you get to see her masturbating which is hot. It’s funny because the Girls Do Porn guy told her that if she did a good masturbation video he would let her keep the toy. She delivered on her end I bet you he delivered on his. Then the behind the scenes of her sucking up the male stunt cock to get him hard to fuck her (that wasn’t hard I bet). Then finally a little shower interview and then taking her back to the airport and saying good bye. This girl is super cute, very petite small tits the whole nine. She isn’t going to be for those of you who like their girls a little thick but if you’re into Asian how can you not love this hot babe!

Alina Li Maximum Penetration


Alina Li Jules Jordan Maximum Penetration

I am really disappointed in my image choice here I was just trying to crop this but couldn’t keep Alina Li’s face in this picture as well as get the hardcore action. Anyways this scene is from Jules Jordan isn’t so much about Alina Li but about this new series that is coming out on their site. It’s called Maximum Penetration and it stars of course Alina Li but also Dani Daniels, Romi Rain and Summer Brielle. The video kind of just goes over everything that happens in the DVD, so you get a little of each girl in this video. The way that Jules Jordan kind of works is that he comes out with a DVD and sells that right. Then he releases each scene on his website a little later. It makes more money if you buy a DVD but the membership is totally a better deal. I mean for example you can get access to Jules crazy library of porn for just $29.95, that’s crazy when a DVD usually goes for $69.95.

Double Trouble


Double trouble on crazy asian gfs

This dude had things pretty figured out…he knew his girlfriend Alina Li was going to be in the locker room after swim practice and that the only other person down there was her hot friend Marica Hase so he headed in with his video recorder! They asked him to leave at first since they were in their panties getting changed but he somehow talked them into this hot threesome you see here! Alina and Marica had been eyeing each other up for months and the guy was just the catalyst they needed…soon the girls were making out and getting those sweet titties out and the guy was whipping out his cock so the girls could take turns licking and sucking it! He fucked those tight Asian pussies one after the other, giving his girlfriend a nice doggystyle pounding with her head in a locker and then fucking Marica before pulling out and busting his load all over that pussy and Alina’s gorgeous face for this hot Crazy Asian GFs update called Double Trouble!

Alina Li


Alina li sex and submisson

Stunning Asian teen Alina Li is the newest student at this prestigious school but she’s about to learn the hard way that they have some pretty strict rules of conduct! When Alina gets a little disrespectful towards one of the teachers he decides to test her dedication to success at the school and bends her over his desk, spanking that tight round ass of hers and jamming his cock into her mouth! I guess she didn’t inspire confidence in him though because she ended up down in the school dungeon stripped out of her schoolgirl uniform and chained up, where she gets spanked and whipped and fucked nice and hard in this Sex And Submission update! Alina has a bit of a fetish side to her apparently, she loves a bit of bondage and discipline and of course she always loves a big hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth and tight wet pussy.

Alina Li


Alina li ultimate fuck toy

Hold onto your hats and glasses because I’ve got a mega-update for you guys from the site Jules Jordan featuring the gorgeous Asian babe Alina Li! They call her the Ultimate Fuck Toy in this DVD they made and after checking out some of the scenes I’d have to agree…this girl is exotic, gorgeous as all hell and has an insatiable lust for cock as she dresses up in kinky latex fetish costumes, makes out with other girls like a lesbian while she gets pounded by a huge black dick, gets chained up and gags down a whole group of cocks at once to guzzle their cum in a near-bukkake scene, and ever dresses up like a sexy little bunny to suck dick and get fucked in that tight little pussy! Alina loves a fun sexy adventure and she’s getting into a ton of different hardcore scenes in this one incredible dvd…Jules Jordan has some great stuff and some very hot models but this one just blew me away, Alina Li is smokin hot and just plain amazing.

Alina Li Footjob


Alina Li 21st Sextury

You guys know that we are a big fan of Alina Li here on this site so I figured I should post this scene because I am not going to make a gallery of it. It’s a footjob scene she did for 21st Sextury. I thought these guys had everything like this over on their footjob site called like 21 footart or something like that I forget. Anyways this scene is for them and it’s hot because well you get to see Alina fucking. It’s not all just fetish footjob stuff they do spend some time on her sexy little Asian feet but then you get to see her riding dick like you see in this picture. The video I found for you isn’t super long but it should get the point across to you and if you want you can join their site, it doesn’t cost a lot and they have all kinds of awesome porn there. She is dressed up in sexy lingerie which is good because Alina is hot as is but you put her in something sexy and she is just unbeatable. The gallery is also great because they found a guy that is really big compared to her and so seeing her fuck this dick is like seeing her fuck one of her own arms I mean it’s just huge in comparison to how small her vagina is.

Alina Li Learning


Alina Li and Alyssa Lynn Stepmom Videos

The busty MILF in the middle of this picture is Alyssa Lynn and then the super cute Asian girl you guys should know by now, her name is Alina Li. In this episode from Stepmom Videos a Bang Bros site you get to see Alyssa Lynn catching her step son spying her. He caught her masturbating in the shower and then cleaning the house naked. She is super pissed at him but when she finds out that the reason he is doing it is because he is a virgin she feels bad for him. Alyssa calls up a cute girl she knows and that girl is Alina Li and invites her over to the house. She lets Alina know that her step son is very new to dating other girls and Alina admits she too doesn’t have much experience. With that Alyssa has only one option she has to show these two how things are done. So she makes her step son promise that he won’t tell his Dad and she shows Alina how to suck a dick and the guy how to fuck a pussy right. The video ends with Alyssa having both Alina and herself on her knees taking a facial because after all that’s what guys like.

Alina Li


Alina li on bang bus

Tell me you wouldn’t lose your damn mind if you were walking down the street, the Bang Bus pulled up next to you and grinning in the back seat was gorgeous Asian pornstar Alina Li! That’s just what happened to these lucky dudes in this update from the Bang Bros network, and we get to watch all the fun! Usually what happens in these is that the pornstars end up with a train of limp dicks who get nervous on camera or who knows what and fail to ‘perform’ so to speak, but in this case right off the bat Alina found a guy who could give her pussy a nice deep dicking…after him it was a different story but oh well. We do get to see those cute perky little boobies of hers in action and of course her perfect ass when she gets on her hands and knees to get railed from behind! I think it’s been a little while since I’ve seen Alina around, I’m glad she’s still doing updates and of course glad that she still looks amazing.

Alina Li Femdom


Alina Li Femdom Empire

Here is a video that I haven’t scene before with the gorgeous Alina Li. She is being a straight up dominatrix in this video. She isn’t being nice to this guy either only thing she wants from him is to have him lick her pussy. She shoves his face into that smooth Asian pussy and he eats away. She doesn’t let him stop until she has orgasmed a couple time. This isn’t just like oral sex either there are times Alina has her full weight on his face as she sits on it and then she stands up and straddles him so he can lick that pussy too. She is all dressed up in leathers, this is a femdom site after all I think it’s required that you’re in leather. She looks hot as fuck and if you’re a member of this site Femdom Empire you can actually join it and to get access to the hardcore part of the video that she did. I hope it’s with this guy because he put in a lot of working eating her out not to get to fuck that tight pussy.

Alina Li Casted


Alina Li Casting

This is kind of a weird site from Nubiles Porn. It’s called Nubiles Casting but you may as well just join Nubiles Porn because then you can get access to everything. The reason I am posting this is well because Alina Li is in it and this girl is hot. She has such a cute little body and that small round ass of hers is just the best isn’t it? Holly Michaels is the one “seducing” her in this video. I am not sure if they’re trying to pass this off as real or not but it doesn’t matter all porn is fake anyways. Alina Li does a little strip show for Holly and I have to say Holly is really liking Alina you can tell she just wants to eat that perfect little pussy of hers. She has Tyler come in as the stunt cock and she kind of coaches Alina through some things and then also makes some comments. Holly is filming the whole time and I just wished she would have jumped in a little more, I mean a threesome with Alina Li is what everyone wanted I think. Holly is naked in the background and she lends a helping hand every once in a while making Alina have a really hard orgasm and one of the longest squirting orgasms I have ever seen. If you want to see the squirting it happens at about the 4 minute mark so just fastforward there. In the end Tyler pulls out and cums right in Alina asshole, really hot scene you guys are going to love this one!

Asian Sin With Alina Li


Alina Li Evil Angel Asian Sin

This is a awesome new Evil Angel scene starring one of my favorite new pornstars Alina Li. Alina has such a nice tight pussy, I mean it’s perfect. That big fat ass of hers on her petite little body don’t know how you can’t like this girl. She is one of the hottest Asian pornstars out right now and I love her cute little accent. She has done some amazing scene probably my favorite though would be the one she did for Teen Fidelity. This one is good too don’t get me wrong I like that she is wearing these fishnet stockings and is all dolled up. The video doesn’t have much fucking though because the guy kept complaining about almost cumming as soon as he put his dick in that tight little hole. I mean you can see he is trying not to blow his load he keeps pulling out after like 3 puts. Alina Li has sone a bunch of scene for Evil Angel all of them part DVD’s they put out. That reminds me I need to tell you guys how much of a deal you’re getting by joining Evil Angels site. You know usually a DVD cost like $59.99 well you can join Evil Angel for $29.95 a month or $7.95 a month if you pay for a full years membership up front. That’s one hell of a savings I would say. Alright now the other DVD’s that Alina Li has been on are: Slurpy Throatsluts 2, Strap Some Boyz 2, Brand New Girls Scene #3, Santa’s Little Helper, Asian Fuck Faces 3.

Alina Li


Alini li on teen fidelity

Ryan Madison is in for a treat in this Teen Fidelity update! Stunning Asian hottie Alina Li is showing him around Chinatown, taking him on a walking tour of the different cultural centers and restaurants and whatnot…when they find an empty restroom though he gives her a tour of his own, locking the door and making out until people started getting mad and banging on the door. Speaking of banging, that’s just what these two did once they got back to the hotel room, where Alina changed into a traditional Chinese outfit to drive Ryan nuts! I guess it worked because he proceeded to ravage that sweet little pussy of hers, fucking her in all kinds of different positions for this hot update called, and I can’t believe I”m about to type this, Trouble in Li’l VaChina. Don’t make me write it again. Anyway, Alina looks of course fucking hot as lava (at least after she loses those high waisted shorts, I don’t know if that’s the new style but I just can’t stand em, they’re like granny panties that you wear in public) and you’ll love seeing her get fucked all gussied up! If you want to see a different more amateur type of porn video check out this one from She’s New, it’s a site you get access to when you join Team Skeet. They actually have two video of her now that I mention it the other one is pretty good too, she is being fucked in a hotel room and orgasming like crazy.

Alina Li


Naughty bookworms alina li

Stunning Asian hottie Alina Li shows why she’s the teacher’s favorite pupil in this update from the Naughty America site Naughty Bookworms, staying after class to get a little ‘hands on’ studying done, sucking her professor’s big cock and bending over his desk to get that sweet tight pussy licked and fucked! Her glasses look cute as hell but man that body is the star of the show here, every inch of that body is hot as lava and she looks like she loves to get her hole pounded if this episode is any indication. If every schoolgirl looked like Alina here I think attendance would be way up, that’s for sure!

Alina Li


Alina li on amateur allure

It’s a special day on Amateur Allure because they’ve got gorgeous Asian hottie Alina Li in the house doing what she does best: sucking, fucking, and swallowing cum! She is absolutely stunning and sucks cock like a goddess, and you get to see her putting on a clinic in this hot update. It’s not all about the mouth though and this girl has the goods all around, lifting up her little skirt to show a perfect tight little ass and a sexy pussy that’s already wet from the excitemenht of giving an incredible blowjob! Alina gets her hole pounded, riding this lucky guy’s big dick until they’re both moaning with pleasure and of course she takes another creamy load down her throat. She’s beautiful, exotic, horny as hell and has the body to back it up, make sure you don’t miss this one you guys, seriously.

Hit The Shower


Cfnm show hit the showers

When this guy opened his door and found three gorgeous women wearing just towels asking him to hit the showers with them, his feet probably started working like Fred Flintstone in his hurry to get to the locker room! When they were all stripped down and ready to shower they all took off their towels at the same time and surprise surprise, the dude was the only one naked, the girls were in their underwear laughing their asses off at him! He was pretty mortified but I’d say they more than made up for their little goof in this CFNM Show update as they give him a little treat with their mouths and hands…watch Alina Li, Marina Angel and Lily Love sucking and tugging this guy’s tool until he shoots a creamy load for them!

Alina Li



I always thought showers were for getting clean but stunning Asian beauty Alina Li proves they can be used for getting down and dirty too! We get a nice look at that beautiful round ass as she rides you reverse cowgirl style in this POVD hardcore scene…going POV with this girl is off-the-charts hotness, having a nice first-person perspective as your big dick slides into that tight little hole of hers. What makes it even better is that the video quality is insanely high resolution, making it feel like you’re right there giving that soapy ass a slapping as you fuck one of the hottest Asians in the business! Alina Li, making fantasies cum true left right and center…this is so close to the real thing that I’m going to go ahead and say you’re allowed to cross “fuck a gorgeous Asian in the shower” off of your bucket list, consider it done. Have you ever seen a butt this fantastic? Man oh man.

Big Or Small


CFNM Show Big Or Small

There is no convincing anyone that this scene from CFNM Show is actually real. But it is in the CFNM niche which is nice and if you like just a simple blowjob scene you’ll love this. The girls you see in this picture from left to right are Alina Li, Marina Angel and Lily Love. They were sitting around talking about whether they like big or small dicks. Alina likes it small because well she is a small girl and has a very small pussy. A big dick just makes her hurt for days after sex. The other two girls are like the rest of the worlds girls and they like a nice thick cock filling their pussies up. They notice that all this naughty talk was making the guy in the room start to chub up. So they stand him up and get his ass naked it is Clothed Female, Naked Male sex scene after all. Then each girl took a girl playing with his cock and balls. Marina Angel was the girl that made him cum, she kept it all in her mouth. She leaned over and gave Alina a french kiss with a mouth full of cum and Alina swallowed it up. I wonder why they left Lily out in the cold and hungry, that’s fucked up!

Alina Li


Amateur creampies alina li

If you’re in the mood for a gorgeous Asian with perky little titties and a sweet tight body who’s down for getting fucked and taking a shot of man-cream deep in her hole, look no further than Alina Li in this update from Amateur Creampies! She strips down and takes this guy’s lucky dick in that sweet hole, moaning as he fucked her hard and deep before giving her a jizz injection that she let drip out of her hole afterwards. Alina is downright gorgeous to begin with, so seeing her get naked and get pounded is almost more than a mortal man can take!

Alina Li


Alina li massage girls 18

Somebody needs to tell me what massage parlor this is because if gorgeous Asian Alina Li is doing the rubbing I’m gonna be first in line! She is absolutely smokin hot with a supermodel face, a perfect ass and perky little boobies…she doesn’t have all the skills one might expect from a masseuse but she’s got plenty of assets that more than make up for her lack of experience, such as giving a fantastic blowjob and fucking like it’s going out of style! She rides the guy’s hard cock on the massage table, taking him deep in her sweet tight shaved pussy and then putting her knees up to her ears to get her hole pounded hard before the guy shoots his load all over her for a nice facial finish for this Massage Girls 18 update.

Alina Li


Mofos best girlfriend ever

Check out this video of when Alina Li was an unknown, and man oh man she must have been the best gf ever! She’s probably the hottest Asian in the hardcore biz right now if you ask me, and hopefully she never falls into the trap of getting a boob job like some girls do…Alina has perfect perky little boobies and it would be terrible if she messes them up. Watch this cutie show off on the window seat, shaking that perfect firm butt before heading into the bedroom and giving her boyfriend a footjob, blowjob and fuck job! Wait, that’s not a thing is it…well anyway she grabs his cock and impales her tight little pussy on it, bouncing up and down and spreading her ass to get pounded from behind for this hot update from I Know That Girl, part of the Mofos network of sites. A gorgeous Asian with perfect breasts, perfect ass, perfect face, just plain amazing.

Alina Li


Bang bros 18 alina li

In this update from Bang Bros 18 we’ve got our favorite tight little Asian hottie Alina Li getting ready for a hot night out in front of a big mirror, putting on makeup and making sure her perky boobies look just right…soon her guy pal shows up and when he gets a look at her he just can’t help but grab her and slide his dick down her throat! Alina is more than happy to take some time out for a good hard fuck, getting her tight pussy pounded right there in the dressing room. When she’s up next to her reflection it’s like she has an identical twin sister getting fucked right next to her but man that would just be an overload of sexy, I don’t think the human brain could handle two Alina Li’s getting pussy-pounded at once!

Alina Li


Alina li on fucked hard 18

Can you even imagine a hotter client to give a full-body sensual rubdown to than gorgeous Asian Alina Li? She’s got a perfect body from head to toe and a great personality to boot as she introduces herself and strips down nude to hop onto the table in this update from Fucked Hard 18. She gets a nice massage but when she starts wiggling that sweet tight ass as the guy fingers her clit he takes the opportunity to slip his cock inside her tight wet hole! Alina always looks amazing but make that double when she has her knees up by her ears and is getting her pussy pounded…the light shines off her oiled up body as she moans her way to orgasm in this hot fuck session, finally dropping to her knees to get frosted with a nice big facial that leaves jizz dripping down her pink lips as she smiles.

Shower Orgy


Passion hd shower orgy alina ariana

As anyone who has ever actually tried it can attest, fucking in the shower is not all it’s cracked up to be for a few reasons, not the least of which is personal safety. That doesn’t stop gorgeous Ariana Marie and her sexy Asian girlfriend Alina Li from getting into some serious hotness in this Passion HD update, and when they’re joined by their guy pal they both get into having the water cascading over them while they suck his cock and make out with each other! I guess their shower is big enough that there’s room for all the fun they have, which is nice…soon they’re all on the floor fucking passionately, licking and kissing and stroking and fingering each other at the same time! Two beautiful girls with perky tits and perfect asses getting naked and getting wet, not to mention getting fucked, is the recipe for hotness in this sexy shower orgy.

Slumber Party Sluts


Passion hd episode slumber party sluts

It’s the next morning after the slumber party and Alina Li and Tiffany Fox are in the mood for a little early morning romp! They’re the first two up and they decide to wake up the guy between them in the best possible way, by getting naked and getting all over him in this Passion HD update called Slumber Party Sluts. They start out rubbing their pussies inside their little panties but soon all three of them are naked and the girls are taking turns sucking that cock before mounting up to both ride his dick while the other played with them. It’s gotta be the best slumber party ever, they don’t bother with popcorn and pajamas and just get straight to the hardcore fucking and sucking! Alina takes the creamy load in her mouth and spits it onto Tiffany’s pussy to wind things down.

Alina Li Halloween


Alina Li Bang Bros Halloween

The bigger sites that shoot a ton of new content every week are going to have a lot of Halloween stuff. I don’t think there is going to be a scene that beats this Alina Li video! She has such a nice pussy and look at that small little round ass. She is dressed up in a sexy little nurse outfit and looking just hot as hell. Thank Zeus that we actaully get to her getting laid! She has been on quite a few Bang Bros scenes now and this is actually her second time being on Big Mouthfuls. Big Mouthfuls is Bang Bros’ mini site that has girls swallow cum. They pretty much have every kind of ending you want in porn from swallowing to creampies, if you want quality porn these are the guys to go to… They have a lot I mean a lot of porn too.

Alina Li


Alina li for casting couch x

In the mood for a spectacular Asian with a gorgeous face and perfect body? I damn well thought so…say hi to Alina Li as she jumps into the adult world with her Casting Couch X debut. This girl is absolutely stunning with perky little boobies and a fantastic tight spankable ass. She hasn’t been with a ton of guys she says, but the ones she has fucked have been some lucky dudes and she’s apparently learned quite a bit as she pulls out all her tricks, giving a great deepthroat blowjob before getting bent over the table and fucked from behind for this hot casting video. I’ve seen her on a few other sites, so apparently some porn producers liked what they saw with her intro video! If you were paying attention a little while back we had this sexy Asian in her update on Girls Do Porn so if you missed that one do yourself a favor and give it a watch. She’s already making a splash in the industry and from the end of this video I’d say the industry is making a splash on Alina too, as she takes a nice creamy facial cumshot to the kisser!

Hot Asian, Tight Pussy


Hot Asian, Girls Do Porn

I think Girls Do Porn should just start up a Asian site already or something! I mean they find some hot ass Asian girls there is no doubt about it. If you want some proof take a look at a couple of these, [Gallery 1], [Gallery 2], [Gallery 3], [Gallery 4], [Gallery 5], [Gallery 6] I mean tell me they are not just killing it when it comes to recruiting these Asian chicks, they all are perfect 10 out of 10’s! Well they have done it again with this girl. She is nice and spunky and loves to have “kinky sex” whatever that mean. She is really good at pretty much everything and of course her favorite position is doggystyle. She talks about this fuck buddy she has who just happen to take her virginity right. She says she had a hard time fucking him for about a year cause his dick was so big. Well I think she knows what a big dick is like after fucking this guy. He was a little too much for her to handle at time and how can you blame her. I mean her tight little pussy was stretched to the max and you can just see it when she is riding him. She says that her stomach is probably going to hurt from all the hard doggystyle, can you believe that shit! Talk about a great body too, nice and skinny with some super cute little titties, you’re going to love this Asian girl so check it out already!

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