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Ariana Marie and Sofi Ryan


Ariana Marie and Sofi Ryan

Click to watch this Ariana Marie & Sofi Ryan video!

Get ready for your ticket to exclusive Club VXN as gorgeous girls Ariana Marie and Sofi Ryan head through the doors! Ariana had been a member for a little while…READ MORE

Ariana Marie


Ariana Marie

Click to watch this Ariana Marie video!

High on the list of girls who anyone would want to watch get naked and covered in ooey gooey slippery oil is Ariana Marie…in this update called Ariana All Wet…READ MORE

Ariana Marie


Ariana Marie

Click to watch this Ariana Marie video!

Smokin hot Ariana Marie was out with some friends at a nightclub for a bachelorette party and met this handsome fella…she decided to go over to his hotel room…READ MORE

Ariana Marie and Vicki Chase


Ariana Marie and Vicki Chase

Click to watch this Ariana Marie & Vicki Chase video!

Vicki Chase and her boyfriend have been in an open relationship for awhile and it’s working well, and the two of them invite gorgeous Ariana Marie into the mix…READ MORE

Halloween Hookup


Halloween Hookup

Click to watch this Ariana Marie video!

When this dude saw his girlfriend Ariana Marie walking over wearing her sexy little costume he knew they would be showing up to the party late lol…especially…READ MORE

Ariana Marie


Ariana Marie

Click to watch this Ariana Marie video!

Beautiful Ariana Marie was hired to be a 24-7 live-in nanny to keep an eye on the house and this guy’s son already had eyes for her…and man it’s no wonder,…READ MORE

Ariana Marie


Ariana Marie

Click to watch this Ariana Marie video!

Sometimes it can be rough seas when a couple moves in with each other, and that’s certainly the case with Ariana Marie here…she and her boyfriend moved in with…READ MORE

Closing The Deal


Closing The Deal

Click to watch this Ariana Marie video!

When it comes to closing the deal, this real estate agent knows his stuff…so when beautiful Ariana Marie came walking through the door he knew just how to take…READ MORE

Ariana Marie Cupcakes and Pussy Treats


Ariana Marie Cupcakes and Pussy Treats

Click to watch this Ariana Marie video!

If you had the chance to watch from first person perspective as a pornstar got fucked you might as well do so with Ariana Marie, one of the hottest chicks in the…READ MORE

Ariana Marie Sexy Squirtgun Fun


Ariana Marie Sexy Squirtgun Fun

Click to watch this Ariana Marie video!

The warmer weather is finally arriving and for Ariana Marie that means it’s time to head out into the sunshine in her bikini for some sexy squirtgun fun! In this…READ MORE

Full Service Massage


Full Service Massage

Click to watch this Ariana Marie video!

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta relax…beautiful Ariana Marie loves relaxing in the tub but even more than that she loves to call up her personal masseuse and…READ MORE

Ariana Marie


Ariana Marie

Click to watch this Ariana Marie video!

Sexy stunner Ariana Marie always looks incredible, I mean she’s got basically the perfect body…she looks doubly good in a bikini which is how she starts out…READ MORE

Ariana Marie and Megan Rain


Ariana Marie and Megan Rain

Click to watch this Ariana Marie & Megan Rain video!

These stepsisters share everything! Ariana Marie and Megan Rain are both absolute stunners and seeing them team up like this is nothing short of magical…Ariana…READ MORE

Ariana Marie and Marley Brinx


Ariana Marie and Marley Brinx

Click to watch this Ariana Marie & Marley Brinx video!

Looks like this guy’s getting a double dose of perfection as he fucks his stepdaughter Marley Brinx and her gorgeous girlfriend Ariana Marie! They had been at…READ MORE

Ariana Marie


Ariana Marie

Click to watch this Ariana Marie video!

Get ready for erotica like you’ve never seen it…the one and only Ariana Marie is having a tough time meeting her raising rent prices but she has an idea on how…READ MORE

Ariana Marie and Adria Rae


Ariana Marie and Adria Rae

Click to watch this Ariana Marie & Adria Rae video!

When we saw beautiful Ariana Marie last on the site she was working for her attorney and one day he had her meet with a sexy client, Adria Rae, mainly because he…READ MORE

Ariana Marie


Ariana Marie

Click to watch this Ariana Marie video!

We’ve seen beautiful Ariana Marie plenty of times before but you know what we’ve never seen? We’ve never watched that beautiful ass of hers get fucked, but hey…READ MORE

Ariana Marie


Ariana Marie

Click to watch this Ariana Marie video!

Stunning Ariana Marie is getting all gussied up to ‘collaborate’ with a singer on a new track…her boyfriend isn’t stoked that she’s going to be alone with him…READ MORE

Nina North and Ariana Marie


Nina North and Ariana Marie

Click to watch this Nina North & Ariana Marie video!

There aren’t too many women in the adult industry I’d like to see getting into a Lesbian Oil Orgy than beautiful Ariana Marie and horny sexy Nina North, and in this Porn Pros update we get that fantasy fulfilled and then some! The girls get naked and take turns pouring oil on each other and massaging each other’s perfect tits and asses before some lucky dude shows up and turns things into a red hot hardcore threesome, whipping out his big thick cock so the girls could take turns sucking and getting fucked by it! Ariana and Nina both have just amazing bodies, and they both put em to work here as they writhe and roll on the bed together…beautiful women in bed all oiled up and ready to fuck? Sounds mighty fine to me!

Oil Orgy


Oil Orgy

Click to see Ariana Marie,Nina North on Passion HD!

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen sexy stunner Ariana Marie gracing the halls of Passion HD but it was certainly worth the wait as she joins forces with her horny honey of a girlfriend Nina North in this scene called Oil Orgy! The girls start out in a lusty lesbian love-in as they get naked and massage oil into each others skin, rubbing those sexy full firm titties and round asses and slipping a naughty finger or two into their pussies while they’re at it…soon they’re both dripping wet down south and are ready for their guy friend to show up and provide the big hard dick they’re both craving, and he’s more than happy to play along! The girls take turns sucking him off, grabbing that cock and eating each other out every chance they get as he fucks them one after the other before blasting a nice double facial cumshot for them to share.

Poolside Massage


Passion hd poolside massage

I never thought I’d see the day where I described Tali Dova as being in second place but I’ve gotta admit, in this Passion HD update called Poolside Massage she sort of takes second fiddle to the hotness that is Ariana Marie! But then again I mean who wouldn’t. These two aren’t competing though, they’re both stunners and are ready to take a massage instruction course by this waterfall and pool…their instructor is thanking his lucky stars as he gets them both naked and they take turns oiling each other up and rubbing and caressing each others perfect perky breasts and those sweet tight pussies too! Soon the girls are getting mighty turned on and the guy’s cock is bulging out of his shorts so they bring him into the fun, sucking him off and then getting fucked by that big thick cock one after the other! Passion HD always brings the heat but this hardcore threesome is a cut above the rest in my opinion…maybe it’s just the sexy lesbian chemistry that exists between these two horny hotties as they eat each other out and get fucked and share a facial!

Jogging Buddies


Passion hd jogging buddies

It’s been a little while since beautiful Ariana Marie did a scene for Passion HD (her last one is right here) but man oh man it was worth the wait because she’s about to rock your socks clean off in this new update! How would you like to be Jogging Buddies with this hottie seeing her run around in those tiny cute blue shorts that just barely cover her tight firm ass? This guy was lucky enough to have that privilege and after they finished their run Ariana stripped out of her workout gear and showed off those perky perfect titties and sweet shaved pussy before taking the guy’s big cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob! This girl is among the upper echelons of hotness in the adult industry today if you ask me, she is just plain stunning over every inch of that body and she definitely loevs getting a good hard fuck. I guess it’s no wonder she has such a tight sweet ass and nice lean legs if she’s been running every day working up a sweat, especially if she follows it up with a passionate lovemaking session like this one!

Shes A Spinner


X art shes a spinner

I’m beyond stoked that Ariana Marie has finally joined the ranks of X Art! They’ve got some of the hottest women in the world on their site if you ask me and Ariana definitely belongs in that category…perfect breasts, perfect ass, stunning face, great personality, she’s pretty much got it all. This update called She’s A Spinner is her inaugural performance on the site and man does she deliver…watch her slide that tight pussy of hers onto her lucky guy’s cock, riding him until he shoots a big creamy load of cum on her face and her flawless tits! Now that I look a little closer though I’m guessing they shot this quite some time ago because Ariana doesn’t have her “15” tattoo on her shoulder…I guess X Art has just been sitting on this update waiting to unleash it upon the world when the time was right. Can’t argue with that, I’m just glad the day has cum!

Bathing Booty


Passion hd bathing booty

The always incredibly stunning Ariana Marie continues her reign of hotness in this Passion HD update called Bathing Booty (pretty clever name, see what they did there?) as she strips down in the bathroom to slip into the tub. Her body just somehow keeps managing to get sexier, I’m not sure how that’s possible but Ariana always finds a way! After soaping up and scrubbing down her sexy nude self she gets a couple of naughty ideas in her mind and heads downstairs still naked as a jaybird to find her man on the couch…at the sight of those perfect breasts and her tight gorgeous ass he’s immediately ready willing and able to pleasure her from head to toe, fucking that tight wet pussy of hers nice and hard before giving her a nice facial cumshot to remember the adventure by! It’s hard to pick one aspect of this chick that really stands out above the rest, honestly…her tits are perfect, her ass is perfect, her face is gorgeous, she just seems like a fun girl from head to toe, plus she fucks like a banshee! In a good way, mind you.

Ariana Marie Is Back


Ariana marie povd fuckign in the grotto

Gorgeous Ariana Marie stars in her 3rd POVD scene, very descriptively entitled Fucking In The Grotto! It was a hot summer’s day and she was hanging out in her sexy little bikini but soon even that was just plain too much clothing so she stripped down and joined her man in the grotto, licking and sucking and fucking his big dick in this hot hardcore scene! With those perfect tits and ass of hers it’s always a pleasure to see Ariana strip down…and having all this happen in first person perspective in amazingly high quality video brings the hotness factor up to about fifty. Can you imagine fucking that tight wet pussy of hers while the water splashes around you and her, having her ride your big hard cock to orgasm? Well imagine no more my friend because it’s all here on POVD, you can pretend it’s your dick if you want and with video this clear it’s like having a window into the scene! In case you want to check out her previous scenes I’ve got em all here for you…scene1 and scene2 are both hot as hell, enjoy!

Ariana Marie


Tiny4k ariana marie

I was wondering if Ariana Marie would turn up on the site Tiny4k and I’m glad to say the answer to that question is yes! She’s here in a hot scene called Oil And Water as she relaxes in her bikini outside in the sun, stripping down a bit and rubbing oil on her back while some guy plays with a volleyball nearby pretending not to watch…I mean cmon how often do you get to see a girl as stunningly gorgeous as Ariana Marie getting naked on the beach in front of you? She calls him over to help rub a little of the oil on the spots she can’t reach and he takes the opportunity to let his fingers linger in spots where normally the sun doesn’t reach, if you catch my meaning. She gasps and moans and soon she has his huge cock in her mouth and then is fucking his brains out for this Tiny4k scene! She wasn’t entirely ready for the size of the guy’s dick but handles it pretty well with that tight little pussy of hers…Ariana has one of the nicest bodies in the business and in this hot scene you can see why I say that! Plus she’s nice and flexible which always makes for a hot time in a hardcore fucks session.

Ariana Fuck It


Ariana Marie Naughty America

This episode right here starring Ariana Marie is from Naughty America but more specifically from their site “My Sisters Hot Friend”. So Ariana and Pete run into each other in the hallway and start to talk. They find out that Ariana’s friend and Pete’s sister have been talking shit about the other behind their backs. Ariana finds out that Mary (the sister) has been telling Pete that she is a slut basically and Pete finds out his sister has been saying he is a bad boy and a loser. So the two of them throw that B.S. out the window and get to know each other a little better. It turns out that Ariana is a little bit of a slut because she starts to really hit on Pete and they end up fucking in the sister bed. Pete is actually a bad boy because he has a girlfriend for a while know and cheats on her in a heart beat. You can’t blame him at all though Ariana Marie and those perky little tits and her round ass is just too irresistible to any man.

Ariana Marie Tied Up


Ariana marie tied up fhd

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a beautiful hottie like Ariana Marie all tied up and ‘helpless’ as you pleasure her body, bringing her to the brink of ecstasy again and again until she’s begging you to slide your big cock into that perfect pussy? Well wonder no more, because Ariana is exploring her kinky side in this Fantasy HD update as her man leads her blindfolded into the bedroom, tying her up with wrist and ankle restraints and then dripping some hot wax on her perfect tits to make her gasp and moan with rising desire! I didn’t realize Ariana was into some fetish fun but I guess it stands to reason, I mean she does have some surface piercings on her back so I guess she’s into some pretty non-standard experiences! After getting teased and played with a bit with the guy fingering her wet hole he slid his huge meat into her mouth and then proceeded to fuck the hell out of her. I never get tired of those amazing titties of hers, I’m pretty sure you don’t either! She’s done like four other scenes on Fantasy HD, here’s just a couple but part of the fun is searching for them yourself…scene1 and scene2!

Two Truths One Lie


Dare dorm two truths

These crazy college kids were going to play a game called Two Truths One Lie where one person gives three statements and the other people have to figure out which one is the lie out of the three…well that was the plan at least until one of the girls got a little deep in her cups and decided the party needed a kick into high gear! She got naked and started making out with the other chick and soon it was a hardcore foursome on the bunk bed! Actually I guess it was more like a pair of twosomes, there were two pairs of people fucking instead of like one big fuckpile. Details aside, these sexy coeds are hot as hell and they love getting pounded while their friend films the whole thing…I guess they loved it so much they figured it would make a good submission for Dare Dorm which is how we got the footage!

Ariana Marie Fucks Her John


Ariana Marie Fucks Her John

This Bang Bros Clips site is confusing me guys. For a while they were posting a lot of MILFs teaching teens type of stuff and then this weeks update is with Ariana Marie and it’s a lot like a Tonight’s Girlfriend video. Well not even a lot like it is pretty much just like it. Bang Bros looks like they’re just testing the waters to see what people want to see. They got me with this scene because I always want to see Ariana Marie fucking especially when she is giving a completely amateur like this John the fuck of his life. He paid her a big mound of cash that he put in a envelope and left in the bathroom for her “donation” for the night. She went in there checked the cash and then got into her favorite fuck outfit. These nice striped stockings with black high heels and a little two piece lingerie set. She keeps on the stocks and high heels thorough out the video which I love, it just makes her that much hotter I think. Ariana has an amazing body, nice fit ass and those perfect perky tits of hers are to die for.

High Heels and a Hot Ass


Phd high heels hot ass

Beautiful face, great tits, high heels and a hot ass…that’s a recipe for awesome any way you slice it and that’s what Ariana Marie is working with in this hot Passion HD update! She heads into the bedroom wearing a white bra, white panties and white high heeled shoes and joins her man on the couch, kissing him and slowly peeling off what little clothing she had on! That body of hers is fucking incredible and is also incredible fucking, from the looks of things…watch that perfect pussy get pounded with her nice round ass in the air, working this guy’s cock until he glues her eyes shut with a big wet facial.

Do It Again


Babes do it again

The windows are a little steamy in this bathroom but I don’t think that’s due to the hot water so much as the heat in the air from Ariana Marie and her guy pal in this Babes Network update called Do It Again! With those perfect breasts and sweet round ass Ariana looks incredible as usual…I’d be hard pressed to come up with some girls in the business who are hotter than this chick. She seems insatiable, too, working her guy’s big thick dick with that pussy of hers after licking and sucking it nice and hard. This whole scene is steamy and passionate from start to finish, and speaking of finishes this guy fucks Ariana until he shoots his load all over her smooth skin. I know porn is in its own little world but man I’d be a little hesitant to bust a nut over the bathtub when it’s got water in it like this, that shit is hazardous.

Belle and Ariana


Belle ariana amateur allure

There’s a double trouble update this week on Amateur Allure, so if your Friday wasn’t already jumpin this might kick things into high gear! First we’ve got sexy schoolgirl Belle who was masturbating on the couch and got caught wet-handed by the cameraman, who punished her with a spanking for being such a naughty girl. Turns out she likes being spanked, so soon she was on her knees sucking his cock and bending over to get fucked in that sweet pussy! Next up is of course Ariana Marie, looking like a dream in her schoolgirl skirt and knee socks as she gives an incredible long deep blowjob, rides the guy’s dick and then takes a load down her throat to finish things off. You’re getting two hot sexy schoolgirls sucking cock and getting fucked and swallowing loads of fresh man cream, what more could you ask for on a dark cold winter’s day?

Ariana Marie


Ariana marie for povd

Seeing Ariana Marie get naked and show off that sexy body of hers on POVD is like seeing her first the first time…the quality is incredible and we get a persepctive few people on earth have ever had. She shows off her bikini and then says those magic words, “you wanna come inside and fuck me?” and we’re off to the races. The 3D sound makes it even better than it already was, especially if you’ve got a good pair of headphones on…it seriously does make it seem like you’re there in the room pounding that sweet pussy of hers with your big dick! Ariana has that incredible beauty and you can see that it’s actually how she looks; there are plenty of girls who’d be unable to do shoots with this high resolution, you’d be able to see every flaw and every blemish but Ariana just looks incredible. Check out POVD when you get a chance, it’s a whole new way to experience fucking your favorite pornstars! As a little bonus too I will share with you guys another video that Ariana has done for POVD, this time she just gets fucked in her bed, it’s sensual and raw!

Candy Cane Dessert


Passion hd candy cane dessert

Tis the season for sexy at Passion HD as beautiful Ariana Marie puts on a Santa hat and her festive red lingerie and goes into the living room to jingle her boyfriend’s bells! She does a little dance and then gives him a great blowjob before going for a nice hard ride, sucking on a candy cane as she gets her pussy worked by his big thick cock…the name of this episode is Candy Cane Dessert but from the looks of things she was in the mood for a nice protein shake as she fucks a load out of that dick and takes it right into her mouth! There aren’t many girls around who look better in fishnets than Ariana, she’s just smokin hot from head to toe and looks like an amazing fuck…it’s not too late to write her name down on your wishlist for Santa, maybe there’ll be a Christmas miracle and she’ll show up under your tree looking as hot as she does in this hardcore episode!

Ariana Marie


Ariana marie for my gf

If you ever wondered what gorgeous Ariana Marie gets up to in her spare time when she’s not heating up the camera for her shoots, wonder no more! She hooked us up with these photos and video clips from her and her boyfriend spending a little time together just relaxing but also getting into some hot hard fucking…can you really blame the guy? She’s absolutely stunning and has a body like a dream with those perky titties and perfect ass, not to mention her beautiful face. He looks pretty stoked on life as she kisses him and sucks his big dick before spreading her legs to get that tight wet pussy penetrated to the hilt…some guys get all the luck I guess, he not only has an incredibly gorgeous and permanently horny girlfriend, he also has a big thick dick to pleasure her with! This hardcore update is coming your way from My GF and speaking of coming your way, this guy shoots his load right onto that beautiful face to finish off this Pussy Playdate.

Ready For Cock


Ariana Marie HD Love Ready For Cock

Ariana Marie is getting that deep dicking in this new video from HD Love. It’s called Ready For Cock and you can tell from how wet that pussy is that she was totally ready for the dick. She has her legs as far back as they can go because she wants it as deep as it could go. The scene is really high quality just the way I like my erotica. The video ends with Ariana getting a facial. The best part about HD Love is they’re one of those sites that don’t have the same damn ending to every single video. Sometimes a girl will get a facial, other times a girl will get a creampie it all just depends. What I will tell you is that Ariana has had a lot of great scenes you can see that by checking out all the galleries we have posted, or you can just believe me because after all I am a professional.

Shower Orgy


Passion hd shower orgy alina ariana

As anyone who has ever actually tried it can attest, fucking in the shower is not all it’s cracked up to be for a few reasons, not the least of which is personal safety. That doesn’t stop gorgeous Ariana Marie and her sexy Asian girlfriend Alina Li from getting into some serious hotness in this Passion HD update, and when they’re joined by their guy pal they both get into having the water cascading over them while they suck his cock and make out with each other! I guess their shower is big enough that there’s room for all the fun they have, which is nice…soon they’re all on the floor fucking passionately, licking and kissing and stroking and fingering each other at the same time! Two beautiful girls with perky tits and perfect asses getting naked and getting wet, not to mention getting fucked, is the recipe for hotness in this sexy shower orgy.

Fun and Sex Games


Fun and sex games ariana dixie real slut party

There’s always room for a good time when it comes to sex…join beautiful Ariana Marie and her blonde hottie girlfriend Dixie Belle as they goof around in a hotel for the Mofos network site Real Slut Party! Ariana puts on a bikini that looks like a couple of hands grabbing her perfect tits (hey Ariana I know a couple hands who would volunteer for that position if you’re looking…just sayin) and the girls are joined by a dude in a candy mankini. It’s all fun and sex games in this hot scene…the goofing quickly turns into some very hot fucking as the girls get on their hands and knees next to each other and make out while two lucky guys pound those tight wet pussies of theirs! This video shows the lighter side of things while still staying hot as hell…it’s a nice balance if you ask me. The girls of course have a great time no matter what, they love to play around and naturally they both love a nice hard fuck by a big thick dick!

Natures Beauty


Teen fidelity ariana marie

Life must certainly have been a lot simpler when we all lived off the land, deep in nature’s beauty…no ipads, no smartphones always ringing and alerting, no tv clogging up our brains, just trying to stay alive and enjoy life! That’s what Ariana Marie and Ryan Madison are trying to do in this Teen Fidelity update as Ariana chops up firewood and scrubs some clothes…when the chores are over they head inside and get down to some serious fucking! Ariana is gorgeous and has just a killer body with perky titties, a great ass and a shaved pussy that looks perfect for a good hard fuck. That’s just what she gets here, with Ryan pounding that hole until he shoots his load inside for a nice creampie finish!

Rub You the Right Way


Ariana holly nubile films

When Ariana Marie and her guy pal went to the Nubile Films house for a little massage they had no idea it would be so hot…but when gorgeous Holly Michaels wandered into the room wearing her little white top and panties I think they got the picture pretty quick! She rubbed them both up and down and somehow lost her panties…but that works out because then everybody was nude and all over each other, licking and sucking and fucking their hearts out in this sexy threeway! The guy fucked Holly and Ariana one after the other as they kissed, sliding his huge cock into those perfect holes until he finally shot his load onto Ariana’s tummy for Holly to lick up. The update is called ‘rub you the right way’ and I have no doubt you’ll see why!

Bodies Entwined


Passion hd bodies entwined ariana marie marina angel

What starts out as a friendly game of Twister for two good friends quickly becomes a hot lesbian scene as they get closer and closer to each others’ bodies with every move of the spinner…I don’t know if ‘mouth on pussy’ is on the official board but that’s the move both Ariana Marie and Marina Angel make! When their guy friend shows up and finds these hotties with their bodies entwined he takes the opportunity to make his own fantasy come true, fucking each of them in turn even as they’re still licking and fingering each others’ pussy! Both of these hotties get to go for a ride on that hard cock in this hot Passion HD threesome…things finish off with a big facial as the guy shoots his load right into Ariana’s open mouth. I’m not sure who won the game of Twister so I’ll just go ahead and declare it a tie, hopefully these girls will come back for a tiebreaker round!



Fantasy hd babysitter ariana marie

What guy hasn’t fantasized about banging the hot teen babysitter, especially if she’s anywhere near as stunning as Ariana Marie? She doesn’t exactly spend much time caring for a child in this Fantasy HD update, maybe the kid is down for a nap or something because Ariana just changes into her sexy red bikini and heads outside to get some sun. She rubs oil on her beautiful body, enjoying the feeling of her hands on her skin so much she pulls her bottoms aside and starts masturbating right there in the open! The guy of the house comes home early because he forgot his wallet or something and finds her rubbing that sweet pussy, so he crams his huge cock right into her mouth before bringing Ariana inside for a good hard fuck on the big soft couch. He pounds that tight wet hole of hers good and hard, trying to be quiet enough that they won’t wake up the baby, but neither of them can help but moan when he shoots a nice big load all over her for a dripping facial finish for this hardcore episode!

Afternoon by the Pool


Fantasy hd ariana marie afternoon by the pool

You can see the excitement on adorable schoolgirl Ariana Marie‘s face as she heads out from class early and goes to her guy friend’s house for an afternoon by the pool…when she sees him in his swim trunks though she has to stop in her tracks, staring at that huge bulge between his legs! He sees her masturbating as she watches him and his plans for doing a few laps went right out the window, as he grabs that gorgeous girl and pulls her panties off to do a few laps of a different kind! He tongues her pussy for a while until she’s nice and wet, then slowly eases his enormous dick into her until she’s used to the size…then, Ariana is off to the races! She fucks him like crazy in this Fantasy HD update, riding that meat bat until finally he pulls out and glazes her with a huge facial cumshot up to the hairline! Hopefully she doesn’t jump in the pool afterwards because man that would make a mess of the pool filters.

Last Day of School


Passion hd last day of school

It’s the last day of school and these two horny schoolgirls are ready to play! Ariana Marie and Keisha Grey have been waiting for this moment all week but have had finals and everything to keep them busy. Now the school year is over and it’s time to get down to business…as soon as they get home their backpacks get emptied, their clothes come off and their inhibitions are left at the door as these two lesbians start making out, grabbing each others’ perfect tits and licking pussy until they’re both so turned on they can hardly stand it! Luckily at that moment their guy friend came by and was happy to join in for a nice Passion HD threesome, fucking both of those holes and letting everyone start their summer break on a high note. Who cares about finding a summer job when you’ve got a hot horny friend or two like Ariana and Keisha? I love seeing these girls get those tight twats hammered, don’t you? Ariana always looks spectacular, I’m not as familiar with Keisha but man she is making a great first impression if you ask me.

Beautiful Schoolgirl


Fantasy hd ariana marie beautiful schoolgirl

The world never gets tired of a beautiful schoolgirl…at least hopefully it doesn’t or a lot of models and websites would be out of a job! It’s a super common fantasy to have and there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as the girl is definitely over 18. Ariana Marie is definitely over 18, let me just say that right off the bat because when you see her licking a lollipop and reading a picture book while getting fingered it might be a little on the questionable side. She does make a beautiful schoolgirl in this Fantasy HD update though, sporting her tiny red plaid skirt (I have never seen an actual school uniform anywhere near as short that’s for sure) as she has fun jumping up and down on a trampoline in the back yard. It turns out she’s roleplaying with her boyfriend, who is watching that skirt flip up to flash her panties as she jumps…it intrigued him enough that he busted out his magic briefcase, which had a surefire tool for getting Ariana to do whatever he wanted: a huge lollipop! She gave that sucker some licks as he fingered her pussy, pulling her panties aside for better access…soon he was pulling her skirt up and fucking that sweet hole from behind in the bedroom, slamming against her perfect ass until finally shooting his load all over her tummy. I know I already posted an Ariana Marie gallery today but man I just can’t help it when I come across a girl this cute doing scenes like this!

Dirty Dogging


Ariana marie mofos b sides dogging

If you’ve never heard of dogging, now’s your chance to learn…the term was originally referring to people walking their dogs who would stumble across couples having sex in the woods and watch them, but nowadays it’s just the act of having public sex in a park with people watching! When Ariana Marie heard about the phenomenon she just had to try it so she headed out to the park and rousted up a couple of hunky dudes (with looks and an incredible body like hers it wasn’t exactly hard to rustle up some volunteers, know what I mean) and brought them to the car in case they needed to make a quick getaway from cops or whoever! Soon she was on her knees in the grass sucking both of their dicks with the cameras rolling, not caring who might be watching her give a double blowjob in this public park. Sucking cock wasn’t enough for Ariana though so she hopped in the car with her ass sticking out the window to get her pussy pounded, with the guys taking turns fucking her and getting sucked off! It’s a hell of an introduction to dirty dogging and it’s brought to you by the Mofos site B Sides, but if you ask me it’s hotter than any A Side…with a girl like Ariana it’s hard to go wrong and man this scene sure didn’t go wrong. It’s got the hotness of the girl coupled with the hotness of danger and the exhibitionism of being in public all rolled into one.

Friends with Toys


Passion hd friends with toys

It’s always nice to have friends with toys, especially when they’re happy to share them! In this Passion HD update we see Ariana Marie and her girlfriend Sky Light (really? Sky Light? ok) sharing kisses as well as vibrators, fingering and eating out pussy like lesbians on the couch before the biggest toy of all shows up…Ariana’s boyfriend, who she is nice enough to share as well! Both girls get to enjoy sucking and fucking that big cock, taking turns licking and impaling themselves on his huge meat. He shoots his load all over Ariana’s face as she closes her eyes, enjoying the warm wet facial finish to this hot scene. Sky might have a goofy porn name but man she knows how to pleasure a pussy and a dick, and that’s what’s important here! She also obviously knows the importance of sharing with a friend, so everyone ends up satisfied in this sexy threesome.

Ariana Innocent High


Ariana Marie Team Skeet

We are finally getting more and more galleries of this super sex teen pornstar Ariana Marie. She is in a new video from Team Skeet where she is trying to get into innocent high. Innocent High is a site that you get access to when you join their network of sites. Ariana will do whatever it takes and so will the guy interviewing with her. So when the teacher leaves and tells them the video is running they know just what to do. Ariana and they fuck go right to his desk here they take turns fucking. Ariana riding this guys cock on top of the desk is by far the best part of the video, and if you’re not poor I would suggest joining just so you can see the full video!

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